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  • 1. Questionnaire Results
  • 2. Conclusion From these results we have concluded that our protagonist female will be 17 years old and that we should produce a slower paced introduction, however this was a close vote so we will further discuss this option. Our target audience decided that they preferred this font for our opening credits: The audience also decided they would prefer 3 characters to be introduced in the opening scene and for our protagonist to have a sibling which we have decided to be an older sister who is at university and has exceeded he parents expectations which places even more pressure on Arabella. Also the audience have voted for her to be introvert character. From the feedback of the embarrassing moments and pranks we have considered the falling/tripping over moments and the awkward window cleaner episode.
  • 3. From the feedback of ‘What sort of things do you do in the morning/after work/school’ we have got a range of answers that clearly illustrate what teenager do in their free time. Regarding locations the largest vote was three locations to appear in the introduction, the suggestions being her house and bedroom and parks and fields. Also running was the final result that our protagonist should be participating in at the start. The audience questioned voted for the parents to feature in our introduction, however we have just decided to feature the voice of Arabella’s mother as to not retract attention from the protagonist. In the options of camera shots, shaky cam proved to be the favourite however steady cam came in just below. We will take this into account but will ask again in focus group. Also when asked if fisheye effect would work in our production the majority of the audience answered no. In terms of music, the genre of pop was the highest vote also resulting in the audience wanting a recognisable song.