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Opening presentation for Düsseldorf Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Twitter Analysis (#diata11). 14./15. September 2011, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. …

Opening presentation for Düsseldorf Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Twitter Analysis (#diata11). 14./15. September 2011, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.
Includes background information for current projects and research groups as well as first results from analysing tweets by scholars and by soccer teams.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. DIATA11Düsseldorf Workshop on InterdisciplinaryApproaches to Twitter Analysis(#diata11)Heinrich-Heine-University DüsseldorfSeptember 14 and 15, 2011
  • 2. DIATA11 Participants from 10 5 sessions countries 14 14 presentations
  • 3. DIATA11 Keynote: Mapping Metrics and Politics and Online Publics Measurement eParticipation Scholarship and Semantics and Communities and Journalism Sentiment Conversations
  • 4. DIATA11Organisation• Talks cancelled: – Lorna Richardson about “Public Archaeology and Twitter – Widening the Debate in 140 Characters or Less” – Christopher Mascaro about “Uncovering Subgroups Among the Masses”• Piratepad:• Piratepad from Coding Session:• Hashtag: #diata11
  • 5. DIATA11Tonight: Dinner at Füchschen Brewery
  • 6. Background: Science and the Internet 6 projects 8 persons 5 disciplines 1 overall topic #NFGWIN http://nfgwin.uni-
  • 7. Background: Science and the InternetThe projects Digital genres of Law and scientific Educational beliefs publication internet usage Change of the Citations in Web 2.0 3D environments “Publication” concept
  • 8. Background: Science and the InternetCurrent activities Doctoral class Media trainings Courses Guest for lectures academic staff Conference Work across subprojects August Scientific 2012, Twitter Düsseldorf usage
  • 9. Background: HHU-QUT Exchange
  • 10. Background: HHU-QUT Exchange2 Twitter Workshops in Brisbane, June 2011 1/07/27/looking-back-at-the-world- m/workshops/workshop-c/ according-to-twitter/#more-747 The World According to Making Sense of Twitter: Quantitative Analysis Using Twitter Twapperkeeper and Other Tools
  • 11. Background: HHU-QUT Exchange Metrics, Ethics, and Soccer…
  • 12. Recent Work: Scientific Twitter UsageWeller, K., & Puschmann, P. (2011). Twitter for Scientific Communication: How Can Citations/References be Identified andMeasured? In Proceedings of the Poster Session at the Web Science Conference 2011, Koblenz, Germany. View theposter online:
  • 13. Retweet-Networks over TimeData from Digital Humanities Conference 2010 (7-10 July 2010), Source:: Puschmann, C., Weller, K., & Dröge, E. (2011). Studying Twitterconversations as (dynamic) graphs: visualization and structural comparison. Presented at General Online Research, 14-16 March 2011,Düsseldorf, Germany. Retrieved from
  • 14. Tweet Contents Are tweets dealing with the scientific topics of the conference? (RTs excluded) 2500 keine Angabe Nein Ja Number of tweets 2000 Not available 155 No Yes 1500 105 938 1000 1.002 500 953 308 0 #mla09 #mla09 #www2010 #www2010Dröge, E., Maghferat, P., Puschmann, C., Verbina, J., & Weller, K. (2011). Konferenz-Tweets. Ein Ansatz zur Analyse der Twitter-Kommunikation bei wisseschaftlichen Konferenzen.
  • 15. “Citations” on Twitter?
  • 16. What is Highly Cited?
  • 17. Recent Work: Twitterleague 21. June 2011
  • 18. FC Köln vs. BVB Dortmund Number of followers. 16.000 @BVBDortmund09 14.000 1.21 @fckoeln 12.000 1.31 10.000 1.34 1.13 8.000 1.15 1.19 6.000 4.000 2.000 0 on 24.06.2011 on 21.07.2011 on 18.08.2011 on 13.09.2011
  • 19. FC Köln vs. BVB Dortmund Average number of tweets per user (and per day) that mention a certain football team‘s account
  • 20. Köln vs. Dortmund „Lieber Herr „Dear Gunners“ Solbakken“ http://www.fc-[tt_news]= 3849&cHash=5ec860877888e1f1ceb77e74e9a820fa
  • 21. Welcome to Düsseldorf!Dr. Katrin Weller Dr. Cornelius PuschmannDept. of Information Science Dept. of English Language and LinguisticsHeinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf Heinrich-Heine-University DüsseldorfUniversitätsstr. 1, Geb., Universitätsstr. 1, Geb. Düsseldorf D-40225 DüsseldorfE-Mail: E-Mail: cornelius.puschmann@uni- duesseldorf.deTwitter: @kwelle Twitter: @coffee001