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This is the PDF report from the collaborative text editor session we had open during the presentation of Training Wheels - Learning and Teaching Drupal.

Frozen in time immediately after the session.

The live version is up at

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Drupal South Etherpad export

  1. 1. Training Wheels: Learning and Teaching Drupal When I say Training? What do you think? and start typing.... wooooo! What is training? • Teaching and learning • Mentoring • Tutorials, examples • Trial and error • Structured education • Empowerment • Recipes • Teaching is the best way to learn - synthesizes, also serendipity • Pedagogy is the practice of education or the theory behind it • Study pedagogy, practice education • 4-5 pedagogies (basic education to advanced), or as many as there are educators... Who needs training? • users? • designers? • developers? • usability experts? • security specialists? • sys-admins? • CEOs and mangagement • you? • me! Tips for training • Re-teach something within 24 hours to /really/ learn it • Recipe books don't work; you follow recipe, you don't learn the theory but they are great for a quick start. This could be a separate discussion, because I find recipes to have some value for helping a student lay an initial mental framework for a subject. Definitely a reciipe can create lots of questions if there is someone there to answer them! • Recipe books with suitable notes. Tutorial Recipies? • Certification • Replace with benchmarking over testing • Portfolios more useful? • how (whether) to assess? • we are taught a curriculum, can we echo it back (one model)
  2. 2. • Is assessment useful at all? (no. too subjective) • Teach people how to evaluate a drupal.org profile page. That is a good way to understand their drupal knowledge. • http://theingots.org/: self assessment on office suite work. • If politics are involved, certification can become a nightmare (e.g. the ECDL in Europe) • - What does best practice look like? Who does the 'best' training? Can we learn from them? - When will the Acquia / Drupal Association certification program be ready? What might it look like • Drupal Association has zero interest in developing "official" ceritification. We prefer to let the market sort it out. good. • Acquia's program is called "Yellow Jersey" It seems to be stagnated atm, but information is available at http://acquia.com/community/projects/wiki/yellow-jersey. I doubt it will be stagnant for long since it would seem like a good income stream (to them) in the long term. • In paris, Acquia asked companies to contact them to be chosen to create training videos for them, which they would host in a way that they can monetise, with the idea that income is shared between the creator and Acquia. The idea behind this is to allow them to 1) rapidly build a video resource library to cover many topics 2) put the onus on the creator to keep the materials fresh. I think the idea then was that they could create certification courses use the videos for course material. I don't know if or how this is relatd to yellow jersey. • There is already at least one certification program in the market: http://www.nobleprog.co.uk/certification/nobleprog+drupal+certification • There was an intersting discussion about ceritfication and the community's reaction to it at http://www.lullabot.com/blog/do-you-wanna-be-lullabot-drupal-certified. Another one at Dries's blog http://buytaert.net/on-drupal-certification-programs • emmajane adds that certification is "brutally expensive to develop". BSD as an example. • http://www.orcesbr.ca/ojs/index.php/osbr - Open Source Business Resource • http://www.bsdcertification.org/ • Perl Training http://perltraining.com.au/ has all of their course materials available online. In binary, branded format (not a wiki). • Still having a super negative reaction to the idea of "Drupal Certification". Knowledge gets outdated very fast. It feels like BS to me and sort of a scam... Build classes and self assessment and portfolios and transparent profile sorts of things, not Certification by some authority. *is an anarchist* *rant rant * • - Where are the best resources? Can we share them? Can we build on them? http://gotdrupal.com/ - excellent videos, sometimes technical but generally from a blank page perspective http://learnbythedrop.com/ - another excellent series of videos, some paid ones available as well http://planetdrupal.tv/ - an aggregator for video tutorials from across the web http://drupal.org/handbook/customization/videocasts - List on drupal.org of all kinds of video turtorial stuff under a variety of licenses
  3. 3. http://www.lullabot.com/ :) - How can we work together to train our users and colleagues, and extend our own skills and knowledge? Training material resource bank - Can we all help build a resource bank of training materials available under an open license so the community can contribute and develop a collaborative and modular course design that's flexible and adaptable, and able to be freely translated into other languages? - What does the Drupal learning curve look like? What skills do people need? Can they adapt skills from other CMS's? - Can we develop comparison tables so people can map their existing knowledge against the Drupal skill set? Links / Resources / Etc http://drupalkata.com/home http://drupalkata.com/drupalopenlearning/node/42 http://groups.drupal.org/node/15975/ Donna doing kung fu? I'd pay 2 c that :D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedagogy_of_the_Oppressed Mind blowing concepts about teaching and decolonization. INGOTS International Grades - Open Technology http://theingots.org This is really annoying: http://theingots.org/community/redtrainingshoe Ah, "Internet Safety" What the hell is that? random