Ab Cs Of Fundraising Sheet


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Ab Cs Of Fundraising Sheet

  1. 1. AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY RELAY FOR LIFE ABC’s of Fundraising ©2007, American Cancer Society, Inc. – No. 0000.00 Relay For Life participants seek donations rather than pledges from friends, family and associates. All fundraising is done prior to Relay For Life, eliminating the hassle of collecting pledges after the event. Set a goal. Each team member’s minimum goal is $100 plus registration fee. There are a ton of great fundraising ideas both for the individual and the team to help you meet your goals. Be creative, have fun and ask everyone you know or meet to help support your effort. RELAY FOR LIFE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FUNDRAISING TIPS A “Brown Bag Lunch Day” – Everyone Dedicate – Your personal effort to some- brings their lunch and donates the money one who has won a battle with cancer, or Art Sales – This one is perfect for a kids they would have spent for lunch to the to someone who is battling cancer, or to team. Have students produce great works Relay For Life fund. someone who has lost their battle – or all of art and have a show. Parents and friends three. Include that in a letter along with a buy back their budding artists’ masterpieces. self-addressed envelope. C Dress Down Day – Ask every employee to Ask everyone you meet – Even if you have Carpool – for fun and profit. contribute to your Relay team, and in return sent out letters, be sure to carry a donation they will be allowed to “dress down” on a collection envelope with you so that when Clean up – with a neighborhood car wash. specified day at work. you talk to people about Relay, you can ask Car Window Washes – Teams can wash them to donate right then. Take the donation Dinner – Hold a dinner. Have your team car windows at fast food restaurant drive collection envelope with you to meetings. do a theme dinner. Get a hall donated and through windows. When you carry a donation collection have each member of your team prepare envelope with you, indicate your own Challenges – Challenge another team to part of the meal. Sell tickets and get some contribution at the top. Make sure the top raise more than you. Some radio stations entertainment donated. few donations on form are significant. Other may gladly put your challenge on the radio. people are apt to follow suit; conversely, if you start with a $2 contribution, others E Challenge by the Boss/Principal – Get may follow suit with $2. Don’t prejudge the boss to agree that if every team member Envelopes at Restaurant Tables – Teams whether people will give. Let them say no raises their minimum of $100 that he’ll generate donations by placing a Relay For or ignore your letter rather than not ask. dress up like a pig, shave his beard, sit in the Life envelope at every table, stating “Please dunking booth, or get a pie in the face, etc. Support Our Relay For Life Team and the Auctions of All Kinds – Change Jar – Keep a change jar in high American Cancer Society.” Waitresses - Auction off a prime parking space traffic areas. All change is donated to your check envelopes after each seating. at work. team fundraising totals. - Auction off a half or whole day off F Cook Offs from work. - Auction a picnic lunch. Christmas Trees/Wreath – Ask a local Flowers and Plants – Sell corsages, your retailer to donate $1 for every tree and - Auction desserts, homemade donations will blossom. Sell your extra wreath sold. dinners, local art work or other house plants or bouquets from your garden. creative and fun items. Cake Drawing Every Hour – Here is a fun and tasty on-site fundraising idea. Team G B members bake different cakes, exchange tickets for a donation and then raffle off the Gift Wrapping – During the holidays, A “No-Bake Sale” – Coworkers pay so they cakes each hour of the Relay. teams can set up at the local mall or in a don’t have to bake goodies. particular store. Mother’s Day is another Book Sale – Dust those bookshelves and D ideal time for teams to offer a gift wrapping have a book sale. booth. Dime-A-Dance (at event) – Provide music “Boss for the Day” – Allow people to bid at your campsite. Have other people pay to Garage Sales – Ask your team members to on being boss for a day – high bid wins. dance with your team members. clean out their attics, garages and basements and bring items in for a team wide sale. Bake Sales – Hold a Friday bake sale so Host a theme dance or party – Sock hop, employees have treats for the weekend. Ask beach party, disco, square dance, dance for for items to be wrapped attractively so they senior citizens, etc. could be given as gifts.
  2. 2. H N S “Hot Dog for Cancer” – Principal at an Name Bead Bonanza – Take orders for “Stay at Home Tea” – On Valentine’s Day elementary school agrees that if ALL the personalized bracelets, keychains, donate $1 for the pleasure of having your teachers raise $100 each, he/she would necklaces, etc. for a donation. cup of tea at home. dress up like a hot dog and let the students Smile Day Give Away – Each time you squirt ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, O catch someone at your office smiling, they and relish on him/her. donate a designated amount to your team. October Festival – Celebrate autumn and Give the smiling donor a smiley face sticker Human Jukebox – Set up a decorated the fall bounty by raising funds for Relay. or button to wear. cardboard box with someone that sings Have pumpkins, straw bales, dried corn selected songs outside of a supermarket stalks, colorful gourds and bright flowers for (after receiving permission) and ask for a T your decor. For the main attractions donation for each song that is requested. you may want to consider the following Turkey Drawing – Offer a dollar to win activities: a dance, pumpkin carving Handyman for a Day – Shovel snow, rake your Thanksgiving/Holiday turkey. contest, apple bobbing, face painting, leaves or mow your neighbors lawn and petting zoo, pony rides, bake sale, and a donate your “fee” to your Relay For Life. scarecrow decorating contest. Charge an U admission fee and sell other goods and Unique Boutique – Collect or make unique services at your festival. I one-of-a kind items for raising funds via a Ice Cream Social – Teams can raise funds silent or live auction. P by collecting donations for delicious ice cream delights. Get creative and decorate Pancake Breakfast V your location as an old fashioned ice cream Percentage of Sales – Designate a percentage parlor and soda fountain. Set up tables with Video Sale – How many times can you a variety of board games for patrons. Play of one day’s sales or proceeds and let the watch Forrest Gump? oldies on a jukebox and charge for song public know so they will buy more. Vacation Day – If you are on a team with requests. Pet Service – Love pets? Walk someone’s dog. your co-workers, ask your boss if they can offer a bonus day off for the team member Pies – Find which fruit is in season, make J that raises the most money. and sell your delicious pies. Jail & Bail – An old American Cancer Society Pot Luck Lunches at the Workplace fundraiser. For a donation, employees can W – Name every Wednesday “Relay For Life be arrested and for an additional donation Pot Luck Day.” Team members take turns Wine Tasting – As with any other fundraiser can post their own bail OR employees have preparing foods, salads, desserts, etc. and a bounty placed on their head, are arrested, - but especially with this one - the wine offer to employees at the workplace at a set and are not set free until the entire bounty must be donated and all liquor liability laws price or donation. is raised ($100+ per inmate). must be followed. Publicity – Publicize your team’s participation in the company newsletter. K X Kiss The Pig – Select three to five well-known Q X-Mas Tidings – Make fresh evergreen and well-liked employees. Have the employees wreaths and yule logs to sell adorned with choose the individual they would like to see Quilts – Sell quilt squares made by the festive holiday bows, berries and pinecones. kiss the pig by purchasing a jelly bean(s) employees themselves. The squares can be for 50 cents each. The jelly bean(s) will sold in honor and in memory of people with be placed in a jar for that individual. The cancer, squares 4” x 4” for %, 8” x 8” for $15, Y individual with the most beans will have to and 12” x 12” for $25. Kiss The Pig. Yard Sale – Hold the ultimate Yard Sale. Quarter Canister Campaign – Old film canisters hold $7 worth of quarters. L Challenge co-workers or students to fill as Z Lawn Service –While you are mowing your many canisters as possible. Have a reward lawn, mow someone else’s too. Zzzz – Sleep when the Relay ends. for the team that collects the most canisters filled with quarters! M R Matching Funds – Ask your CEO/President to match the total raised by your team or Romance – Cater a romantic dinner for to be the leading honor for your team. (In two, highest donation wins the dinner. order for it to count toward incentives, you must turn in written confirmation prior to the event.)