Preliminary task evaluation


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Preliminary task evaluation

  1. 1. Preliminary Task Evaluation
  2. 2. How effective was the pre-production workflow for your preliminary task?During our pre-production, Turtle Films worked thoroughly on the story board and planning the camera shots. This helped us during filming because there was no discussion or disagreements over where people were standing, what they were doing etc. I don’t think we completed everything in good time though and I think we would’ve benefitted from staying on task in lessons and completed work outside of school.
  3. 3. What technology did you use to film the task and how well did things go?We used an Apple iPad to film the preliminary task. This helped us a lot because apple are a good, professional, good-quality brand name with good products, so all the footage was good in picture quality etc. The only problems we encountered were sometimes having our fingers over the mic – a problem that was quickly solved, and we had to endure that we filmed vertically. If we filmed horizontally, the picture would be stretched and look silly and un-realistic.
  4. 4. What did you learn from the actual filming that you will need to think about in the future? During the filming we picked up on a lot of things that we hadn’t thought of before hand, such as making sure the lighting was correct – even though we had considered the basic lighting strategies, we didn’t think about filming in front of windows and small lights etc, which causes a problem regarding faces or objects being over-exposed or flushed out.
  5. 5. What technology did you use to edit yourpreliminary task and how well did this go?We used iMovie to edit our preliminary task. This went well because it was easy to use and not too complex – we are quite inexperienced and therefore something simple but professional was just right for us. We encountered some problems with the uploads of our pieces of footage, but once shown how to do so we were ok.
  6. 6. How well does your completed preliminary task meet the criteria set out for it? Our preliminary task had to include footage of a character opening a door, walking into a room and sitting down opposite a character & exchanging a few lines of dialogue. Our preliminary task included all of this, as well as including match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule, which were also a requirement.
  7. 7. What do you think, overall, you have learntfrom the process of completing the preliminary task? Overall I think we have learnt that if you plan something enough, and know what you need to include in it, then you will be able to make a successful piece of film without much trouble. With the help of professional equipment such as iPads and iMovie, making films is a very interesting, thorough process.