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50 ways to use DE Streaming
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50 ways to use DE Streaming


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. 50 Ways to UseDiscovery Education streaming Kati Searcy
  • 2.
  • 3. SEARCH BY KEYWORD All Content All Grades 422 Results for “sharks”
  • 4. 23Options toNarrowIt Down
  • 5. Search by Curriculum Standard
  • 6. s as one of the most original filmmakers in history. Known primarily for silent movies featuring the sympathetic "Little Tramp" character, Chaplin used humor and pathos to charm audiences and to comme •March 4, 1975: Actor Charlie Chaplin knighted at Buckingham Palace Full Video – Supporting Resource Select full video / click on film icon / save
  • 7. Video Segment –Multimedia Presentation
  • 8. Embed clips in PowerPointpresentations to make your lessons come alive. The Bite Strength of Sharks. Prod. Discovery Education. Discovery Education, 1998. Discovery Education. Web. 4 March 2012. <>.
  • 9. Here are the steps1. Download that image and place it into PowerPoint (tool bar, Insert>Picture>From File…) into slide # 12. Now you have that you have your main picture. Insert a Text Box and call it _____3. Copy slide #1 and paste into PPT as slide #24. Remove text box5. Embed movie (tool bar, Insert>Movies and Sounds>Movie from File)
  • 10. Here are the steps1. Choose Automatically and the video will play once you arrive at that slide2. To go back to slide # 1, insert a return button3. To insert a return button, click on the down arrow next to the word AutoShape (lower left-hand corner of screen)4. Choose Action Buttons and then Home5. Draw a home in on your slide and tell it to go to the beginning slide
  • 11. Here are the steps1. We also hyperlinked to a video2. To Hyperlink highlight text or image on your slide3. Then go back to the toolbar and choose Insert>Hyperlink> and then…4. A. Choose a file on your computer (video, image, etc) B. Choose a place inside your document (another slide)
  • 12. JournalingUse Writing Prompts and the Image Library to ignite students’ imaginations.
  • 13. Writing Prompts
  • 14. Writing Prompts
  • 15. Here are the steps1. Log into Discovery Education streaming ( Search for an image(s) by keyword – You have your choice of 20,800! Cells3. Select an image
  • 16. Image Library 01,00 es imag ds ir of b
  • 17. Speech +
  • 18. Reading SupportUse the closed-captioning feature toassist struggling readers.Let them read along as the narrationand captioning provide valuablevisual-audio connections.
  • 19. Close-Captioning
  • 20. Downloading a Closed Captioned Movie• First right-click on the blue download icon, choose “Save Target As” and then place it in a folder on your computer• Then repeat the process, this time right-clicking on the “CC” icon• Adjust the CC settings within your Windows Media Player – CC settings
  • 21. Closed-Captioning Extension• You can download the closed- captioning file and change the text (larger font, different color text).• Students can write a new description to replace the movie’s script. Then play the movie silently, reading their words.
  • 22. ClosedCaptioning TrickFont Size – Open the CC file in a text editing program like Wordpad or Notepad – Locate the line of code that indicates “font size” – Increase the font size from 10 to 30 (or whatever you prefer) – Save the CC file
  • 23. CC 30 pt10 pt
  • 24. Three Sources for MP3sAudioHistoricspeeches,readings,classical music Song Thematic educational songs Sound Effect Doors shutting, dogs barking, etc.
  • 25. DE streaming Audio - Song DE Streaming has close to 466 elementary school songs on the site. To find them click inside the search box, choose songs within the Media box, and click on the “Search” buttonDownload and savethe song onto yourPC and insert it intoyour PowerPointThen add in DE streamingImages or create your ownand add! Want to see an example?
  • 26. Photo Projects•• Animoto• Photo Story• Voice Thread
  • 27. Match up DE streamingPhotos with +
  • 28. Discovery Education Builders• Writing Prompt Builder• Quiz Builder• Assignment Builder
  • 29. Writing Prompt Builder
  • 30. My Builder Tools
  • 31. Quiz Builder
  • 32. Assignment Builder
  • 33. Teacher Center
  • 34. Let’s check out the Calendar
  • 35. Discovery Atlas
  • 36. Professional Development
  • 37. DEN
  • 38. Thank you! Kati Searcy,