Analysing magazine covers


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Analysing magazine covers

  1. 1. Analysing Magazine Covers I’m going to look at two magazine covers – an Anna Paquin Dazed & Confused and a ‘Tintin’ Empire magazine cover.By Katy Pitcher
  2. 2. The title ‘Dazed & Confused’ is emblazoned across the top of the magazine, and very much reflects the tone of the magazine: self-obsession, emotion, power and a completely unashamed voyeurism. The large font and the plain white typography show this off, so thatAnna Paquin wears bright even though thered lipstick in this image, a picture is colourcolour typically related to and layered inpassion, hate or love. The front, it draws thecolour is bright enough to eye.draw attention to her The connotations of the colour red beingface, but not so bright to love and passion is also related to theobscure her other features. reason behind Paquin being on theThis has been used to magazine. During the release of thisensure Paquin being the edition of ‘Dazed & Confused’ was thefirst thing seen when the release of ‘The Romantics’, a film in whichmagazine is picked up. Paquin plays a woman whose fiance is in love with her best friend, and maid of honour. The colour red brings this film to mind for the audience, so advertises both.
  3. 3. The image of Anna Paquin Unlike the conventions of her role, Annathat the magazine has Paquin looks confident and feminine. Sheused reflects aspects of is still fashionable, as whilst being athe actress’ character. modern mix of arts and culture - DazedShe, like the magazine, is & Confused can still be considered aunashamed of showing fashion magazine - wearing a camelher emotion. Unlike the jacket and a leopard bra. These clothingarchetypal magazine not only show her body, but hermodel, she is literally personality and character. This is used togrinning from ear to ear. advertise the magazine in that it impliesThe conventions of a that the article inside will give an insightmagazine model is a into the actress’ life. It also has theskinny, pouting girl who implications that it is possible to becompletely lacks beautiful and confident, and you can findemotion, in order to out how within the pages of theadvertise whatever it is magazine.that she sells. All of this is reflected back upon the magazine. The colour scheme of this issue of Dazed and Confused is quite muted pastels. This really puts emphasis on Anna Paquin, and the words emblazoned across
  4. 4. The fact that Paquin wears a bra covered only by an open jacket could be interpreted through Mulvey’s male gaze.However whilst the image can be said to be shown from aperspective that makes her more attractive, the magazinehas subverted this by making the text only on Paquin and by making the screen around her blank. This subvertsMulvey’s male gaze because it makes the actress the most important aspect of the magazine, and removes the idea that Paquin is owned by the magazine, and stops theactress being seen as an object or commodity, but instead as the selling point of the magazine.
  5. 5. The rest of the writing on the magazine cover is not related to Anna Paquin, so uses smaller text, that is white like the title. Like the title, the white makes the text obvious, but not overpowering. The majority of ‘Dazed & Confused’ centres on music,film and fashion, and the titles down the bottom reflectthis. Raf Simons is a mens fashion designer, Lykke Li is asinger, and James Franco a famous actor. This shows theaudience that whilst they can expect the subject matter to change, they know that the themes within the magazine will be the same.
  6. 6. By using two recognisable directors, a niche market isopened. This directly targets fans of both Spielberg andJackson films - a very wide audience that would be happy tolook at a new film. Price, date and issue - essential In the colour issues of Stark black background is reminiscent Tintin, he always used to of the Tintin special - ‘Ils Ont Marché wear either red or blue, and Sur la Lune’ (They walked on the his cheeks would be this moon). This shows that whilst the film shade of red too. Not only is will be new, it will still possess the this colour attention characteristics of what made Tintin grabbing, it is reminiscent of the comic great. the comic.
  7. 7. The word ‘present’ iswritten using the samefont as the comic The bubble of films that are alsooriginally used. This included in the magazine areagain implies that the attention grabbing in that they usefilm will be a throwback a bright blue outline to be the Belgian classic. However by not using a bigger circle, or a large scrawling font, the main image of Tintin is drawn away from. Tintin is again represented in his original clothing By using a clearly defined shadow here, the magazine implies that the film will be a cartoon, or use some form of animated technology.
  8. 8. Again the magazine uses a typically comic strip Like Spielberg and Jackson,writing, the red outline on white text was used Tintin and his dog havein Tintin to give audience extra information become icons in the comicsuch as, ‘meanwhile’ or ‘2 hours later’. This world, and this thereforeimplies to a Tintin fan, that this will be an transpires into the filmimportant piece of information, which it is as it genre, and gives the film agives the directors names. certain sense of excitement - if they were this famous as a graphic novel, a cartoon and a comic strip, imagine how good they would be in film.The words adventures and of are in a Tells the reader that whilst there issmaller font to add emphasis to the still a typical representation of Tintin,word Tintin./ If you didn’t recognise there are new characters, things havethe character’s image, then you will changed, and whilst still recognisable,know his name, and allows the Tintin is going to be new andmagazine to target even those not improved.brought up on his comics.
  9. 9. I’m now going to replicate the Dazed &Confused magazine cover. The cover will have information generated from the internet – however the main image will feature an actress from a trailer I created.