IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Day 1 Keynote: Tom Hawk


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IBM Rational Software Conference 2009
Orlando, FL May 31-June 4
General Session
Day 1 Keynote
Tom Hawk

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IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Day 1 Keynote: Tom Hawk

  1. 1. Tom Hawk IBM General Manager Global Industrial Sector
  2. 2. Innovation Today How software helps companies embrace change, deliver smarter products and drive profit
  3. 3. For industrial companies, reducing costs is a top priority, but innovation and efficient operations remain critical. Top Priority Realize Accelerate Reduce Efficient Innovation Costs Operations
  4. 4. Innovation is about taking deep insight to create new value – for business and society. Innovation resides at the intersection of invention and insight, leading to the creation of social and economic value. National Innovation Initiative
  5. 5. We are on the verge of a new wave of innovation... IT Smarter Innovation and Oil, Cars Telecom Products and Mass Steel, Electricity Production Instrumented, and Heavy interconnected, Steam Engineering and intelligent And The Railways Building blocks Industrial for a smarter planet Revolution 1770 1830 1875 1920 1970 2010
  6. 6. …where embedded software becomes even more crucial for product innovation and differentiation. Electronics Automotive Aerospace and Defense Apple’s iPhone is completely 90% of innovation is based F-22 Raptor (2003) contains instrumented, with GPS positioning on electric and electronic systems 1.7 million lines of code software that helps the device 80% of this innovation F-35 Lightning II will have know where you are is based on embedded software 5.7 million lines of code Key benefits Create new opportunities Enhance customer loyalty Increase revenue / profit Faster time-to-market
  7. 7. Industrial products are getting smarter and more complex every year. smarter medical equipment smarter smarter electronic automobiles devices smarter smarter trains aircraft smarter energy
  8. 8. For example, automotive companies are leveraging software to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions... What’s smart? Innovative hydraulic hybrid technology for urban delivery trucks Smart software to optimize energy usage and reduce greenhouse gases Smarter business outcomes 60-70% increase in fuel economy (per EPA) Software tools are needed to: Model and optimize system performance 40% reduction in CO2 emissions Automatically generate in-vehicle software code
  9. 9. … and are interconnecting products through advanced technologies and solutions. What’s smart? Smart end-to-end system optimizing vehicle usage and routing Innovative technology for advanced telematic solutions Smarter business outcomes 5-10% reduction in fuel consumption Software tools are needed to: due to optimized vehicle management Improve collaboration in the product portfolio planning process 10% reduction in telecommunications Automate release planning balancing costs due to increased automation cost, risk and reward
  10. 10. These smarter products will play a major role for enabling tomorrow’s ecosystems, such as for smarter transportation. Government Enterprises Authorities INSTRUMENTED Transportation Consumers Geographies System INTERCONNECTED Smarter Energy & Utilities Products Communities INTELLIGENT
  11. 11. IBM continues to invest in industry assets and frameworks to help develop and deploy smarter products. Industry Solutions IBM Industrial Sector Composite Business Services ISV Services Industry Frameworks Process Models Data Models PDIF Product Development Industry Frameworks Integration Framework Open, Industry Standards MIF Manufacturing Business Business Integration Framework Integration Optimization IT Operations IIF Integrated Information SOA Foundation Framework
  12. 12. ...with a core foundation of software delivery offerings that enable smarter products. Rational DOORS The Rational Software Platform for Systems Rational Rhapsody Rational Focal Point Rational System Architect Rational Team Webtop Rational Team Concert Rational Synergy / Change Rational CC / CQ Rational Quality Manager Rational Build Forge Rational Harmony Rational MCIF for Systems +
  13. 13. We’ve only just begun to uncover what is possible on a smarter planet. The world will continue to become smaller, flatter, and smarter. We are moving into the age of the globally integrated and intelligent economy, society, and planet. Let’s Work Together to Drive REAL World Progress