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Social media for fashion stylists @Digitangle
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Social media for fashion stylists @Digitangle


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* Simple but powerful strategies and tactics …

* Simple but powerful strategies and tactics
* How to increase your following and fan base
* How to leverage free tools that will help build your reputation and business into a successful and profitable place.
* Why Pinterest is such a powerful promotional tool for personal stylists, shoppers and image consultants and how to use it to turn heads and create business
* How to get Twitter-tastic and facebook fabulous - increasing your visibility and attracting new potential clients faster and cheaper than any print advertising ever can
* Why you should be hanging out on Google + and what you should be doing once you're there
* How competitors and related businesses can help you.
* How to create images using free tools that people want to share, that promote your brand & expertise

By Susanna KellyHancock and Katrina Gallagher



Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Media for Shoppers, Stylists & Image Consultants Katrina Gallagher & Susanna Kelly Hancock
  • 2. Download the notes from today’s session. Password: ISAN Notes & Videos
  • 3. Social Media… Why aren’t you doing it?
  • 4. Why should you ‘do’ Social Media?
  • 5. #SocialMedia Users
  • 6. Time spent on Social Media per online hour
  • 7. It’s a must Just look where it’ s going
  • 8. $24mil business 275,000 Facebook fans 35,000 Twitter followers
  • 9. Stock crisis Advertised on Facebook Sold out in 30 seconds
  • 10. ● What will success look like to you? ● How many customers do you want? ● Who are your existing customers? ● What do your potential customers look like? ● Where are they located? ● How will they buy from you? What do you want to achieve?
  • 11. Where do you start?
  • 12. Facebook Page, Fan, Like, Share, Comment, Tag
  • 13.
  • 14. Link to an article on your website or blog. Facebook Tip #1
  • 15. ‘Big up’ related people and companies, and tag them to let them know Facebook Tip #2
  • 16. Ask questions Facebook Tip #3
  • 17. Update followers with exclusive events and offers Facebook Tip #4
  • 18. Twitter #Hashtag, Follower, Retweet (RT), Follow Friday (FF)
  • 19. Share Communicate Participate Schedule
  • 20. Use the search tool to find great people to follow Twitter Tip #1
  • 21. Upgrade to the new layout and add a great header image Twitter Tip #2
  • 22. Create lists to organise your people Twitter Tip #3
  • 23. Use appropriate #hashtags Twitter Tip #4
  • 24. Google+ Authorship, Local Business, Hangouts
  • 25. Google+ More integration
  • 26. What is a Google Hangout?
  • 27. 1. Visit & install the app 2. Create a Google account (or sign in) 3. Invite your contacts to a hangout or join a public hangout Google Hangouts Setup
  • 28. Google+ Hangout Shop-along Asos
  • 29. • Drive sales in real- time. • Personal and memorable experience. • Scalable. • Record for later use.
  • 30. Pinterest Pins, Boards, Follows & Likes
  • 31. Pinterest "You can turn (an item) into the most covetable piece of vintage because you put it on a girl…who’s showing you how to wear it, having an attitude that’s approachable but still sexy, friendly and cool,"
  • 32. Use photos of people wearing the results of your work Reflect your taste, talent & take on fashion & image Pinterest Tip #1
  • 33. Use the ‘Goodies’ from Pinterest http://about.pinterest. com/en-gb/goodies Pinterest Tip #2
  • 34. Help people ‘pin’ content on your website Pinterest Tip #3
  • 35. Time Saving Tips #1 Buffer
  • 36. Time Saving Tips #2 Hootsuite
  • 37. Time Saving Tip #2 Piccollage
  • 38. Piccollage Create collages in seconds - see our video demo
  • 39. Actions ● List your objectives (what will success look like) ● Install Pinterest Goodies ● Search for people to follow on Twitter ● Ask a question on Facebook ● Set up a Google+ Hangout ● Create a Pinterest board ● Install Buffer App on your phone & computer ● Get started!
  • 40. QUESTIONS ANYONE? For more tips & to download this masterclass sign up to my newsletter Thanks for listening!
  • 41. Image Credits: • Owl • Action • YouTube: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Vimeo: • Explosion: • Facebook insights: