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Web development powerpoint

  2. 2. What is the Mobile Internet and how are people usingit?The term „mobile Internet‟ refers to the provision of the Internetconnections using mobile phone networks.Mobile Internet can be accessed via – mobile phones, datapads, dongles (USB modems), broadband embedded laptops, MiFi unitsand USB sticks. Basically any portable device.How are people actually using the internet?91% of mobile Internet access is to socialise compared to 79% on desktops.(Diditalbuzzblog.com)People are using the mobile Internetfor a variety of things howeverstatistics show that a massive 91%use it to access social networkingsites.
  3. 3. How fast is mobile Internet This graph shows the rapidgrowing? increase of mobile internet users from 2007 to the near future. The growth of Internet users on a desktop hasn‟t had as much of a significant increase in comparison to mobile Internet users. Looking at the results, the development and rise in popularity of the mobile internet device has been so rapid in recent years, that it has caught up with and over took the more traditional method of using the web.
  4. 4. Investigate the potential of smart phones and tablets tochange Internet use The two main ways in which smart phones are changing internet use are: Access – People are using the Internet for everything and all of the time. You can now access the Internet virtually anywhere that your mobile device can pick up signal. More frequent – The Internet on smart phones and tablets is accessed more frequently. It is available 24/7 and it is also available while the user is mobile. The internet on smartphones can be running in the background as web based apps such as “horoscopes” are used.
  6. 6. Is the Internet going to ‘replace TV’?The TV, since it’s rise in popularity, has always been an important part of people’shomes. The television is the place where people are entertained, informed and mostimportantly it is where families come together. Sitting on the sofa watching TV hasalways been a relaxing moment for people. However, as a recent survey shows thatcomputers which are connected to the net, are the new focus for most people, this hasclearly changed.The survey created by ‘Ipsos’ asked over 24,000 adults from 23 countries around theworld to answer the following question – ‘Do you spend more time during the week onthe Internet than watching TV?’. The result came back showing that 68% of adults whohave access to the Internet spend more time on the internet than watching a television.Why? … Because nowadays people do not have to be at home at a certain time to watchtheir most loved programmes on the television. People can now re-watch there favouriteprogrammes on the internet and can even download TV shows from across the worldand watch them online in any country. The best thing is if you have internet access thenit is so easy to do which is why most people entertain themselves through the internetrather than by watching the TV.
  7. 7. Is TV more powerful than the Internet?86% of mobile users are using their mobile deviceswhile using TV. – (digitalbuzzblog.com)In our opinion, the Internet is more powerful thanTV. The TV device is used to simply watch visualcontent, whereas the Internet is used for themajority of things including watching TV.The internet has become mobile which means auser can use it whenever they like, whereas the TVis usually fixated in one location restricting theconsumer.
  8. 8. What’s convergence about?Technical convergence is the coming together of different mediaplatforms onto one device, e.g. The iPhone. In the past, we would have to carry around all of these forms of media. The development of the iPhone has eliminated this problem as they are all available on the one handheld device.
  9. 9. CONTRIBUTIONSMobile Internet• What is the Mobile Internet and how are people using it?• How fast is mobile Internet growing?– Katy Jobling and Narinder Dhesi• Investigate the potential of smart phones and tablets to change Internet use– Katy Jobling, Craig Womersley and Narinder DhesiTelevision vs. the Internet• Is the Internet going to „replace TV‟?- Craig Womersley• Is TV more powerful than the Internet?- Katy Jobling and Narinder Dhesi