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Rhony Laigo PinoyWatchDog.com Luchie Mendoza Allen Balita owner anthony allen at center of immigration fraud scandal
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Rhony Laigo PinoyWatchDog.com Luchie Mendoza Allen Balita owner anthony allen at center of immigration fraud scandal


Rhony Laigo PinoyWatchDog.com Luchie Mendoza Allen Balita owner anthony allen at center of immigration fraud scandal

Rhony Laigo PinoyWatchDog.com Luchie Mendoza Allen Balita owner anthony allen at center of immigration fraud scandal

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  • 1. Balita Owner Anthony Allen — at Center of Immigration Fraud ScandalBy Rene Villaroman with PWD Investigative Team In the last issue ofPinoyWatchDog.com we exposed how Attorney Beirne’s office used three false and non-existent companies as a front to scam Filipino Reynaldo Anson Villarica of Cavite out ofthousands of dollars of immigration fees. Beirne’s law office forwarded Notice of Job Availabilitythat our investigators determined had a false company, fake address and phone number havingno relationship to any employers at all.New documents have now surfaced demonstrating that Anthony Allen, the general manager ofBeirne Law Offices, was directly involved in trying to hide the fact that a non-existent employersponsor was used to lure Mr. Villarica to pay exhorbitant legal fees to the Beirne Law Office fora non-attainable green card. Mr. Allen is also the co-owner of Balita Newspapers, along with hiswife, Luchie Mendoza Allen. Numerous court filings and testimony in federal proceedings have
  • 2. discussed that Anthony Allen and his wife Luchie Mendoza Allen are the real non-attorneyowners of Beirne Law Offices.On February 13, 2002, Anthony Allen wrote Mr. Villarica that he would charge him extra legalfees to hasten the processing of the employment visa from the false company. The letter statesthat “there should not be any problem getting the current sponsor to sign an RIR petition foryou.” This letter was signed by Anthony Allen without any indication that he was not a lawyer.However, left unanswered is how a non-existent company could sign anything at all.Mr. Villarica dutifully paid yet another attorney fee to the Beirne Law Office for an expeditedprocessing known as Reduction in Recruitment (RIR). However, the U.S. Department of Laborreturned the filing to the Beirne Law Office, stating that numerous ‘deficiencies’ existed, andrequesting an amended filing. However, Beirne Law Office never made further efforts toexpedite the visa application after taking Villarica’s money and being told by the government thefiling was defective.Then, one year later, Mr. Anthony Allen, on February 6, 2003, wrote Mr. Villarica again, statingthat the false employer was “no longer in a position to sponsor you.” The letter continues “thegood news is, that you are a 245(i) beneficiary. This means that the 245(i) waiver can betransferred to a new immigrantbased petition.”An immigration lawyer who processed hundreds of employment based petitions during thisperiod said that the “245(i) waiver being transferable is simply false. The initial petition had to beapproveable when filed. Since this was a fake company there was no priority date that couldhave been preserved. From my review of the file the Beirne office clearly knew this the wholeway through the process.”
  • 3. The letter continues that “there is no need [for Villarica] to respond to the letter” as anotherpetition was being processed on his behalf. “This is also crazy,” the immigration lawyer said. “Anemployment visa beneficiary does not sit at home without any involvement in the petition. Theemployer and employee both must be involved.” The experienced immigration lawyer asked thattheir name not be used, as Balita Media is quite ruthless in attacking anyone who criticizesthem.The February 6, 2003 Anthony Allen letter also did not indicate that he was not an attorney.Many commentators to PinoyWatchDog.com have advised that they thought Anthony Allen wastheir lawyer and were led to believe that he was an attorney.Mr. Villarica told PinoyWatchDog.com that until he saw other similar articles about AttorneyBeirne’s office in our newspaper that he was afraid to talk to anyone about these experiences.He told me that the last time he visited the Beirne Law Office to complain he said that AnthonyAllen held him by the arm very firmly and said, “You have to be patient, these things take time.”Villarica recently told PinoyWatchDog.com that “the way he was holding me, I felt verythreatened. I never contacted them again.” Anthony Allen is about six foot four.
  • 4. “Now that these documents have been explained to me it all makes sense now what they weredoing to me. I had no way of knowing back then.” Villarica said. “At least others will now knowhow the Beirne Law Firm operates so other Filipinos will not be hurt.”