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Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland
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Cvsf budget presentation (january 2011) mark ireland


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  • 1. Brighton & Hove City Council Budget Presentation Mark Ireland Head of Strategic Finance & Procurement
  • 2. Brighton & Hove City Council – Gross Expenditure
    • Main spending areas:
    • Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit (HB & CTB) is subject to major changes including transfer of responsibility for CTB to Local Authorities in 2013/14 with 10% cut.
    • Schools funding protected over 4 years of spending review with a 0.1% growth in real terms funding nationally.
    • Consultation on a national funding formula for schools.
    • Housing finance under major review.
  • 3. General Fund Gross Expenditure in 2010/11
  • 4. Brighton & Hove City Council – General Fund
    • 2010/11 General Fund budget of just over £400m funded 30% by council tax, 40% by government grants and 30% by fees & charges.
    • Some specific grants will be rolled into formula grant, a few will continue and others will be cut.
    • Very few grants in future will be ring-fenced
  • 5. Formula grant from central government
    • National funding reduction confirmed in Spending Review and Settlement
    • Formula grant £112m in 2011/12
    • Greatest reduction of £17.3m is in first year
    • Major review of Local Government Finance starts in January 2011 for implementation in 2013/14
    • Figures for 2013/14 and 2014/15 are provisional forecasts
  • 6. Brighton & Hove City Council Budget Setting Process
    • Apr / Jun Final accounts for previous year finalised
    • July report on final spend for last year, revised forecasts for current year and following 3 years, set savings targets for services for following year, show indicative savings needed to balance budget
    • July / Nov services work on savings proposals in consultation with Cabinet
    • Oct / Nov Budget Consultation – Public Survey
    • Nov / Dec Provisional Grant Settlement
    • Dec Savings package reported to Cabinet
    • Dec / Feb Savings reviewed by Scrutiny Panels
    • Feb Cabinet propose overall budget and council tax
    • Feb / Mar Full Council consider budget and set council tax
  • 7. 2011/12 Revenue Budget
    • Main pressures on spending: - Children’s social care more clients with greater complexity of need £2.9m - Adult social care transitions and people living longer £2.1m - Grants ending
    • Budget savings package of £12.3m considered at Cabinet on 9 December
    • Scrutiny panels meet Dec / Jan to consider
    • Provisional Settlement means approximately £30m savings now needed
    • Working on further savings package for February
    • Council tax freeze
  • 8. Key dates in 2010/11
    • Announcement of in-year savings 17 th May 2010
    • Emergency National Budget 22 nd June 2010
    • Comprehensive Spending Review 20 th Oct 2010
    • Local government finance settlement 13 th Dec 2010
    • Budget Cabinet meeting 17 th Feb 2011
    • Budget Council 3 rd Mar 2011
    • Council Tax 2011/12 must be set by 11 th Mar 2011
    • Brighton & Hove Local elections 5 th May 2011