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A presentation from my company Marvel Media Ad Agency to Northwest Technologies

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  • I would like to thank you all of you for joining me today. Welcome to today’s Social Media Presentation. My name is Katrina Warner and I am a Web Development Representative for Marvel Media Ad Agency
  • TodayI would like to give you a little background history of Social Media and it’s evolution throughout the years. I will talk to you about what “Social Media” truly is I will also tell you about the many ways Social Media Networking and Marvel Media Marketing will be beneficial to Northwestern Technologies
  • In 1971 the first e-mail was sent It was then later in 1978 were BBS (Bulletin Board System) came about which allowed data to be exchanged via phone line with other users. Also in 1978 the first copies of (early) web browsers were distributed through “USENET” which was the birthplace of “flame wars” and “trolling”.16 years later some of the first social networking sites were created. One of the first (and most memorable) was It’s concept was for users to create their own websites. A couple years later AOL Instant Messenger was launched popularizing instant messaging. In 2002 launched, “pioneering” the online connection of real-world friends. In the following years many other social networking sites were created. Among them: LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and countless others we all love today.* As of January 2012 has hit the 1 Billion users mark.
  • I chose these 15 because they are some of the more popular ones, but there are countless others out there and with the internet evolving more and more each day new websites are always being created. With almost all social websites there is also an app available so it can be accessible where ever you go 24/7. They are available on almost all electronic devices such as smart phones, eBooks, iPads, mp3 players and more.
  • What is the definition of “Social Media” per se? Well, first social media comes in many different forms, other than social networking sites (i.e. facebookLinkedin) it also includes internet forums, e-mail, newspapers, magazines, blogs, wikis, podcasts, television, radio and even photographs. It is an easy way of communicating with others, and it has the ability to reach a global audience large or small. Social media gives businesses a chance to understand what its consumers really want out of your company and their needs. Consumers also have the chance to let you know how they feel about your products or services via feedback or questionnaires.
  • As you can see there a lot of benefits of using social media marketing. Out of all of them, the one that truly stands out the most is it being cost effective. More cost effective then any other marketing methods. You will get to hear the consumers opinions and feedback. It is a great way to conduct market research which is a very important component of business strategy.You will be able to bring attention to your products It can also make your company more “human” and down to earth You can establish a new brand and raise awareness Increase of your customers trust and loyalty. You will also be able to keep a close eye on your competition without them knowing
  • In conclusion, I’m confident Marvel Media Ad Agency can help you. MMAA has a lot of experience and expertise most of all we are able to navigate cutting edge technology effortlessly We put 110% in to everything we do. Our main focus is helping NorthWestern Technologies to utilize the many benefits social media. Not before long your company will have made a name for itself in the social media world. You be able to easily promote products, capture feedback from consumers, conduct market researches and gain potential customers all while saving money. I would like to thank you once again and I look forward to helping Northwestern Technologies concur the Social Media World
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  • Northwestern technologies presentation

    1. 1. Northwestern Technologies Social Media: Get in the Know
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda The history of Social Media & its evolution of the years What is Social Media? The Benefits of Social Media Networking How will MMAA help your company
    3. 3. Its History and Evolution  In 1971 the first E-mail was sent In 1978 online bulletins boards were created  In 1994 one of the internet first Social Networking, is founded. The concept was for users to create their own websites In 2002 was created, it being the first website that connected real world friends In the years following several popular social networking sites were launched
    4. 4. Just a few of the many social media sites out there today
    5. 5. Social Media  A chance to build relationships  A communication tool  An excellent way to interact with consumers A n easy way to gain more business and exposure
    6. 6. Benefits of Social Media Networking  Cost effective  Conduct Market Research  Increase in customer loyalty and trust  Enhance your business contacts  Build your personal reputation  Listen to your consumers opinion  Establish a brand and raise awareness
    7. 7. Conclusion NW Technologies will utilize the benefits of social media  Save Money You’ll gain a better understanding of your consumers  Gain more recognition  Conduct research effortlessly
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