The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 14


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 14

  1. 1. Welcome to The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, chapter fourteen! When we last left off, Kendra Patch had just received a call from Count Curtis and gotten to know that Adson's girlfriend Rebecca was apparently missing. She and her husband, generation A spare Abraham, waited for Count Curtis, Adson and little Barry to come and explain what was going on. So, let's see what had happened a little earlier, shall we?
  2. 2. "Hello? Count Curtis Bookacy speaking." "And she was not there? Then maybe..." ... ... "Adson, good to hear from you, son! Listen, I've been meaning to "What voice?" call you and all the siblings, but it's been a little..." ... ... "What? Adson, calm down! I can't understand a word you are "What did the voice say? Calm down, you have to calm down, kid! saying. What about Rebecca?" ... "What do you mean missing? Have you tried to..." ...
  3. 3. "Alright, Adson. Listen, don't go anywhere. Look after Barry. I will make a phone call or two, tell Adrian where I'm going, and I'll be there soon enough."
  4. 4. "Adrian, it seems that Adson needs me. So I'll be gone for this evening, possibly all of the night. If this takes longer, I will call you." "Okay, Dad. What's the matter with Adson?" "I don't quite know. He seems to be in a hysterical state of some kind. If I understood correctly, his girlfriend Rebecca never came back from work today. So I'm going to go and see the situation for myself. Can you handle everything here?"
  5. 5. "Sure, Dad. Me and Nicole will look after the kids. You don't suppose it has anything to do with Salahuddin?" "I don't know. In case this isn't a false alarm, I fear it may well be so. But let's hope it's nothing." "Yeah. Good luck, Dad."
  6. 6. "Dad! Th-thanks for coming! I-I didn't k-know what to do..." "But of course, Adson. I couldn't not come, when my little boy needs me. Now, where's Barry? Is he okay?" "Y-yes, he's... he's inside. He's fine." "Good. Now, take a deep breath and tell me exactly what happened, okay?"
  7. 7. "I-I had the d-day off today", Adson began, "and I've... I've been home with Barry the whole day. Nothing has seemed out of the ordinary." Adson seemed to regain control of himself as he spoke. It was a relief to tell someone, someone who would know what to do.
  8. 8. "Rebecca le-left for work in the afternoon. She just re-recently became Celebrity Chef. She's seemed so... so happy since then..." Count Curtis nodded. "What happened after that?" "Well, I spent time with Barry, we watched some TV and played a little chess. I made dinner while Barry did his homework. Nothing seemed to be wrong. But Rebecca's workday ended, and she just didn't come home."
  9. 9. "I-I wasn't too worried, at first. I thought she'd maybe... gone... gone to vi-sit a friend or something, or was stuck at a traffic jam. After an hour I tried calling her cell phone, but she didn't answer." Adson drew a long breath. He looked anguished again, but his voice got steadier, determined. "After an hour and a half I called her work number. One of her employees just happened to be in still, he was just closing the place. He said... he said that Rebecca had left at the normal time, and she hadn't mentioned about any plans. The last time he'd seen him was when she headed for the parking area where the carpool would pick her up in a couple of minutes." "And then?" asked Count Curtis. "So I went to check on Barry. I didn't want to worry him. He asked me where Mommy was, and I told him I wasn't sure, that she was probably working a little overtime. I think he didn't quite believe that, but I got him to go to bed anyway. He'd had a long day."
  10. 10. "Soon after that the co-worker called me back. He'd talked to the "Salahuddin?" asked Count Curtis with a worried expression. carpool driver, and he had said that Rebecca had never shown up for the carpool. He'd just assumed that she'd forgotten to mention "That's what I thought myself, but I couldn't tell. He sounded that she'd taken our car to work in the morning. It sometimes somehow familiar but..." happens." "Well, he would sound familiar. He sounds like Aadam." Count Curtis nodded. "Alright. What about the ransom call? You said something about a ransom when we talked over the phone." "Yeah, but I couldn't tell." Adson swallowed hard. "Alright. What did the voice say?" "Yeah. I was pondering about what to do next, and I was just about to try phoning Rebecca's cell again, when my phone rang. Unknown number. I picked it up, thought it might be Rebecca from someplace, maybe she'd lost the cell or something. But it was a male voice I didn't recognize"
  11. 11. "He said... He said that he has Rebecca. And that if I don't do as "I'm not sure, son", said Count Curtis in a thoughtful tone, "but he says..." Adson couldn't speak. we'll figure out something. What's the time?" "... he'll kill her?" "T-ten to twelve." "Ye-yeah. He told me to come to the abandoned house on the "Alright. We still have time. Come on, let's go wake Barry up. edge of Alphabetia, the one known as 'The Shack', by one o'clock. Abraham and Kendra are expecting us." There... there he'd tell me what he wants. And... no cops, or..." "I get the picture. I guessed the 'no cops' requirement, so I didn't call the Alphabetia Police, but some relatives unofficially. I promised to Kendra that we'll be to her and Abraham's place shortly, and tell them what's going on." Adson bit his lip, but couldn't help it; he finally burst into tears. "Wh-what c-can we d-do?" he sobbed.
  12. 12. About an hour later... Deep in the foresty part of Alphabetia, there was an old, abandoned house. It was in a lousy condition, and no one had lived in it for ages.
  13. 13. It was simply called "The Shack". No one in living memory had seen anybody go even near the house - and no wonder, as the house was ugly and somewhat scary in essence. But tonight, the lights where on.
  14. 14. Tonight, this was the scene of action it seemed. Count Curtis and Adson stood behind the family cops, prepared to step in. "Son, are you sure this is the right place?" Count Curtis asked. "I am", said Adson, who was now somewhat calmer, but whose hands were still shaking, "That is what the voice said, 'The Shack'." "I believe it is", said Arthur, "Or at least someone is in there." "Alright, then. What is the plan?" asked Count Curtis."
  15. 15. "We have to go in", said Arthur. "Kendra, are you sure we can manage without backup?" "No!" said Adson suddenly, "The voice told me no police! Or..." "That's what they always say", said Kendra with a sigh. "I agree with you, maybe it is safest if me and Arthur stay outside and keep watch. Whoever it is, they won't be pleased to see the police forces, so it's better if you try to negotiate with them first." "I don't like it", said Arthur, "But there is sense to that. If you are willing to go in..." Count Curtis and Adson looked at each other and replied in unison: "We are." "Well then", Arthur said, "then I guess you go in. I will give you my Super Small Transmitter, so me and Kendra know what's going on. If there is a conflict, we'll be right in." "Alright", said Count Curtis and looked at Adson, "let's go."
  16. 16. Arthur and Kendra stayed hidden behind the closest trees, and Count Curtis approached The Shack. "Do you see anything?" Count Curtis asked. "No... Wait a minute, I have to reach just a bit higher..." Adson said quietly, rising on his toes. Count Curtis waited. "I think there may be someone there in the corner... Not sure..." "But not Rebecca?" "No, I don't think so. I think it's a man who's in there." "Okay, son. I guess we just have to go in, then." Count Curtis knocked on the door. "Come on in", a voice said.
  17. 17. And a familiar voice indeed it was. The men stepped inside, and saw both Salahuddin and Aadam in the room, expecting them. It was Salahuddin who spoke first.
  18. 18. "Welcome, welcome, friends!" he said with a quirky little smile on his lips. "We have been expecting you here with Aadam, haven't we?" Aadam gave something that could have been a small nod, but remained silent. He was unnaturally pale. "Well, without further ado, let us meet someone you must be dying to see!" Salahuddin pointed with his right hand.
  19. 19. And indeed, on his right side, sat Rebecca in a wooden chair, surrounded with a spiked fence. "Oh yes, I have your charming friend here, and I am sure she is already quite wiling to have a negotiation with me." Salahuddin was still smiling. Rebecca didn't say anything. She looked slightly absent, as if she hadn't been completely herself. Salahuddin went on in a light, conversational tone. "And in case you have yet not noticed, we have someone else here as well. Someone who would also very much like to meet our young friend here, I am sure." Salahuddin pointed again, this time further right.
  20. 20. It was amazing Count Curtis and Adson hadn't noticed it before, on their immediate right. It was a huge, cowlike plant, separated from them and Rebecca with a fence. Neither of the men knew exactly what it was, but both of them knew that it was certainly very dangerous. "Let me introduce you to... our very own laganaphyllis simnovorii, Dolores."
  21. 21. Both Adson and Count Curtis stared at the beast horrorstruck. The situation was indeed dawning to them, and it wasn't pleasant. "What do you want?" asked Count Curtis angrily, even though he knew the answer already. "You know what I want, Bookacy. I want my beloved Author, all by myself. Otherwise... Well, it would insult your intelligence to assume that you do not have any idea of what will happen otherwise. The gate between this young lady and my, ah, pet, is currently locked, but I will be able to open it. In case you refuse to co-operate... A certain young lady may not be able to resist the call of that cake over there. And the gate may, miraculously, open."
  22. 22. Adson swallowed. He was simply horrified. This man was really trying to make a bargain, to exchange Adson's mother for his girlfriend. "Honey, how are you holding up?" he asked, his voice barely audible. His mouth was dry, it was incredibly hard to bring himself to speak.
  23. 23. Rebecca had been looking drowsy and somewhat absent, but upon hearing his voice, she seemed to somehow become more conscious. She looked at her capturer, then straight at Adson, and said: "Adson, do not bargain with this man. He has lost his mind. If he was sane, he couldn't possibly imagine that you would give up your mother." Count Curtis had found his voice too. "Yes, indeed, Chamcha. You are being quite unreasonable. We cannot give up my wife and Adson's mother, no matter how much you would want that." "Think again, I ask you. This young woman's life is hanging on a thread", Salahuddin said in a silky voice. To make his purpose entirely clear, he took a step towards the pen where Rebecca was sitting. She noticed that, and for the first time, she looked scared. She didn't say anything, but suddenly Adson felt as if she had. The words "Please, take me home!" echoed in his head, just as if she had really begged him. He cleared his throat, prepared to speak, though he didn't know what to say.
  24. 24. At the same time, Count Curtis took notice of something no one else did. Everyone was so concentrated on Rebecca as well as Salahuddin's insane terms that they didn't think of looking at Aadam. Count Curtis only got a glance, but it was enough to show him that it was not only Adson that was horrified. Aadam was all pale and he looked like he could faint any moment. No matter how angry Count Curtis was, he couldn't but feel sorry for the poor misguided youngster. Count Curtis needed time to think. He spat out the first question rising on his tongue: "Where did you get that beast, Chamcha?" "Playing time, Bookacy? Well, I might as well tell you. I, unlike you, have all the time in the world you see."
  25. 25. "To be completely honest, it was not myself who came across our beautiful Dolores. My contacts had told me about this rare species and the benefits that owning an individual can have. They also knew about a way to gain one, but it was not a way possible for myself. So, I asked my son to do me a favor while he was in college."
  26. 26. "It took him some time, but in the end he succeeded."
  27. 27. "That is, shortly before his graduation, he made it to the Sim State University Secret Society."
  28. 28. "And yes, my contacts had been correct: the society had, in some mysterious way, gotten a hold of a rare laganaphyllis simnovorii. This one, in fact, as you probably have understood by now." Salahuddin gave a little smile and went on, "However, it seems that the members of the society had not come to understand and appreciate the true value of their finding. They had simply been keeping our Dolores as a pet."
  29. 29. "Aadam soon found some like-minded individuals in the society. It was easy for him to get them relate to us and our goals. And in the end, it was also reasonably easy to make them give up Dolores. In fact, I believe they were quite relieved to get rid of her, as there have been some accidents in the past. Accidents that involved her."
  30. 30. "As I said, he met some very like-minded individuals indeed... Some of them were very interested in our goals and willing to help us in the future as well. But the service they were able to do us right now was, of course, most valuable" Salahuddin finished.
  31. 31. Adson suddenly forgot all his fear and anguish. He was just utterly mad at Salahuddin. He approached the vampire, ignoring his father who tried to tell him not to do just that. "So this is what you have been planning all along! Kidnapping my girlfriend, to make me give up my mother in return! What is it with you, are you mad or what?"
  32. 32. Salahuddin's smile had faded and turned into a stern look. "Listen to me, son! You are not in a position to negotiate, and even less to argue with me. I have tried to be kind, to negotiate, and to arrange matters so that they go peacefully, but I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to achieve my goal that way. So now has come the time for direct action." Salahuddin drew breath, calming down by the second. He, after all, was on the winning side. "Think hard, son. I have your precious girlfriend under my control, and note that I may not value her life very high, as she happens to be the same young lady who offended my son. You have an hour to bring me Author. After that... You know what will happen."
  33. 33. At that moment, a silent voice interrupted the argument. It was Count Curtis who spoke in a quiet, sad voice: "Chamcha, we can't give you what you want." "You have no choice, Bookacy", Salahuddin said coolly, but there was a creeping uncertainty in his voice. He had taken note of Count Curtis' choice of words. "As I've noticed you are already aware, I didn't say 'we won't', but 'we can't'. Not that we would, either, as you must know. But unfortunately, it is also impossible. My wife died late last night."
  34. 34. "Died?" shrieked Salahuddin in disbelief, "No! It can't be!" Adson and Aadam just quietly stared at Count Curtis. Even Rebecca, who was obviously not entirely present, was now listening intently.
  35. 35. "Yes, Chamcha. Died, of old age", Count Curtis said in a cool tone and then added to Adson, "I was going to tell you, but it has been a rough day for us all. We had, of course, expected it for a while, but one can never be fully prepared for death." No one spoke for a while. Even Salahuddin had fallen silent. "Yesterday evening, after we had had dinner together, and were in the living room, enjoying some family time together, Author suddenly stood up. She was calm but slightly distant. She said she felt a sudden chill in the room. She looked at me and at that moment we both knew. I was sad, but it comforted me to see how ready she was to go. When she last looked at me, she quietly told me 'goodbye'. Then there was no looking back."
  36. 36. "And indeed, she had been right about the chill. Even us living could feel a cool breeze coming from nowhere. The Grim Reaper had come to collect his own."
  37. 37. "It still comforts me to think of how calm Author herself was. I'm sure she knew she was going to a happy place."
  38. 38. "The rest of us were, of course, devastated."
  39. 39. "Especially the young ones. They needed care and comfort all through the night. That's what we adults have been busy with." Count Curtis drew breath, but it was difficult for him to carry on. Curty, what if I pick up from here? "Please do", Count Curtis replied faintly.
  40. 40. So the Grim Reaper came, and told Author, "Author Bookacy, your time is up."
  41. 41. "Are you sure? I think my family would need me." "You have to let go, Author Bookacy. The fate of this family is now in other hands. It is now your time to follow me into the Great Beyond, with bowling alleys and bubble blowers."
  42. 42. "Did you say bubble blowers?" "Yes, and bowling alleys." "Oh, that does sound good."
  43. 43. "Think of it as a little trip." "Will I see Count Curtis again?" "Yes. For you it will be as if no time passed at all."
  44. 44. "Very well, mr. Reaper. I think we have a deal."
  45. 45. "Excellent, my child. Now come and follow me." Author nodded. In the background, amongst the grieving, Nicole's voice sounded out: "Excuse me, you big headed hula zombie, I'm trying to mourn my mother-in-law here, so could you please move over?"
  46. 46. Not all members of the family were home while this sad event occurred. Some only learned the news when they got home from work.
  47. 47. Everyone was devastated. Author was truly loved by her family.
  48. 48. But they found comfort in each other. "I'm sorry about your mother, honey. I miss her too." "Thanks, baby. It helps to know you're there for me at times like these."
  49. 49. Curty, of course was most devastated. It was his life companion he had lost. He had been prepared for that for a long time, but it is one of those things one can never truly be ready for, as he said himself.
  50. 50. But he, too, found comfort in his family. "I'm sorry, Dad. Are you coping?" "I am. Thank goodness for all of you children! I don't know what I would do without you."
  51. 51. Later into the night, it was me and Count Curtis who could feel a cool breeze in the air, and saw a glimpse of something in the corner in our eyes. For the shortest of moments, we felt the presence of Author in the home she had left forever.
  52. 52. This, dear reader, is The Bookacy family graveyard. I've had it built from almost the very beginning. Thought I would have, what, closer to 50 ghosts on the family lot? Well, think again. If this was a regular 10 generation Legacy, then I would probably have gone for the Free Roaming Ghosts bonus, but in an Alphabet Legacy? No way.
  53. 53. So, this is the final resting place for all the future generations, and Author shall be the first one to reside in it. Rest in peace, Author Bookacy. Great foundress, wife, mother and grandmother. Achieved permanent platinum aspiration by fulfilling the (impossible) lifetime want of going on 50 first dates. Married the Grand Vampire and had six children, became celebrity chef. Died at the ripe age of 84. You will be missed.
  54. 54. As I was saying, it was a tough one for Count Curtis.
  55. 55. As for everyone else, for that matter. Poor things. But, life goes on. No matter how much it hurts.
  56. 56. So, that is the whole story, Sal. ... Sal?
  57. 57. "Noooo... My beloved Author, dead!" *sobbing* It was impossible not to pity Salahuddin at that moment. Everyone else couldn't but stare at him.
  58. 58. Everyone, except for one person. Rebecca. Whatever it was that Salahuddin had done to her to keep her quietly sitting in her chair, seemed to have stopped working.
  59. 59. Everyone was too busy staring at Salahuddin to notice. Like a sleepwalker Rebecca had stood up and walked to the gate that was supposed to be locked, easily opened it and now walked towards the beast in the larger of the two pens.
  60. 60. It all happened much too fast. Count Curtis only had time to shout "Rebecca, don't!" from his corner, before she already had.
  61. 61. Dolores' trap had worked. The giant plant bent down and clasped its jaws together.
  62. 62. Then it rose back up and swallowed mightily. It had just eaten Rebecca in one bite.
  63. 63. Adson was the first to break the shocked silence. "REBECCA! NOOO! REBECCA!" he cried in horror.
  64. 64. In his corner, Aadam was too horrified to look. He sobbed quietly into his palms. He had feared this would be the result ever since he got to know his father's plan in the full. Which was only as they approached Rebecca's workplace. A grim understanding was only now starting to dawn to him.
  65. 65. The door opened, and Arthur rushed in. "What is it?" he asked, "We heard noise in the Transmitter and..." He was silenced at the sight of it all: a giant cowlike beast in the corner next to a gravestone, Rebecca's empty chair, Adson and Aadam crying and muttering something unclear, and Salahuddin collapsed on the floor. Once again the surprise silenced everyone. Count Curtis was the quickest to recover, and he told Adson in a firm voice: "Go rescue her!"
  66. 66. Adson worked like a sleepwalker. He didn't fully understand his father's command, but acted on pure instinct. He jumped over the first gate to Rebecca's former pen, and then rushed through the other gate, towards the gravestone. He didn't know how the beast would react, and he didn't care. All he cared about was Rebecca.
  67. 67. No one had paid attention when Salahuddin had gotten onto his feet again, regaining control of himself. "No!" he cried when Adson reached the gravestone and was completely ignored by Dolores. Fractions of a second later his and Count Curtis' eyes met, and he realized the danger he was in. The yells of the two men were simultaneous: "Aadam, let's go!" "After him!"
  68. 68. Salahuddin spurted towards the back door, with Aadam following him tightly. Arthur reacted in seconds and ran after the two men while calling Kendra on his radio.
  69. 69. Salahuddin raced into the night, and Aadam saw it fit to follow. There was no explaining it now. Arthur and Kendra rushed after them, but Salahuddin and Aadam had too much of a head start. Count Curtis had fallen behind from the beginning. He was an old man already, after all.
  70. 70. "Dammit, looks like they got away", said Arthur, still panting. "Yeah," said Kendra, holding on to her side. "They know this part of the forest much better than we do, apparently. They just, disappeared in the dark." Arthur sighed. "I guess we'd better go back and tell Dad and Adson. And then I think it's time to officially involve the police."
  71. 71. So when morning came, a tired old man returned home, alone. Adrian was just about to go fetch the morning paper, but then he saw Count Curtis approaching in the distance. He knew immediately that something was wrong. He descended from the front porch and waited for his father.
  72. 72. Adrian couldn't find any words to ask how the night had gone. And he didn't have to. Count Curtis spoke immediately. "Son, everything went wrong" he said in a tired, sad voice. "Very wrong. Your brother's girlfriend is dead. Salahuddin is on the run with Aadam. The police is now involved, they do everything they can to find him." "So... So it was him?" asked Adrian finally, dumbstruck. "And Rebecca... Rebecca is dead?" "Yes, it was him as I feared. And unfortunately, yes, Rebecca is dead. Adson is heartbroken. Kendra promised me that she and Abraham will take care of him and little Barry for the time being." "But how..." "Later, son. I will explain this all to both you and Nicole, yet today. The family will be in danger, and we have to finish the plans for the security system as soon as possible. But right now, I need a few hours of sleep."
  73. 73. Breakfast was a rather silent meal at Kendra's and Abraham's that morning. Adson didn't want to speak, and he didn't want to eat or sleep either. Kendra was a smart woman. Even though she allowed her brother-in-law to remain silent for the time being, she insisted that he both eat and sleep. Which he, like an obedient child, did on her demand.
  74. 74. Adson didn't speak much all day. In fact, he avoided others, with one exception: his little niece Bianca. He found her company soothing, perhaps because with her words were not required for communication. His head was heavy with thoughts, and he was not ready to utter them to anyone. Bianca was the best of companions for him right then.
  75. 75. When Barry returned from school, however, it was time for words. The boy deserved to know what had happened to his mother. Adson told all, with a heavy heart.
  76. 76. And after all, not many words were needed between him and his son. Comfort was what they both needed most.
  77. 77. It was late afternoon when Abraham carefully approached his brother. He had stayed in a distance on purpose. Adson needed some alone time, and Abraham didn't want to push him in any direction. Rather, he had spent the day calling his scientist friends, asking questions and reading the latest research articles. He felt that he had to be fairly sure before approaching his brother on this matter. "Adson?" "Yeah?" "Listen, I'm sorry about your girlfriend. I hope you are... doing alright." Adson shrugged. "I know", said Abraham with a gloomy smile, "of course you're not. How could you be? Anyway, there was something I needed to talk to you about."
  78. 78. "Yeah?" said Adson again, without knowing what else to say. "Well, as you know I work in the science field." Adson nodded. "And well, there have been these rumours I've heard... Ever since I was a lab assistant." "Rumours?" "Yes. And today I have been reading and calling my colleagues... In the end I got one of our Mad Scientists on the line, and I believe he knows a lot more than he is telling me right now. I have to dig out the information but..." "Information? About what?" "About something that might interest you. Help you."
  79. 79. But what of our villain and his son? Well, let us rewind back to the last hours of the night, shall we? They mysteriously escaped from their chasers and safely made it to their hiding place. They don't seem too happy, though, do they? "... and I told you to lock the gate! You are college educated, you should know better than leave a laganaphyllis simnovorii unguarded!" "You did not, Dad! You were supposed to lock the gate! And, that is completely beside the point! Maybe it is a surprise to you, but Rebecca was my friend, too! And now she's dead, thanks to you and your brilliant plan!" "There was nothing wrong with the plan! If you had just done as I told you..." "Yes there was! Using Rebecca as bait was wrong with the plan! You wouldn't even tell me about it beforehand – you had to know I wouldn't approve of putting her in danger!"
  80. 80. "I did you a favor, son! That woman betrayed you, she deserved what she got! I admit it, it was a mistake to leave the gate open. But it was an accident!" Aadam looked as if he wanted to say something, but Salahuddin didn't give him a chance. "This will complicate matters, as the police forces must be looking for us by now. But she wronged you and had to be punished, so I do not regret one bit", he said coolly. "But..." "Aadam, we have a mission. Having a mission means that sacrifices need to be made!" Aadam drew breath and was going to argue, but fell silent instead.
  81. 81. When Aadam had quit objecting, Salahuddin seemed to calm Aadam didn't know what to say. down. He drew breath and said, perhaps more to himself than to Aadam: "But now... It is almost morning, so I shall need to return to my coffin soon. I will first increase our security level, just in case a "It is very disappointing that Author is, indeed, dead. We were too member of the Alphabetia Police wanders our way, and then I will late. But if they think that is going to stop me..." have my daily rest. As usual, I will need you and Joy to look after Marsha meanwhile." "But Dad, do you understand? She is dead. What more can you do?" "Of course, Dad. But are you sure they can't find us here?" "But Aadam. Death is simply an obstacle put in our way. We must "With all our protections? Positive." simply get past it." "But... How?" "I believe there are ways. Oh yes, there are ways to get a grip on the family and win Author back..."
  82. 82. "Now, I will need to go. As usual, there is no need to inform Joy or Marsha about our exact situation." "As usual." "We will discuss more later. We need a new plan, and a young and brilliant scientist such as yourself is going to be of great help, I believe." "Okay, Dad." "Very well. I will see you in the evening, then."
  83. 83. But when Salahuddin had left for his crypt for the day, Aadam couldn't but be anguished. Rebecca was now dead. Accidentally, but dead all the same. His siblings had probably deserted him, and were most likely eager to see him in jail with his father, like a criminal. And on top of it all, he wasn't quite convinced that what his father now had in mind would cause things to get any better. He was very worried. Very worried indeed. And this, my dear readers, is where I will have to leave you this time. Thank you once again for reading, and until next time, happy simming to all!