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Attorney Paul Mendoza Allen Glendale Attorney Beirne Along with 2012 veteran journalist al aquino term at pinoy watchdog comes to end
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Attorney Paul Mendoza Allen Glendale Attorney Beirne Along with 2012 veteran journalist al aquino term at pinoy watchdog comes to end


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Attorney Paul Mendoza Allen Glendale Attorney Beirne Along with 2012 veteran journalist al aquino term at pinoy watchdog comes to end

Attorney Paul Mendoza Allen Glendale Attorney Beirne Along with 2012 veteran journalist al aquino term at pinoy watchdog comes to end

Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. Along with 2012, Veteran Journalist Al Aquino’s Term Comes to an End Veteran Journalist Alfonso Gaerlan Aquino hasresigned as’s Executive Editor. His combative yet entertaining style(“having dungs for brains and were seriously sick of diarrhea in the mouth” — for instance)always had readers reaching for Aquino’s “My View” Column. Here’s another good one: “Unlessthey are the kind who are willing to have their balls castrated in order to be turned into thosedreaded Eunuchs of olden times. Anonymity, cowardice, and lies are their breakfast, lunch andsupper. What a feast!”“My early exposure to the printed media led me to set my sights on becoming a writer, or atleast, a newsman, when I was in my elementary schooling,” Aquino told “Ihad a father who was very fond of reading books of literary writers like Theodore Dreisser,Sinclair Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Philippine newspapers and the PhilippineFree Press Magazine,” the former FEU debating team member said. “In my sixth grade, I foundmyself picking up the papers and reading them after my father was through. In my senior year inhigh school, I became the school paper’s editor,” Aquino told PW. So when he began attendingcollege in 1953, he was determined to become an English writer. While a student writer at hisalma mater, FEU, Aquino also joined the College Editors Guild (CEG).Aquino is a graduate of Far Eastern University’s and first began writing as a regular contributorto the university’s weekly student newspaper, Advocate “My forte at the time was literary writing,so I contributed short stories and poems to the Advocate, the official campus paper of theuniversity, later in 1958 to 1959,” Aquino told “I wrote a column called “OfArts and Literature,” collaborating with a fellow student named Marcelo Mercado, who went onto become a national artist.”When Aquino left school in 1960, he joined the broadsheet daily, Philippines Herald, as a cubreporter and left after barely 11 months for a higher paying job at the House of Representativesof the Philippines. Aquino told “these years saw me going into politics (heserved as Mayor of San Juan, La Union in 1976 to 1979, and Member of the Provincial Board in1972 to 1976) and joining an underground newspaper called the Batasan Times during MartialLaw in 1984, until I decided to move to the United States in 1987.”
  • 2. Aquino had a few short stints with other Filipino-American community newspapers here in LosAngeles, but none as grand as Executive Editor at “We all always agreedthat should be an open newspaper with various points of view,” SeniorColumnist Joel Bander said. “And Tito Al always has a point of view.”Aquino had tendered his resignation in late November 2012, but acceptance was held in hopesof finding resolution to keep him on board. However, present circumstances and new eventsmade this impossible.Aquino regular column addressed many different issues with a particular spark and flavor.Among the favorites:On CorruptionThe matter of retribution concerns the future of generations of Filipinos, and their political andeconomic aspirations. If powerful government officials were free to violate, again and again,with impunity, through plunder and electoral sabotage, and human rights violation, the trustbestowed upon them by the public, as what occurred during the Marcos, Estrada, and Arroyoadministrations, indeed, the future of the country is dim and uncertainOn the Old Days in ManilaI am taken to a nostalgic mood whenever I delve into the realm of the past, and I cannot let passthe leisure of an evening of pleasure and tranquility just dissipate into the mist. There was thisfavorite haunt of mine in the glory years of the fifties and sixties called the Town’s Tavern,located along United Nations Avenue, near the Hilton Hotel, in Ermita, Manila. Every night, itwould be filled with tourists, locals and foreign. Watching these crowd, I developed the idea asto why they were attracted to this unpretentious joint. It was that Edith Piaf song —La Vie EnRose—and its exquisite melody. It was the Tavern’s theme song and was sung by an agingwhite Russian chanteuse named Natasha, wife of the owner, Whitey Smith, a former bandleader whose set-up Dean Martin started his career, according to Whitey’s autobiography.However, in this joint, the music is not provided by a band, but a piano and violin duo played toheavenly strains. The last time i went to the place in 1969, the couple were no longer theowners and they were gone, but I could still remember one other song Natasha sung–The LastTime I Saw Paris–from the movie of the same title and based on a story by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Itgives me the shivers.On Rhony LiagoIf you remember, Mr. Rhony Laigo, way back in the Philippines, serial liars were diagnosed ashaving dungs for brains and were seriously sick of “diarrhea in the mouth”. I hope you’re not onealready, my friend. But I do hope also that you understand what I mean.On the Corona Impeachment and the Role of MoneyWhat was this rare moment in the history of the Philippine government all about? After all is saidand done, it all boils down to money–the almighty and the root of all evil as well. Whatever
  • 3. power Mr. Corona had was facilitated and accentuated by greed for material things.And because of money, assumed as ill-gotten by the ever watchful eyes of the Filipino people,he’ll be made to pay some more,and justice be served some moreOn Consulate Social OccasionsThe reception tendered by the Consulate of Los Angeles on the occasion of the celebration ofPhilippine Independence Day on June 12, 2012 was attended by the usual coterie of patriots,pseudo patriots, spurious fundraisers, barflies, hangers-on, and scam artists, allconsistent habitues of the Consulate’s social and official functions. It is a wonder how a mostgracious consulate staff, headed by a comely and vibrant Consul General, the Honorable MaryJo Aragon, could really find their way to perform their duties and responsibilities before such amixture of desirable and undesirable constituents. This remarkable feat is really mind-boggling,but on the other hand, it strengthened my admiration for Congen Aragon and her staff allthe moreOn Darna UmayamAs President of the company (TanodBayan, Inc.) which publishes, I amaccepting responsibility for the behavior and conduct of its writers and I am, therefore, dutybound also to respond and defend against the accusations of Mrs. Dolores Banaria Umayam,lovingly known in the community as Darna, that staff members only use this paper to get back attheir enemies; twisting the facts in their reports and even fabricating them; that the communityhates the likes of us because we are criticizing a noble undertaking. There is nothing fartherfrom the truth, and this is just the normal reaction of an onion-skinned lady who failed torecognize the benefits of having a set of criteria and judges to pass judgment.More Darna UmayamOur word for our flying lady: a noble heart is one that is blessed by GOD, and so with all goodintentions–they are made in heaven. They way we can express them is by doing the right thing.However, on Earth, the planet we live in, it is indeed the rarest of the rarest, when goodintentions are on top over the desire for material gains, over fraud and deceit, because moneyhappen to be ALMIGHTY. I’m afraid this rarest of moments has not come to you yet, Darna.Nevertheless, good night and sweet dreams.On Attacks on PinoyWatchDog.comThese are trying times for and its staff writers, indeed. We are beingbeleaguered by unknown creatures whose venom against us is very deprecating anddefamatory. But, we assure these “aswangs”, you don’t know who you are maligning, and wewould like you to know “we are made of sterner stuff”. So how could these shadowy creatures ofthe dark hide under the skirt of a discredited siren? Unless they are the kind who are willing tohave their balls castrated in order to be turned into those dreaded Eunuchs of olden times.Anonymity, cowardice, and lies are their breakfast, lunch and supper. What a feast!On the Catholic Church and the Lord’s Effect on Government
  • 4. Now, we are not saying that miracles and such do not happen, but what Bishop Pabillo isessentially telling Filipinos is that the Lord has a vested interest in all aspects of Philippinegovernment’s affairs, including its legislative functions. If that were true, then it stands to reasonthat God needs to send more disasters to the Philippines for other pervasive ills in the country,like corruption in all levels of the government and the weak and corrupt justice system.Aquino was also responsible for having the original issues of emphasize aFilipino couple losing their home because of Attorney James Beirne’s negligence and fraudwhen others on the editorial board thought there should be on the inner pages, and maintainingthe stream of Exposes about Balita Media illegally owning the Law Firms of Beirne and PaulAllen when others on the board advocating ceasing those stories. He was also a leader inpursuing the Darna Umayam Awards Dinner Scandal when others on the board thought morelimited coverage was available.But he also knew the fine points of newspapers, including when the colors of banner was being discussed he said ‘that’s easy, every Filipinonewspaper should be yellow, red and white.” thanks and salutes Al Aquino for his service. Woof Woof for Tito Al.