Some Questions We Have to Ask Ourselves After Watching the Movie Prometheus
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Some Questions We Have to Ask Ourselves After Watching the Movie Prometheus






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Some Questions We Have to Ask Ourselves After Watching the Movie Prometheus Some Questions We Have to Ask Ourselves After Watching the Movie Prometheus Presentation Transcript

  • Some Questions We Have to Ask Ourselves After Watching Prometheus
  • Why is this guy committing suicide?
  • Why did the make-up on him look so bad? His arms are weird. Ok whatever, he’s an alien… aliens are weird… Let’s see what else this movie has to offer. View slide
  • Why did they chose to put this scenefirst, thereby ruining any surprise we might have had about what the scientists are going to find during the expedition? View slide
  • Why would anyone get in a pod fortwo years with people they didn’tknow if they didn’t know why theywere doing it until they got there?
  • Why do Noomi and her dumb boyfriend have to convinceeveryone the mission is worth taking?I’m sure they could have found more people that really wanted to go and would probably have to make them sign a contract beforehand detailing why they would be getting in a space pod for two years.
  • If David can apparently pilot the ship, and do everything elsetoo, why didn’t they just send more androids out on an exploratorymission first rather than real people with lives at stake? Especially when many of them were not too excited about it.
  • How does obscure cave paintings equal a map? How were they able to fund this trip, find the location in the universe (which isn’t such a small place) and all go on it within a few years?
  • If you’re “just a geologist” that likes“rocks”, then why was this character the one that wanted to bring the gun? This character motivation didn’t make sense.
  • Yes, Noomi, we know that it’s a science expedition but why didn’tyou let him bring the gun since none of you knew what was out there? This character motivation also didn’t make sense.
  • Why are these scientists so bad at following scientific protocol?
  • Why would anyone pet something that was hissing at them? Especially if that same character, a few minutes ago, really did not want to be there or explore anything. For a scientist, this character is really, really stupid.
  • How is the technology moreadvanced in this supposed prequel?
  • Has Ridley Scott watched his own films?
  • How did those two guys even getlost? They had a big map. Couldn’t the captain tell them where they were?
  • Why was the technology disconnect so bad?
  • Why did these super advanced alien warlords need a space flute toactivate their high-tech equipment?
  • Why did they hire this actor? He sucked.
  • Why did David want to put the black stuff in that guy’s drink? Was he just a dick? Was he mad ‘cuz everyone was making him feel worthless? Was he thinking what everyone else was thinking and trying to hurry up the process of killing off the most annoying character?
  • Why did Weyland build such a dick robot?
  • Will David get his own reality TV show now that he’s just a decapitated android head?
  • Why did the black stuff have suchdifferent effects on everybody? Space weapons be crazy, y’all.
  • If David was supposedlyprogrammed to protect Weyland,why would he try to sabotage the mission?
  • Why did the zombie character come back to kill everyone?
  • Why does Charlize Theron have such crazy daddy issues?
  • As Mission Director, how didCharlize Theron not know that themed pod in her cabin was for men only? Why did she not question it? Or get confused when Noomi question the heart bypass thing?
  • Was her doing push-ups in her spaceundies the only way to show what a strong, tough, sexy woman she is?
  • Why does the captain pack hisaccordion on this space mission?
  • Why does getting a C-section seemto hurt so much less and heal up so fast in space future? Easy Peasy!
  • Why couldn’t they get a real old guy to play the old guy?
  • What exactly were the hologram 3D forms running from? Even at the end, do we care?
  • If Weyland funded this wholeexpensive trip and figured he’d find something, why didn’t he bring more people with different skills? In the event that they found a civilized society, they’d need more than just a few scientists.
  • Why were the three characters so easily convinced that they should take the ship on a suicide missionwhen they were the least committed characters in this whole film?
  • Was it just a coincidence that the two minority, and mostunderdeveloped characters, werethe ones they chose to kill in the suicide mission? Why does Hollywood still think we can’t see through this?
  • I thought he said there were moreships anyway– does it even matter?
  • Why was the engineer so ill- mannered? It’s super rude to ripsomeone’s head off when they wake you up and ask you deep philosophical questions. Why was that their lead in question anyway?
  • Why was the engineer even hibernating on a ship that was parked? Wouldn’t that only besomething you would do if you were travelling through space for a long time?
  • Why did the engineer’s ship havegiant statues of their heads in it? That’s super narcissistic, and also kind of needless decoration for a war ship.
  • Why does the engineer come backto kill Noomi? Doesn’t he have more important things to do like kill the rest of humanity? She didn’t even have a ship out there, she’d prolly die on her own, you know.
  • Why do they want to kill all the earthlings? What’s taking them so long? We’ve been going strong for a couple thousand years now.
  • Why doesn’t Noomi take a second to re-group after her long day of birthing alien babies, killingengineers and losing all hope for the humanity, before they fly on to another planet?
  • Maybe I’m not human, but if the engineers had just killed everyone Iloved and attempted to kill me, whywould anyone then show up on their doorstep?
  • Why did Ridley Scott want to ruin his own franchise with that ending? Is this whole idea of going back and killing your creations just a metaphor for Ridley Scott’s career?
  • Pegina Snake.
  • BUT OTHERWISE:• Michael Fassbender• OoO-Pretty!• Don’t ask questions.