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Arsenal Club was founded by workers of former Royal Arsenal in 1886. …

Arsenal Club was founded by workers of former Royal Arsenal in 1886.
It’s initially famous for Dial Square. The reason that it’s called by club founders
is because of a workshop of the same name. The name Dial Square derived from
sundial on top of the doorway. Two club creators were players from Nottingham
Forest clubs.

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  • 1. Vogue Home Organizationhttp://www.vogue-home.orgIntroductions of Premier League Badge and Its Nickname[Arsenal Badge, Manchester United Football Club, Chelsea]1. ArsenalArsenal Club was founded by workers of former Royal Arsenal in 1886.It’s initially famous for Dial Square. The reason that it’s called by club foundersis because of a workshop of the same name. The name Dial Square derived fromsundial on top of the doorway. Two club creators were players from NottinghamForest clubs.Arsenal Badge2. Manchester United Football ClubManchester United Football Club was founded in 1878. At the beginning of itsfounding, the name was called Newton Heath LYR. (LYR is the abbreviation ofLancashire and Yorkshire Railway.)Newton Heath is a common site of England railroad name. Workers on worksitereleased their passion and enthusiasm towards football through competitions withother departments and other railway companies. They never thought ofoccupying a position in England football field or even in international footballcompetitions and became world’s top riches. Since the foundation of this club,it’s doomed to be a passionate, enthusiastic and team-working football team.In 1888 when the football union was founded, members who created NewtonHeath Team self-deprecatingly thought that they were not enough qualified toestablish football union together with Blackburn Rovers and Preston North End.Until 1892, Newton Heath joined the union.1902-1909: Manchester United Football Club was officially born and its earlybrilliance.Newton Heaths economy was in bad condition. At the beginning of twentiethcentury, club was in unsustainable predicament. At then, a local man called JohnHenry Davies who was the owner of a wine factory supplied financial help to save page 1 / 5
  • 2. Vogue Home Organizationhttp://www.vogue-home.orgthe team. Thereafter, Davies decided to register capital to club, which allowedhim to make certain benefit from the management. Later, the team changed itsname for several times. It’s once called Manchester Center, Manchester Celticand so on. The later world well known name Manchester United was formallycalled during April to May in 1902.Badge1. Red Devil Fred on the BadgeAs the introduction above, in 1878m a group of Manchester railway workersfounded Newton Heath Club-former Manchester United. In 1902, the name waschanged to Manchester United. In early 1960s, a soccer team named SalfordRugby came to France to participate in the competition. Because of their gloriesachievement, French fans called them Red Devils. As both Manchester Unitedand Salford Rugby wear red football shirt, then Busby-chief commander ofManchester United gave the name to Manchester United. Thereafter, thenickname The Red Devils began to spread all over. The time that Red Devilappeared on Manchester United’s badge was 1973. Since after, Red Devil Fredhas become the mascot of Manchester United.2. Ship on the BadgeThe shape of ship represents Manchester’s central position in port and trade andalso stands for Manchester Grand Canal.Badge Used before 1973:Badge used during 1973-1998 (in 1973, Red Devil was formally added in thebadge.)Words Football Club have been removed from the badge since 1998.Manchester United is no longer a football club instead it’s Manchester UnitedPublic Limited Company.Nickname Red DevilsAs the description in the first point, the nickname of Red Devil derives from thefact that football shirt of Manchester Club is red. When Manchester won aposition of eminence and made all opponents tremble with fear on hearing it,their fans are so proud to associate the team with Red Devils. Since then, thename has got popular. page 2 / 5
  • 3. Vogue Home Organizationhttp://www.vogue-home.orgCertainly, at the beginning, the nickname Red Devils mainly referred to fans ofManchester United because weather on home or away field, they would set offred storm. However, after the name getting famous, Red Devils finally becamethe common nickname of Manchester United and fans.3. ChelseaIf you have an English-Chinese electronic dictionary, when you enter the wordChelsea, you will see an explanation like this: Chelsea orchard; Chelsea dry andround bread. You must be curious why famous Chelsea would be bread. A longtime ago, there was an unknown small village on north London produced a kindof round bread called Chelsea with some raisins above. Here we would not talktoo much about this kind of bread as it’s not a place of introducing delicious food.Because of the bread was on good sales, many people came to buy it. However,due to the reasons that the name of village was hard to remember, then peoplecalled it Chelsea. Later, you could guess what had happened. Right! On 14thMarch 1905, Chelsea founded a football team called F.C.CHELSEA. Thebeginning of Chelsea had close relation with Standford Bridge Stadium. On 28thApril 1877, Standford Bridge Stadium officially opened to public. At very first, thestadium initially was as track and field sports venues rather than football. In 1904,the ownership was changed and Mills brothers took over. At first, they originallyplanned to rend the place to Fulham. However, they were refused. Then theydecided to set up a team of their own.Badge page 3 / 5
  • 4. Vogue Home Organizationhttp://www.vogue-home.org4. LiverpoolLiverpool Football Club was born.In 1888, Liverpool city first owned members of Football Association, and that’sEverton.In 1888, Everton lifted his contract with Anfield Stadium. In this way, the owner ofthe stadium was Hodding and there wasn’t boss of the football team. Shortlyafterwards, Irish John Mckenna proposed to establish Liverpool Football Club.And most of first players were recruited by him from Scotland.In the first year of its establishment, it won the champion in regional leaguecompetition. And in the second year, it had entered England Serie B.Although in recent years, its reputation has been covered by Manchester United,in the history of one hundred years, Red Army is still the most successful footballteam in British football field. its competitors still can not break the record of fiveEuropean champion cups and 18 Englands top league titles. In 1973-1974,Liverpool defeated Newcastle United with a score of 3:0, wining the champion ofBritish Football. Sen Keli achieved great success and decided to retire. OnDecember 1981, he passed away and Liverpool’s Sen Keli’s era had ended.Until today, there’s one saying about him on the club headquarter’s door andthe badge: You’ll never walk alone!Badge page 4 / 5
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