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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 9

The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 9






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    The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 9 The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 9 Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome, welcome, dear reader, to the ninth chapter of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! This time around, we're not starting by stopping by in the Bookacy Family main house, but we see to our lovely villain, Salahuddin Chamcha instead. Salahuddin is madly in love with my founder, Author, and as I've denied her from him, he has taken matters into his own hands and is plotting something mysterious - so he could have Author no doubt. Now enough with the recap, let's see what he and young Marsha have to say, alright? "So mister Chamcha, is it time yet? I've been doing everything you've told me to do. I think I'm ready, mr. Chamcha." "Excellent, child. It does seem to me that you're indeed ready."
    • "Great, mr. Chamcha! I can't wait to see you work your magic!" "Well, not quite magic Marsha dear, but close. Now remember that what we're about to do is very difficult, and it has taken me a long time to gather all the information I need to do it. Not many sims would be able to do this - and as there are few who've done it, I can't guarantee you that it is completely safe." "It's okay mr. Chamcha. I still want to do it." "Alright then, Marsha. Let us go inside."
    • "Now listen carefully, Marsha. I need you to stand as still as possible. And don't speak unless it is absolutely necessary. I'm going to have to intrude in your binary code with this device, so I don't want you to disturb the process." "I'll try my best, sir." Salahuddin, what are you doing? "*mumble*" Answer me! "*mumble*let's see...*mumble*...then I press ctrl, shift and c, simultaneously...*mumble*" Oh my goodness! You've gained access to the game cheats, haven't you? "*mumble*"
    • Slightly later... "Alright then, Marsha. I think the task at hand is completed. I didn't seem to encounter trouble, but you are the one who can tell me if we've succeeded or not. Are you feeling any different?" "I don't know, sir... I do feel a bit... funny, but I don't know if I'm imagining it or..."
    • "No, mr. Chamcha, I'm not imagining it! Look, sir, I have a plumbbob of my very own! I've always wanted one! Thanks, mr. Chamcha, sir, thanks so much!" "You are very welcome, my dear Marsha. Now this is a tough process at its best, so why don't you rest a bit? I have a room ready for you right there, let me show you." I really wonder what this mysterious plan of his really is... What does Marsha have to do with it? What else does he have in mind?
    • Back in the Bookacy family main lot, our current spouse, Nicole, is working hard on her lifetime want to reach the top of the business career. Or actually, she's strictly speaking a to- be-spouse, and currently she is standing in front of the roofless garage and holding her ears because the helicopter that is bringing her to-be-father-in-law home from the Mayor's office, is making so much noise.
    • But here we can say that Nicole is working hard on her lifetime want. Actually, she is only two logic points away from getting that last promotion, even though she's just returned from college. I told you earlier that she had the most skill points I'd ever seen on an NPC or townie - I later checked it, and saw that when I first started playing her, she was *ten* skill points away from maximizing all her skills. Ten.
    • Author, the foundress, completed the culinary career track the I was slightly confused about the rules, as for what counts and evening that Adrian and Nicole came back from college. Excellent, impossible and what doesn't, especially as I play by the old rules - Author! You know what? the Alphabet rules are a better match with those. After a discussion online (thanks to the nice people in boolprop.com for "I don't. Please tell me." helping me out!), I decided to count everything that either scores 30.000 points in the game, or is in the list Pinstar defined in his Well, I adore you even more than I used to. new rules – the latter being completely independent of the aspiration points, or the sim even wanting anything. "Because I became Celebrity Chef?" Not really. I found out afterwards that when you completed your lifetime want of fifty first dates, it not only put you in permanent platinum, but also gave me a point for an impossible want. So thanks! "No problem. Thanks for the permanent platinum."
    • Anyway, now that the kids were back, it was time to pack our bags and move. I would have rebuilt on spot, but for some reason I couldn't get rid of some floor tile hanging in the air, so the Bookacies moved. Here's an outside view of the house. I have to state that I love it - I'm lousy at building, and don't have any patience with it, so I'm really proud of a house that actually looks nice to me. It became slightly big maybe, but it's staying.
    • Now, back to present. While Nicole is upstairs skilling with the chessboard, her to-be husband, our current heir, Adrian is working on something different. "Hey C, my social is in the red. Can't I go upstairs to play with Nicole?" Absolutely not. Go make grilled cheese sandwiches or something, but make sure you do it alone.
    • "Creator, Grand Vampire lonely alert!" I know Curty. Hang in there. But don't you dare to talk to anyone. It'll be over soon. Curty, or Count Curtis as his panel says, is the spouse of my foundress, and former Grand Vampire.
    • Ha! Yes, you guessed right. The bunnies were what I was after. I have no kids in the house currently, so it is a good time to try for the social bunny romance bonus, with no fear of the social worker. And, with four of them, the odds of getting the right colors should be rather good.
    • Another ha! I've got a pink one and a blue one!
    • No more ha. Why don't you guys make out or something? "We don't feel like it." Dammit! Flirt, kiss, do something!
    • Later... Still no romance. They were supposed to do it on their own when put in the same room! Do you really want to stop me from getting the two point bonus? "Well, I'll put it this way. We might not be working for *you*, lady." What do you mean, who do you work for then? I'm not sure if I want to hear the answer, though... "Can't you think of anyone? Anyone who'd be a little sick of you juggling with sims' lives and only giving them what they want if it happens to fit your plans and this 'legacy' thing?" Oh man. So you all work for him? "Well all the ones I know, anyway." Dammit. Alright, stop juggling the little human figures already, I get the hint! And it freaks me out. Bookacies – go take care of your social. I have to go talk to someone.
    • Sal, we need to talk. "Alright, mister Chamcha, sir!" "I'm sorry, Creator, but I'm busy right now. I'm teaching young "As for your question, Creator, yes, I have talked to quite a few Marsha here how to do homework, as you can see. And please Social Bunnies, and quite some of them do agree with me about call me Salahuddin." the recent unfortunate developments of Alphabetia in your hands." Sal, right now! I mean it! What do you mean by that? I see no unfortunate developments! "Very well. Even though you are not being most polite, I am "Many sims, I believe, would want to have a choice of their own. It listening." is, their life, after all, not yours." You'd better be! What's the deal with the Social Bunnies? I just But I make them happy! I give them what they want! heard from one of them that they're working for you and not me, as they should be. "Oh, do you now? With the unfortunate exception of me, I believe?" "... and remember, Marsha: education is key. Hard work pays off in the end."
    • Sal, you're being entirely unfair! There is *one* thing I can't let you have, one thing! Have I denied you anything else? "Only the thing I want most, yes. Only that one thing. If you have nothing better to say, I think we are done with the conversation here. And, I should talk to Marsha now, if you don't mind." I do mind! I'm not done here! "But I am, Creator. I am. Now, Marsha, I would like a word with you still." Sal! "I have asked you not to call me that. Now Marsha, please ignore the Creator. She is currently in a foul mood." "Okay, mr. Chamcha! What were you going to say?"
    • "I'd like you to go to your room tonight, and play quietly. I have equipped the room with toys that you should find perfectly satisfactory." "Okay! I love to play, mr. Chamcha!" "Excellent, Marsha dear. You see, I'm expecting a visitor tonight, and we have some adult business together, so we don't want to be disturbed." "Okay, sir. I understand, adults don't want to be disturbed when they have adult business." "Very good. Now please go and play, Marsha dear."
    • So Marsha went to her room for the rest of the evening, to play with her beautiful little dollhouse, and forgot all about the "adult business" Salahuddin had mentioned. This was, of course, quite understandable, since as a townie, she had never had a dollhouse of her very own. I, in turn, gave up trying to talk to Salahuddin. He had made up his mind, at least for tonight, so I was wasting my time yelling at him. All I could do was watch.
    • Ah, so this is your mystery visitor, Sal, Count Pao! I think I see what you have in mind, and I must say... "Please, Count, do ignore miss Creator. She has been most difficult today." "But certainly, Salahuddin, I fully understand. It happens with Creators all the time. Now, have you done all your preparations?" I think I've heard this conversation before.
    • "Oh yes, Count. Everything is in order, and I'm ready to leave this in your hands."
    • "Excellent. I just wanted to make sure, because everything must be done *exactly* the right way. If you've done anything wrong..." "I haven't, I'm quite positive of it." "Very well. You believe you're ready, then?"
    • "I have been ready for this for years, dear Count. I'd like to thank you once more for doing this service for me. It will not be forgotten." "It is my pleasure, Salahuddin. I believe in your cause. Let us get started now."
    • "Relax. You are completely safe in my hands. Concentrate on my voice, and nothing else. You are feeling tired. More and more tired. Your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier..." I knew it. And I can't quite honestly understand, why it is necessary for you to do this, Sal.
    • ...
    • "There! That should do it!" "Where am I? What is happening? Why..." "Relax, Salahuddin. This will only take a moment."
    • ...
    • "Excellent! It worked!"
    • "Yes, finally! Finally the plan is coming together! I am immortal! Immortal!" Well, I suppose so. Although, considering that you didn't age very fast anyway... And well, "immortal"... I guess, if you stay out of sunlight... "Stop Creator, you're ruining my cliffhanger!" Oh, I'm sorry, Sal. "Don't call me that. Where was I? Oh yes, in the best part: I am immortal! Immortal!"
    • Hey, what is it? I was just watching Salahuddin... Ah, never mind. "Well, we thought you wouldn't want to miss our wedding, would you?" Well of course not, Adrian dear! Everything's ready, you just need to get to the phone.
    • "So, let me see, who to invite? All the siblings, of course, a couple of college friends... And our hot placeholder of course. I think that's it, then."
    • So, there they come, the siblings. Some with more interesting dressing choices than others.
    • All the guests headed to the kitchen where they were welcomed with a drink that would hopefully loosen everyone's tongues a bit. Adrian had indeed invited a couple of college friends, including the placeholder from the Bookacy Greek House Greek House, and even a professor.
    • Everyone enjoyed themselves, even though Adrian's sister Aurora seemed to be furious about a robbery that had happened while still in college. The Greek House placeholder, Laura Carlson, suggested a toast to the host of the evening. "To Adrian Bookacy, an excellent heir, a great friend, and soon also amazing husband to this lucky – and very good looking – lady here!" "To Adrian!"
    • "I can't believe this. I'm actually marrying you, at last! I love you, Nicole." "I love you too, Adrian."
    • The evening went on. It was time for some free chatter before the big moment. Adrian confessed to his brother Adson that he was, after all, a little spooked. "Don't worry, Adrian", Adson replied smiling, "It'll go just fine. It's only natural to be a little nervous. Besides, I understand – you were a romance sim once, too. Commitment is a big thing. But I'm sure it suits you. Besides, Nicole is great. She really seems to understand you and your cheese." Nicole, in turn, was chatting with Adrian's half brother, Aadam, about school memories – except that Nicole thought of him as Adrian's brother, as she, and most others, didn't know that Count Curtis was not his real father. She wondered a bit about why Aadam was dressed like a Chinese soldier, but didn't ask. They didn't know each other too well, after all. And, besides, Arthur wore something in that vein, too. Maybe it was a new fashion.
    • The big moment was approaching, and the young couple started telling their guests to have a seat. The moment was loud and busy, and nobody expected it, so nobody saw or heard a thing. But nevertheless, a mysterious figure appeared in the corner of the lot and started approaching the house.
    • "Are the guests about ready, darling?" "I think so. Dad is just having a seat, Mom's over there... There's Professor Virginia... Yes, I think we'll be ready to start in just a moment." "Wonderful, honey. I feel so ready."
    • "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate our happy day. I am about to marry this amazing woman, and I can't tell you enough how happy I am about that." "Oh honey." "But enough with the talk. Let's get the show on the road!"
    • The guests stopped their eager chatting, and turned to face the young couple. Especially to Author and Curty it was a proud moment. Aadam remained standing, as he was quite nervous and couldn't sit down. No one paid attention to that, as it was quite understandable that he was excited about Adrian getting married. But no one else knew that it wasn't just that.
    • Nicole, too, cheered, about getting married to Adrian. "I still can't believe this. I'm one lucky girl."
    • Nobody still noticed anything, but the mystery man approached the spot of the party from the side of the house. The only one who knew he would come, was Aadam.
    • The wows started. "Adrian, honey. I've loved you since we were teenagers. In that time I was just a store clerk and destined for eternal teenage. I didn't think about future much, as great as being with you always was. I knew that you were a romance sim, and a Legacy heir, so I thought I'd just be one of many, forgotten long before adulthood. I didn't mind, thought it would simply be fun while it lasted. But the moment I found myself in college with you, I knew. I knew what I wanted, and I knew I had gotten the chance to have that. I wanted you. And today, it seems that I've finally gotten you, for real. I never minded that you were romance, but now that you have found a passion for grilled cheese, I'm very happy for you and love you more than ever. I want to love you and support you in good gouda and bad."
    • "Nicole dearest. When we were teenagers, I, too never imagined we would end up married one day. True, I was a romance sim then, and marriage didn't feel like my thing. But already then I enjoyed your company, and dating you was the best part of my teenage. When we went to college, it was becoming clearer and clearer that I would become heir. I started feeling more and more sure that you were the one I wanted to make the spouse to heir, share the heir experience with. My eye may have wandered a little still, but I became more and more devoted to you. When I found my love for cheese, I also kind of, well, found my love for you in a new way. From then on, the only person I've wanted has been you. I love you, and want to support you in your pursuit of providing the family with the best. Whether it's better TVs, talent badges or private school for our children that you want, I will always love and support you."
    • Adrian Bookacy, do you want this woman, Nicole Thompson, to be your lawfully wedded wife, and to love her and cherish her, in good times and the bad? "I do."
    • Nicole Thompson, do you want this man, Adrian Bookacy, to... Hey, you there! Do you mind – the time for champagne isn't until *after* the ceremony! ... Nope, it has no effect. So, anyway, sorry about that, Nicole. Where was I? Oh yes. Nicole Thompson, do you... "I do!" Very well then. The rings please.
    • In total silence, the young couple put their rings on.
    • And so they were married.
    • I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.
    • And kiss the bride he did. Aww.
    • The relatives were excited. Author clapped the loudest of all. "My firstborn is getting married... *Sniff*" Here, have a handkerchief. "Thank you, Creator. By the way, why didn't I get a wedding like this?" Oh, I'm sorry, poor Author. I regret it, but we didn't have the money at that time, nor all those friends to invite. But I'll make it up to you, okay? There will be a lot of weddings coming up and all, you know?
    • "Very well done, Adrian! Excellent, son! By the way, Creator?" Yes, Curty? "Who is that unknown guy next to me?" Umm... Well... Err... Oh, him? That's just some random teen townie who happened to be on the lot! That's right, just a teen townie. "Okay, then. And what is Salahuddin Chamcha doing in my son's wedding?"
    • *gasp* You *know* Salahuddin? "Well certainly, Creator. You thought it was him I was asking about?" Yeah... Oh dear oh dear oh dear... "Excuse me, mr. Bookacy, but I would like to talk to the lady of the house. Is she available?" "You can talk to my wife if you like, sure, mr. Chamcha. But only after the ceremony. It'll be over in a minute." "Oh, alright. I'm sorry for the disturbance."
    • The newlyweds got a standing ovation from their friends and relatives.
    • "So we're finally married then. Can you believe it?" "Oooh, Adson... So handsome... I'm sorry, Adrian dear, did you say something?" Oops. How did this end up in the wedding album?
    • Alright then, Aurora. *Now* is the time to open the champagne. "Don't mind if we do!" Aadam quietly took a position behind the main crowd. He had the instructions to follow the situation quietly, and only interfere in an absolute emergency – which was unlikely to occur, his father had said.
    • "So Sal, I hear you wanted to talk to me? What a surprise, to see you here! *gulp*" "Author, I'll be right over there, to talk with my kids. If you have any trouble with your ex- boyfriend here, just tell me." "Oh honey, that won't be... WHAT?" "You heard me. Your ex-boyfriend. But let's talk about that later, it's you and him who needed to talk now, right?" "Oh, right... *gulp* So... umm, how are things, Sal?"
    • "Did he just call that guy 'her ex-boyfriend'?" "I think so. But try to concentrate on the cake, pumpkin. Try to look like you didn't hear. It's not our place."
    • "... and a couple of the kids are still in college. They're making me and Count Curtis very proud. Thanks for asking. But really, what about you? You look so different from when I last saw you."
    • "Oh yes, dear Author. I have been through some changes lately. Some, would I say, interesting and thorough changes. It has been enjoyable, I must say." "Oh, that's nice to hear, Sal. I'm glad you've decided to move on with your life, and not clinged yourself to me for the rest of eternity. Fantastic." "Actually, dear Author, about that..."
    • "*whispers* Keep moving, honey! *out loud* And now, our dear guests, as you can see, the cake has been cut, so why don't you, please, help yourselves to it, and join me and my husband inside!"
    • "Author, dearest, I have gone through some changes, in order to show you how much I love you, and how much I'm willing to do for you. I am planning to take power in my hands, and free you from this Legacy, so you can join me. We can finally have a life together, Author, and the whole neighborhood can be ours!" "But Sal... I don't want the whole neighborhood. I just want my family, and this Legacy. I love my family, Sal."
    • "Ah! The Creator's brainwashed you! Can't you see? She is going "Th-hank you? For... For what am I supposed to thank you?! For to let you die! She has already let you grow old! But we can fix taking me from my family against my will?!" that, don't worry dear. With me you could be immortal!" The townie did not understand a word, but Aadam was following "I don't want to be immortal, Sal. I want to be with Count Curtis. closely, though he was pretending to concentrate on his cake. But He is the husband I chose long ago, and I love him. Besides, I right then... know that in time, I will die. But I'm ready for that, Sal. I believe that in the afterlife I shall be with my Count Curtis for all of eternity, on a dream date that never ends." "Ah. I thought you might be too deep in this. You might be beside yourself, not understanding your own best... I hoped that would not be the case. But luckily, I have made preparations so I can take you with me all the same... I'm sorry, but I know you will thank me later..."
    • "What is the matter here? I heard raised voices." "Honey, I..." "Author, let me handle this. You go inside and take care of our guests." "But Curty, dear..." "Author, stand back. I said I will take care of this." "You! Don't step in my way, Bookacy!"
    • "I have no choice, mr. Chamcha. You are threatening my wife and my family." "I'm doing everything with Author's best interest at heart!" "It doesn't seem so to me. This is a choice for my wife to make, and it seems to me that she has made her choice. It is my job to take care that you and others respect that choice." "Step aside, Bookacy! This is none of your business!" "I won't do that, and you know it."
    • Meanwhile, inside, a silent discussion took place. "Honey, I'm worried. There seems to be something strange going on. What if something bad happens?" "Sweetie, I'm sure it will be okay. Mom just came inside, so it seems Dad is taking care of it, whatever it is. He can handle it. He is a Grand Vampire, after all." "I hope you're right, Adrian."
    • "You leave me no choice, Bookacy! If I have to take you under my power to win Author, I will! You shall join me in the dark side, and obey me!"
    • "Not so fast, Chamcha. You have no power over me, nor can you ever have. The likes of you cannot control me."
    • "What is this? Why isn't it working? It should be working!" "You have forgotten one thing, Chamcha."
    • "*mumble*It's not working...*mumble* And what may that be, Bookacy?" Aadam was already standing up, but his father gave him an almost unnoticeable shake of the head, so he went for the cake, as if that was what he originally intended to do.
    • "Simple, Chamcha. I am a Grand Vampire." "And?" "And the Grand Vampires have powers that no other sims have. When they bite someone, they give the bitten one some power, but they don't lose any of it themselves. They gain power with respect to the bitten sim. Meaning, whoever bit you will always have greater vampire powers than you. Also, once a Grand Vampire, always a Grand Vampire. So a mere bitten one can never gain control over me, whereas even for another Grand Vampire it would take a great deal of effort, to say the least." *silence* "And now, Chamcha, the party is about to end here. So, I'm asking you to leave. If you don't go quietly, I will have to attack you. And as you cannot win, I strongly suggest that you do leave now. If you don't mind, I'm going to see to my family."
    • Meanwhile, in the kitchen. "Some sims. Having dirty wedding cake plates all over, and it's a wedding! How horrible for poor Adrian. I'll help him out." Well, thanks, prof., I guess.
    • Nicole had returned outside, to look after the remaining guests, like a good hostess should. "Oh yes, Adrian's love for grilled cheese is overwhelming. Actually, his want panel..." Aadam stood quietly, and dumbstruck, on the yard. This wasn't how he'd expected things to go. But his father had given him a sign, so he'd acted as he was expected. He would leave with the other guests, and nobody would know a thing.
    • Salahuddin decided to leave quietly. After all, if what Count Curtis was saying was true, he would have no chance to succeed. And he had, indeed, resisted the call of darkness, like he'd never seen anyone resist. So he decided to walk away. "This won't be the last you hear from me! I will get back to you, Creator!" And that, I suppose, we all already knew.
    • Most guests hadn't really noticed the weird conversations between the unknown vampire and the hosts. They just enjoyed the party, the cake and the champagne The wedding was a roof raising success.
    • The newlyweds rushed for the limo, to have a refreshing honeymoon before the return to everyday life.
    • Alright then, you two. Conveniently enough, you both promptly rolled the want that is in my panel right now as well. So, get to work and make me an heir! "Yes m'am!" And this is where I leave you this time, dear reader. I hope you've enjoyed the ride with us, and welcome back next time, for the arrival of generation B, in The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! Happy simming!