FinallllHow effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary texts?
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  • 1. How effective is the combination of your main By product and your ancillary texts? Katy Kennedy
  • 2. Brief For this piece of coursework, the assignment brief outlined that we must create a short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live action or animated or a combination of both, together with two or three of the following options A poster for the film A radio trailer for the film A film magazine review page featuring the film
  • 3. My Ancillary Tasks After looking at the assignment brief I chose to create a review of my film alongside a poster to advertise it.  I started by researching posters and film reviews that shared my genre of horror.
  • 4. The Combination I believe that the combination of both my ancillary tasks and my main task are very effective. I feel that I have produced them to a high standard and feel that the connection is clear and my genre visible throughout. I wanted to ensure that all products could easily be linked back to my production ‘Triple Threat’
  • 5. Colour Scheme I wanted to ensure that I used a similar colour scheme on both of my products. I felt this would be a good idea as it would keep the themes continuity and the colours chosen suited my genre. The genre being horror is commonly associated and linked with the colour red. I therefore decided to add white and black to my scheme. Main Colours Used: Red Black White
  • 6. Fonts Used The Main font I used for my title on my poster was unique as I designed my own feature to add to it. The main base font was Adobe however using various tools on the Photoshop application I created a house to add to the font. I felt this made it stand out yet in a subtle way. I also used Steel Tongs as the font at the bottom of my poster as this is a very important key convention for a movie poster.
  • 7. Fonts Used - Cont. The fonts used on my film review were all chosen because they are clear and easy to read. This was the most important factor for the text to have. I also made some parts of the font BOLD this was to highlight its importance for example where I used ‘in cinemas soon’ I also made the main body font white so that it can easily be seen on the dark textured background. However a blood red colour was used for the main headings to tie it back to the overall colour scheme and the genre which is often associated with ’RED’
  • 8. Images Used This is the image that I used on my poster. I chose this image out of the many that I had taken as I feel this one in particular represents my narrative and clearly portrays the genre of my film. Another reason that I chose this image was because it only features the demon. I felt it was important to feature this character as it is not shown through out the film I therefore felt that this would allow the audience to understand the narrative better.
  • 9. Images Used - Cont. Before creating my poster I did some research into posters that already existed, following the horror genre. When doing so I came across this poster for ‘The Uninvited’ I really liked the use of this image shown to the right. I based my own poster around this layering the image over textures to give it more depth and to leave it more mysterious, ensuring I did not give away the entire plot.
  • 10. Images Used - Cont. For my review I chose to used the image shown below. I chose to use this one because not only does it look professional but I feel that I have also captured a still that portrays the narrative and genre through the use of colour, facial expression and dynamics. This is the only image used on my review and I therefore felt it was vital to include all of the characters within the image. The dynamics of this picture show that Natalya and Hannah are united and that they are scared of the unknown this is shown in their facial expression and represented by the demon being behind them out of sight.
  • 11. Background The background I used for my movie poster was created by myself. Using the Photoshop application I was able to layer textures to create this affect. I originally used a plain black background but decided that my poster needed more depth and I therefore created this texture. It also conveys that sense of mystery to the audience which links back to my narrative. I also used the same texture shown in the top image for my film review to ensure continuity.