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Module11 memories

Module11 memories



Aeg, kell, minevik, omadussõnad.

Aeg, kell, minevik, omadussõnad.



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    Module11 memories Module11 memories Presentation Transcript

    • Memorie s. Module 11.
    • Seasons – months, outdoor activities, favourite month (why?)• Spring months are: • Autumn months are:• March • September• April • October• May • November• Summer months are: • Winter months are:• June • December• July • January• August • February
    • Numbers16 43 71 94 12 3368 34 15 2 100 4853 21 83 13 9 0
    • • How old are you?• How old is your mother?• How old is your father?• How old is your sister?• How old is your brother?• How old is your deskmate?• How old is your pet?• When is your birthday My birhtday is in (July)
    • • First – 1st• Second – 2nd• Third – 3rd• Fourth – 4th• Fifth – 5th• Sixth – 6th• Seventh – 7th• Eighth – 8th• Ninth – 9th• Tenth – 10th
    • Gabriela’s birhtday is on the 6th of October. (Her ....)• Tom/7th May.• Susan/23rd september.• Edward/1st July.• Mary/5th December.• Julie/22nd January.• Ellie/13th April.• Bobby/28th August.• When is your birhtday?
    • happy
    • sad
    • nervous
    • relaxed
    • hot
    • cold
    • asleep
    • awake
    • early
    • late
    • Read and answer!1. What is your name? 7. Does your mother like2. How old are you? reading?3. What is your telephone 8. How often do you go tonumber? the cinema?4. What is your favourite 9. What is your 5th lessoncolour? today?5. Who is your favourite 10. When are your englishpet? classes? Are they your 1st6. When is your birthday? lessons?
    • present - olevikI am am not at school today.He is is not=isn’t at schoolShe today.ItWe are are at schoolYou not=aren’t today.TheyIs she at schoolAre they today? she they
    • Expressions• Last evening/night/year• Yesterday evening/afternoon/morning• Before• After
    • past - minevikI was was at schoolHe not=wasn’t yesterday.SheItWe were were at schoolYou not=weren’t yesterday.theyWas she at schoolWere they yesterday?Wasn’t sheWeren’t they
    • present past be-verb (tegusõna olema)• Am • Was• Is • Was• Are • Were• Am not • Was not• Isn’t • Wasn’t• Aren’t • Weren’t
    • Talk about yesterday. Use was/were or wasnt/werent. • She isn’t late today. • She wasn’t late yesterday. • The bus is late today. • The bus was late yesterday. • I’m at home today. • I was at home yesterday. • My friends are happy today. • My friends were happy yesterday. • The lesson isn’t boring today. • The lesson wasn’t boring yesterday. • It is sunny today. • It was sunny yesterday.
    • Choose the correct form!• Where was/were they yesterday?• Was/Were it cold yesterday?• Was/Were you at the cinema last night?• Who was/were she with in the garden?• Where was/were they last night?• What was/were the party like?
    • Complete the questions with was or were!• __________there a nice girl at the party last night?• __________ there any apples in the shop yesterday?• __________ Peter at home on Tuesday?• __________ the film funny?• __________ the hamburgers expensive?• __________ it cold yesterday?
    • Odd word out!• seven / nine / sixty / first / three• surprised /relaxed / happy / nervous / sad• snowy / hot / any / rainy / sunny• where / when / how / were / who• fifth/seventh/second/twenty-third• June/September/August/July
    • When?08.1112.0529.0201.1103.1219.0302.0226.09
    • Match the phrases!English eesti keelhot luminerainy mälestus, mälusnowy Kus?memory kuumwhere Kuidas? Kui...?how Mis?what vihmaneweather ilm
    • Wh- questions (What? Where? Who? How often?)Present• Are you happy today?• Why are you happy today?• Is it snowy today?• Where is it snowy today? Past • Were you happy yesterday? • Why were you happy yesterday? • Was it snowy yesterday? • Where was it snowy yesterday?
    • 0’clock (=täistund)• 6.00• Six o’clock• 9.00• Nine o’clock• 12.00• Twelve o’clock• 5.00• Five o‘clock• 8.00• Eight o’clock
    • Am – in the morning, at night• 5 am• Five o’clock in the morning• 2 am• Two o’clock at night• 8 am• Eight o’clock in the morning• 11 am• Eleven o’clock in the morning
    • PM – in the afternoon, in the evening• 1 pm• One o’clock in the afternoon• 6 pm• Six o’clock in the evening• 9 pm• Nine o’clock in the evening• 3 pm• Three o’clock in the afternoon
    • Past• 7.05• five past seven• 2.13• thirteen past two• 6.23• twenty-three past six• 11.19• nineteen past eleven
    • Quater past=15 minutes past (veerand)• 7.15• quater past seven• 4.15• quater past four• 9.15• quater past nine• 12.15• quater past twelve• 3.15• quater past three
    • Half past=30 minutes past (pool)• 8.30• Half past eight• 5.30• Half past five• 10.30• Half past ten• 4.30• Half past four• 1.30• Half past one
    • To (... minutit on jäänud järgmise tunnini)• 3.40• Twenty to four• 6.52• Eight to seven• 12.49• Eleven to one• 2.39• Twenty-one to three• 7.59• One to eight
    • Quater to=15 minutes to(kolmveerand, 45 min)• 8.45• Quater to nine• 4.45• Quater to five• 11.45• Quater to twelve• 1.45• Quater to two• 7.45• Quater to eight