Archetypes in Greek Mythology

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  • 1. :60 secondsBRAINTEASER
  • 2. What do you know about What questions do you haveGreek mythology? about Greek mythology?
  • 3. What do you know about What questions do you haveGreek mythology? about Greek mythology?Most of the gods/goddesses were brothers and sisters Are the stories true?Lived up in the sky—Mt. OlympusHad a lot of kids Was Cupid named Eres?Many stories about them What is a Greek myth?SuperhumanOne was half human/half god = Hercules Where did Medusa come from?Hades is the god of the underworld What is the mark of Athena?Medusa is badZeus is everyone’s father What does this have to do withTitans before gods English?Zeus had two brothersZeus controlled lightning How is Zeus everyone’s father?Poseidon controlled the Ocean Are we going to be reading this BIGDifferent kinds of godsZeus had an “evil” brother book?Some constellations are named after Greek gods Why did they name planets after theZeus and his brothers killed their fathers for their powersCronus ATE Zeus and threw him up gods?
  • 4.  Done now Archetypes Greek Archetypes Competition Exit Ticket
  • 5. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONAre heroes smart, brave, physically strong, orlucky?
  • 6.  Nerd Clowns Bullies Intelligent people Candy sellers Strags Fakes Skippers (outside of class) Trouble makers/Instigators Followers Girls taking care of the way they look Loud people Loners Zoners
  • 7. 1. What are archetypes?2. Why are understanding archetypes important?3. What are the 12 major archetypes?
  • 8. Archetypes = original patternsex. nerd = intelligenceBut who was the first intelligent being? Where did “intelligence” come from?GREEK ANSWER = A Greek God!
  • 9.  To be a better reader (archetypes are everywhere in real life and stories!) To better understand yourself (we all fit into archetypes)
  • 10. n_archetypes.html
  • 11. “The Titans and the Twelve Great Olympians”
  • 12.  Which archetype are you most like? Why?