Social Media Breakfast Austin - Predictions for 2014: Internet of Things


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Presentation at January 2014 Social Media Breakfast Austin Panel on Predictions for 2014. My predictions on the growth of the Internet of Things.

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  • Gartner Says the Internet of Things Installed Base Will Grow to 26 Billion Units By 2020
  • Social Media Breakfast Austin - Predictions for 2014: Internet of Things

    1. 1. Social Media Breakfast Austin 2014 Predictions: Internet of Things #SMBAustin #IoT Kat Mandelstein: PwC Advisory & Social Media Club Global BOD, Twitter: @katmandelstein,,
    2. 2. PwC Internet of Things Defined "The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the revolution already under way that is seeing a growing number of internet enabled devices that can network and communicate with people, each other and with other web-enabled gadgets. IoT refers to a state where Things (e.g. objects, environments, vehicles and clothing) will have more and more information associated with them and may have the ability to sense, communicate, network and produce new information, becoming an integral part of the Internet.” - Technology Strategy Board - IoT Special Interest Group Source: Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine Communications (M2M)Challenges and opportunities: Final paper May 2013 2
    3. 3. PwC How does Internet of Things Impact Your Life? Personal 3 Home Business Society  Quantified Self  Medical  Tracking  Automation  Security  Appliances  Operations  Production  Distribution  Natural Disaster  Transportation  Defense
    4. 4. PwC How does Social Media Play in Internet of Things?  Communities around “Things”  Social Shares tied to “Things”  Navigating social media via “Things”  Interactions with “Things” via social tools  For Marketers: Deeper Social Analytics from “Things” 4
    5. 5. PwC Communities Around “Things” Source: The Nest Community: 5
    6. 6. PwC Twitter • Nike+ Fuelband also comes out on top with fanbase 4x competitors. • FitBit has the highest engagement with hashtag usage. Social shares tied to “Things” Facebook • Nike+ Fuelband is the dominant brand on Facebook with the largest fan base. • Yet in terms of engagement, Basis beat out the other brands. Source: Unmetric Fitness Bands Social Shape Up Report October 2013 6 YouTube • Jawbone Up Band leads on both social interaction and pure entertainment.
    7. 7. PwC Navigating Social Media via “Things” Google Glass Whirlpool Cooktop #CES2014 You can Facebook directly from Cooktop and pull up recipes from recipe social apps. 7 Allows user to share video and photos as you see them in real time navigate and read social network posts.
    8. 8. PwC Interactions with “Things” Tweeter Feeder Posts twitpics of birds eating triggered by motion sensor to enjoy birdwatching. SmartThings Home automation that can be tied to mobile or social media notifications with IFTTT. Example: Change the color of your Philips hue lights when you get a new Facebook Messenger Message. 8 Mattel Puppy Tweets Tag is attached to your dog’s collar, motion activity is sensed by the tag and triggers one of 500 humorous Tweets to Twitter account.
    9. 9. PwC Deeper Social Analytics from “Things” 9 Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock by Heapsylon HAPIfork Smart Fork June by Netatmo Sun-exposure bracelet measures sun intensity in real time and monitor your total daily sun exposure.
    10. 10. PwC The Socioeconomic Impact of the ‘Connected Life’ Over the Next Five Years 10 Source: Research conducted by PwC for the GSMA 2013 Download Report:
    11. 11. PwC PwC Technology Forecast on IoT Internet of Things: Evolving transactions into relationships Download Journal: 11