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  • Tlachtli

    1. 1. History Thachtli is kind of a basketball game The players are the prisoners of war The game is honoring the gods Amapan and Uappatzi the god of the ball court also Huitzilopochtli the god of war The movement of the rubber ball symbolizes the future path of the sun The outcome of the game was very popular and the gambling can reach high levels, just about anything can be gambled (from an ornate feather to a child) It is believed that the losing coach, or even the whole team might have been sacrificed Because it was an honour to be sacrificed, the winning team might have lost there lives
    2. 2. Ball The playing ball was roughly the size of a bowling ball The playing ball was made from rubber Natural rubber is made by a number of plants which grow in warm climates Rubber is able to make other items as well in the ancient world such as boots and raincoats The rubber ball weighs about 4-5 Kgs The ball is so hard the players had to wear padding to protect themselves when hitting the ball, but they still can get severely injured
    3. 3. Court The court was normally I or H shaped There were stone rings at the end of each court The hoops were about 2-3 meters of the ground The court was usually between 30-60 meters The actual hole in the hoop is about 30CM The hoops were often ornately carved in the form of an animal It was mean to mirror the ball court of the heavens And being the ball court of the underworld where the sun passed each night The game also represented the battle between day and night
    4. 4. Ancient Rules The ancient game involved passing the ball from side to side without the ball touching the grounding If the ball touches the ground you lose a point You can only hit the ball with your elbow, hips, buttocks and legs If you hit the ball with the incorrect part of the body you can lose a point for your team The real purpose for the game is to get the ball into the hoop The players are also given kneepads and helmets to protect them from the heavy ball, but this is temporarily because the losers of the game was sacrificed to the gods
    5. 5. Adapted Rules We’ll be using the basketball courts and hoops We’ll be using a dodge ball There be almost no contact You can only touch the ball with your body but not your hands If you drop the ball goes to the opposing team You can shoot the ball whoever you like You can only intercept the ball with your body (when you intercept the ball the ball goes to your team) The teams can be mixed gender teams You can’t run with the ball You can’t kick the ball Teams between 12-15
    6. 6. The End By: Sonny, Chris and Ethan