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This Media plan was done for my Media & Connections Planning class. This semester long project took a lot of research when deciding on what media to use and how to execute them.
MediaMark MRI, LexisNexis, Standard Rate & Data Services and other databases became my close friends throughout the semester. You could say we had a love/hate relationships.

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Nissan Media Plan

  1. 1. CORNER ROOM COMMUNICATIONS Katie Kelley, Ashley Maher, John Bealka, Mariah Gruenke
  2. 2. Executive SummaryOur fully integrated marketing campaign will build awareness and favorability among African Americans, Hispanic, and Chinesemillennial consumers. With a focus on Nissan’s Innovation for All, the campaign will tie into their cultural roots and the uniqueness of each millenial’s own cultural background. The key to multicultural millenials is passion and excitement
  3. 3. Where is Nissan Now? Nissan ranks 3rd in MC market share with 25% of Sales from multicultural buyers Shift The Way You Move Nissan believes that cars should change the world and the way we move through it Innovation For All Nissan is committed to diversity because it strengthens and better prepares the company to create quality products
  4. 4. Nissan’s “Innovation for All” Campaign An opportunity exists for Nissan to gain brand awareness and lasting favorability among multi-cultural millennials, specifically Hispanics, AfricanAmericans and Asians. Nissan will use traditional media, social media, out-of-home tactics, and promotional sponsorships to create buzz and to reach them in a familiar environment.
  5. 5. Advertising Objectives Increase market share among multicultural millennial market from 13.10% to 20% by end of campaign Increase brand awareness among multicultural millennials 18-29 by 30% Increase loyalty to Nissan brand among multicultural millennials 18- 29 by 10% Increase product image among multicultural millenials
  6. 6. Marketing Objectives Gain attention of multicultural millenials by using ads that have a sense of cultural acknowledgement Persuade multicultural millenials that Nissan offers the performance, quality, and style they are looking for when choosing a vehicle Remind multicultural millenials of Nissans high-tech yet unique cars that allow them to be their own person Reach 50% of multicultural millennials 18-29 through traditional media and lifestyle/event promotions & online experience
  7. 7. Meet Joyce Who am I? •A single, college-educated mother •Located in Georgia, Texas, and Florida •House-hold income $66,000 •Twice as likely to trust Black media than mainstream media •TV is my media vehicle of choiceWhat do I want?•A functional car that allows me to live the life I want through interestingexperiences made available by my car.
  8. 8. Meet Chao Who am I? •Chinese, male, married man with no kids •College educated, secure job making an average of $75,000 •Living in CA- passionate about my career and education •Self assured and confidentWhat do I want?•A car with great technology that thrills and excites me while staying connected to myChinese roots.
  9. 9. Meet Roberto Who am I? • Hispanic male graduated from college • 50% of buyers married with children • House-hold income: $68,000 • Living in California and TexasWhat Do I Want? • Prefers TV and Radio•A family car to help me achieve my goals in life because tomorrowis uncertain.
  10. 10. Where is Chao consuming his media?
  11. 11. Where is Joyce consuming her media?
  12. 12. Where is Roberto consuming his media?
  13. 13. Geographic Map
  14. 14. Geographic Map Why California, Texas, New York and Florida?• African Americans are migrating to the southern states for better schools and affordable housing.• Hispanics are the largest ethnic group in the country, with the highest concentration in Texas and California.• California has the highest Chinese population, followed by New York and New Jersey.
  15. 15. Competitive Strategy Create a simple message stressing innovation, environmental consciousness and personalization for all while relating to the multicultural’s roots. Use brand attributes of performance, durability, and style while reaching the heart of the multicultural by relating to their background in a way that embraces their passion and adventurous lifestyle.
  16. 16. Distinct Car Purchasing Times Holiday season, as new models are coming out  Late spring, early summer- right before summer trips and adventures
  17. 17. Integrated Media Mix TV Online Radio Outdoor Magazine Promotions
  18. 18. Cable TV Sports and Lifestyle channels allow us to reach Chao, Joyce and Roberto. A national television campaign will provide blanket coverage in all of the major cities. 30 second spots highlighting innovation while staying true to your roots Oprah Network and ESPN will have a continuous schedule. Telemundo and Estrella TV will be alternating so there is always a Hispanic presence. The other stations will be present during prime car buying times- during the holidays and summer.
  19. 19. RadioThe most popular multicultural radio stations are in major cities where millenials live and work.Will air during times corresponding to work commutes.California: KLOK 1170 AM KHHT 92.3 FM Hot 92 JamsTexas: Tejano 107.5 FM Tu Musica 104.9 FMFlorida: WTMP 1150 AM Jamz WSRF 1580 AM Caribbean News TalkNew York: WBLK 93.7 FM R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Reggae WQBU 92.7 Spanish Mexican Radio
  20. 20. Magazines Full page color ads in specialty magazines allow us to reach the multicultural millenials 6 national multicultural magazines: Essence, Ser Padre, Black Woman, People Espanol, Yolk, Asian Week Tie directly into their cultural roots while increasing brand awareness and a positive brand image
  21. 21. Online Ads Internet is the most well-rounded medium for multicultural millenials Eye-catching banner ads on heavily traveled websites ,,,,,,, Social media is utilized to support and seek out brands they like ,,
  22. 22. Outdoor Multicultural millenials are concentrated in prime cities in CA, NY, FL, TX Billboards, bus signs and mall floor ads Ads will run during important car buying seasons such as holidays and summer
  23. 23. Promotions “Ultimate Adventure Road Trip”  Summer promotion  Increases brand awareness for summer purchasing period  By registering on the Nissan Website or checking in at various landmarks throughout the United States, you will be entered to win the “Ultimate Adventure Road Trip”  Leverage social media sites to promote the event  Multicultural millenials utilize social media sites to influence others purchases
  24. 24. Promotions “Ultimate Adventure Road Trip”  10 all-expenses-paid “Ultimate Adventure Road Trips” will be given  Fully-loaded Pathfinders  $20,000 per car x 10 = $200,000  People can use social media to help design the “Ultimate Adventure Road Trip” by tweeting or posting on Facebook their destination ideas
  25. 25. Promotions Summer Olympic Games Sponsorship  Various ad and PR opportunities surrounding the sponsorship  Directly tie with Nissan’s Innovation for Endurance campaign  Olympics are a worldwide event that encourage multicultural groups to stay true to their roots while relating to the passion they share for life
  26. 26. Promotions Summer Olympic Games Sponsorship  Focusing on specific sports: Soccer, Basketball, and Gymnastics  Opening ceremony  Commercials  Jersey sponsorship  Venue signage  Medal ceremony  “Nissan Sports Wrap-up”
  27. 27. Reach Radio= 1.5 million per station per week x 8 stations = 12,000,000/week TV= 800,000 per station per week x 7 stations = 5,600,000/week Outdoor = (bus) 200,000 x 50 buses x 4 cities= 40,000,000/week  (billboard) 150,000 x 10 signs x 4 cities= 6,000,000/week  (mall) 5,000 x 4 signs x 4 cities = 80,000/week Magazine = 500,000 readers per magazine x 6 = 3,000,000/week Online= 182,000 x 11 sites = 2,000,000/week Promotions= projected to watch Olympics in US = 50,000,000/week = 118,680,000 impressions per week
  28. 28. Final Numbers Final budget: $98,727,000 Reached 1,424,160,000 impressions per year