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phpbenelux - Microsoft & PHP (Web Platform Installer, Bridges and Azure)
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phpbenelux - Microsoft & PHP (Web Platform Installer, Bridges and Azure)


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Session presented at phpbenelux User Group on 28 October 2009.

Session presented at phpbenelux User Group on 28 October 2009.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Make Web Not War
    Say(Hello); to the Microsoft Web Platform
    We Say(Hello); to you
    Katrien De Graeve
    Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Belgium (Twitter: @katriendg)
    Maarten Balliauw
    Software Engineer, RealDolmen (Twitter: @maartenballiauw)
  • 2. Agenda
    Microsoft and Open Source?
    Open Source Technology Center
    PHP on Windows overview
    Windows Server 2008 + PHP
    Windows Web Platform
    SQL Server Driver for PHP
    Extending support for PHP (aka bridges)
    Head in the clouds
  • 3. Microsoft Open Source Technology Center
  • 4. Microsoft and the PHP Community
  • 5.
  • 6. Combined Effort for PHP Excellence
    First LGPL Open Source project that Microsoft has contributed to
    SQL Server PHP Driver
    This first release of SQL Server Driver for PHP is designed to enable PHP applications to be developed and deployed on SQL Server
    IIS7+ FastCGI
    Improvement the performance of PHP on Windows
    Expression Web 3.0
    Broadens tool focus to support PHP site editing
  • 7. Community Feedback
    Enthusiastic and positive feedback from the users base and in the press
    Increasing support from other core developers
    More has been done in a couple of months than in the last 5 years Rob Richards, PHP Core Developer, LibXml Maintainer
    Applying windows specific changes in PHP code has become substantially easier
    I do not care about windows attitude is going away
    80K downloads of PHP 5.3.0 Alpha via (3 months)
  • 8. Introducing the Microsoft Web Platform
    A powerful set of tools, servers and technologies optimized for building and hosting next generation web applications.
  • 9. Microsoft Web Platform Installer
    Makes it simple for anyone using Windows Server or Client to design, develop, discover, deploy and run web applications.
    Install the latest versions of FREE Microsoft Web Platform tools, web server and extensions, database and frameworks including PHP.
    Stay up-to-date and explore what’s new.
    Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008
  • 10. ..including popular ASP.NETandPHPwebapps from the community.
  • 11. Web Platform Installer
  • 12. PHPSupport in Windows Server 08
    Integrated support with IIS 7.0 and Fast CGI
    CGI and ISAPI was the only supported SAPIs on prior IIS versions
    CGI – Stable but too slow
    ISAPI – Fast but not stable
    FastCGI support added in IIS 5.1, IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0
    Reliable and fast PHP processing
    WinCache IIS extension (New!)
    Increase PHP application performance on Windows by caching PHP bytecode in memory
    Reduce file system I/O overhead by caching the PHP scripts in memory
    Avoid redundant mapping for absolute paths by using relative file path cache
  • 13. THE SQL Server for PHP DRIVER
    The SQL Server Driver for PHP is designed to enable reliable, scalable integration with SQL Server for PHP applications deployed on the Windows platform.
    SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1 includes
    Support for SQL Azure
    Support for PHP version 5.3
    Support for UTF-8
  • 14.
  • 15. PHP Interoperability with Microsoft TechnologiesA bunch of stuff
    PHP Interop Projects
    PHP SDK for Windows Azure Storage
    Toolkit for PHP with ADO.NET Data Services
    IE8 Webslices & Accelerators for PHP
    Silverlight for PHP
    PHP-SQL CRUD Application builder
    Silverlight CRUD Application builder
    Live Maps PHP Toolkit
    Live Messenger Tutorial
  • 16. PHP SQL CRUD Application Wizard
    Logical architecture
    A code generator that creates a simple "Create, Read, Update, Delete“ (CRUD) PHP application from a Microsoft SQL Server database table.
    Code generator build in .NET
    Creates PHP code and classes to support:
    Data Navigation,paging, sorting
    UI customization with simple CSS
    Project site:
    Run time
    Design Time
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Design Time
    Design time
    Windows Azure offers a simple, reliable, and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services
    Scale up and down seamlessly
    Maximize resource utilization
    Leverage your language and skills to build cloud-based applications, including PHP
    ASP.NET Web Application Framework
  • 18. What is ?
    It is an operating system for the cloud
    It is designed for utility computing
    It has four primary features:
    Service management
    Developer experience
  • 19. + FastCGI
    Windows Azure now supports
    The FastCGI module
    PHP enabled via xcopy deploy of PHP runtime binaries
    And, the IIS7 URL rewrite module to enable friendly URL’s with PHP apps
  • 20. Use PHP while realizing the benefits of Windows Azure
    Automated service management
    You define the rules and provide your code
    The platform follows the rules: deploys, monitors, and manages your service
    A powerful service hosting environment
    All of the hardware: servers; load balancers; …
    Scalable, available cloud storage (via REST)
    Blobs, tables, queues, …
    Developer Experience: Simulated cloud environment
    + FastCGI
  • 21. PHP SDK for Windows Azure
    Logical architecture
    Enables PHP developers to take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud Services Platform  – Windows Azure.  
    Open source project being contributed to Zend Framework (
    PHP classes for Windows Azure Blobs, Tables & Queues (for CRUD operations)
    Helper Classes for HTTP transport, AuhN/AuthZ, REST & Error Management
    Manageability, Instrumentation & Logging support
    Project site:
    Your PHP application
    Deployment scenarios
    PHP Runtime
    Any internet connected Server
    PHP Runtime
  • 22. Upcoming demo: ImageCloud architecture
    End Users
    Worker Role
    Computation Services
    Table Storage
    Blob Storage
    Queue Service
    Storage Services
  • 23. PHP on Windows Azure
  • 24. Someannouncements…
    Eclipse “next-generation experience” on Windows 7 project
    Jump lists
    Taskbar integration
    Look and feel for Java apps
    Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP developers
    Includes (PHP SDK)
    Windows Azure SDK for Java developers
    Eclipse tools forSilverlight
  • 25. Let’s Revisit: Why Microsoft?
    Microsoft has a thriving ecosystem of over 6 million active ASP.NET and .NET developers (and building a strong base of PHP developers building on Windows and IIS)
    Open Source developers have expressed the desire to build applications on Windows and distribute them through a Windows Web Application Gallery; we have a community ready
    Offering the most current Windows Web Platform will ensure your ability to meet our customers needs as we drive demand for our platform
    Microsoft has an expansive marketing channel and comprehensive guidance to help you take advantage of the pipeline and meet those customer expectations
  • 26. A Call to Action
    Try out the Web Platform Installer & Gallery!
    Did we mention it’s all FREE?
    Comemeet us at UX@Vitra – 25th November
  • 27. Resources
    SQL Server Driver for PHP
    PHP on Windows Training Kit
    Windows Azure Training Kit
    MSDN Blogs (interoperability)
    Channel 9
    PORT 25
  • 28. THANK YOU!