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  • 1. Marketing and PR Presentation
  • 2. Objectives What are the objectives for this project? Our objectives are too raise awareness and recognition of Bloody River to a new fan base and to also maintain their cult following with old fans. Who do you want to target? The target audience for this new album is to target the old fans however to also reach out to new fans who will be interested. These fans will be younger such as 20-30 years old. The fans will be interested in punk rock music and share an interest of Emo punk style. How many records do you want to sell? The target sales to sell from this album just in the UK is 200,000. Hoping to take interest from old fans and new fans, the target of the sales is a high number. What would make this a successful exercise? To sell the target amount of albums (200,000) within the UK and possibly increase sales worldwide. To reach a number one. Raise awareness enough of the band so a world tour would be possible. 2
  • 3. Band Profile Name: Bloody River Age: 34-36 Previous releases: It just happened, Blood Bullet, Drop dead. How death works in their new single. Genre: Punk, Rock, Screamo Style: Emo Contemporaries: Alesana, Blessthefall, Escape the Fate, A Day To Remember, Bullet for my Valentine. 3
  • 4. Think SMART Specific: Is there a clear aim? The aim of this project is too achieve desired target of reaching target sales within a year, also to gain interest from a new younger audience and take attention of the old fans. To reach sales enough so that it will be possible to carry out a tour, worldwide. Measureable: How will you measure the effect? By keeping track of how many sales have been sold within 1 year this will determine whether the process has been successful or not. Achievable: Is it something that you can do? We will be able to achieve this aim by carrying out appropriate advertising and promotional work to make sure that our audience is aware of the band and the new album. Realistic: Is this something that would actually happen? This project is something that is possible as long as that hard work is put in to raise awareness. Research has also been carried out of current contemporaries and their target sales. By identifying the amount of sales they have made this gives the impression that this is achievable and possible. Time-related: Are there timescales for your project? Our timescale for our project is one year. Throughout this year we will be able to manage the sales and advertising work so that we are certain we will reach our target. 4
  • 5. Audience Who is the audience for this band? The audience for this band is a mix of an older audience as well as younger audience. The age ranges from 20-40 years of age. Our target audience will be interested in the Punk Rock culture and will also be interested in listening to this type of music. What age are they? The current fans of the band are middle aged people such as 30-40. however from this album the band is hoping to open up the audience to a larger range including younger people. Such as 20-30 years of age. What do they look like? The audience of this brand is people who are interested in the punk rock sub- culture. They will be interested in Emo fashion such as wearing silver studs on accessories, leather garments, thick black clothes and also colourful dyed hair with colours such as bright red, pink, blue, purple. Why do they like this band? They will be interested in the band because of the type of music which is produced. The music which is produced will be quite depressing however meaningful lyrics which is why they will be interested in this type of music. The beat, rhythm, tune and sound of the music will also be a factor of the music which is enjoyed by the punk, rock, sub- culture. Who else do they like? Our target audience will also be interested in other music bands with similar music some of these bands will include Alesana, Blessthefall, Escape the Fate, A Day To Remember and Bullet for my Valentine. These bands have similar meaningful lyrics as well as sound of the music which will take an interest from the audience. 5
  • 6. Media What media will you use and why? Throughout this project to increase awareness of the brand the different types of media which we will use is social media such as face book and twitter this will be used as a way to gain more interest from the younger fans, another type of media which we will use will be newspapers and magazines this is aimed at the older audience as they will use this media more often rather than the social websites. We will also use radio stations as a way to gain interest from a range of different people from older to younger. What magazines might they get in to? The magazines which will feature the album within the magazine will be music magazines which specify within rock and punk music. An example of the magazine names includes NME, KERRANG and classic rock magazine. All these magazines are appropriate for the album as they include the same subjects and the same genre of music. What TV channels would they be on? The TV channels which the band would appear on would include the genre of music as being rock/punk music. A lot of music channels may feature these type of music channels as they focus within this genre. An example of these TV channels will include Kerrang, Scuzz as these are the most popular TV programme which will include this type of music. Which radio stations would play their music? The radio is a huge part of the media by playing the band on the radio this will increase sales and recognition of the band. An example of a radio station which will play the bands music would be Kerrang Radio and also Radio Rock. Who would they give interviews to? Carrying out interviews is a good way to share opinions and ideas from the band to the fans and the public. Interviews may be carried out with presenters of radio stations who have a similar audience, another example would be TV interviews on the channels who also have the similar audience. Which forms of social media would you use? Social media is a technique which could be used to focus on a younger audience as they will use social media more than the elder audience. Different social media could be used for different reasons. Examples of social media which may be used include facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube. How would you use social media? Social media can be used in different ways to communicate and interact with the audience. For example facebook would be used to discuss the latest news with the band, twitter would be used to tell the fans what the band is getting up too, YouTube would be used to broadcast new songs, discussions and interviews with the band and instagram could be used to show the audience pictures from 6 the band.
  • 7. Merchandise What merchandise would you use to promote this band? Merchandise is a good technique used to promote the band by using products with the bands name and logo on which will gain interest from the audience. Merchandise can include any different products however the merchandise which I would use to promote the band could include.. •T-shirts •Leaflets •Magazine posters •Website advert •Wristbands •Jumpers •Hats •Guitar picks •Phone cases •DVD Tour •Lighters This range of merchandise is suitable for my target audience as I think that they will buy this merchandise because it may be useful however it is not suitable for other audiences as the merchandise is not appropriate for them. 7
  • 8. Manage the message What is the message you want to communicate about this band? The main message which I want to communicate to the audience about the band is that they are making a brand new come back with a target to reach a wider audience. By making a comeback with a brand new album with new songs this is hoping to create an interest from the current fans as well as the new fans. By communicating this message across to the audience this will hopefully increase the interest of the band by pleasing the older, original fans and also creating an interest from a newer generation as both audiences will enjoy the band. What is the main selling point of the band and the album? The main selling point of the band and the album is that the band have created a new comeback album which will amaze everyone who has a slight interest in the punk rock sub culture and music. The main selling point of the band is that they have created brand new songs and new music to share with the audience on a brand new album which is able to be purchase. which will interest the old fans as well as taking interest of new ones. Although that the type of music may be similar to other similar bands. The songs and lyrics is very new, different and refreshed which will be enjoyed by a wide range of the public. A quote from the editor of Kerrang Magazine says that ‘Bloody River is back and better than ever. With brand new songs, music and lyrics the band is refreshed and back with a bang, to amaze a brand new audience’ 8
  • 9. Hyperbole What are the words you will use? What words will help you sell and will appeal to your audience? As the target audience which I am aiming the band at will be looking for a summary of the album but in a few words I have decided to come up with a range of different examples of a hyperbole these include.. - The greatest punk rock band in years. - The gods of punk rock. - Award winning music. - The greatest band. - Record breaking album. - Bloody great. - The best thing ever. -The greatest come back in the world. -Only band worth listening too. 9
  • 10. Events What events would you put on as part of the promotion of this band and album? To promote the band I think that the events held would be a good way of getting awareness across and interest new audience. I think that the events which would be suitable for the band and the audience would include meet and greets with fans, album signings with fans and interviews within the media such as TV, Radio and Magazines. I have decided that these events are appropriate for the band and also the audience as they will gain interest and attention and I think that using these events of promotion would have a positive effect and eventually increase the sales which will eventually lead to the band being more popular. Would they play small secret gigs? I don’t think that the band Bloody River would play to small crowds and small gigs because I think that they are a band who are more likely to play on big tours and arenas however I think that sometimes if they got the opportunity bloody river would do a smaller gig for the smaller group of fans. Would they appear for a signing in a flagship record store? I don’t think that the band would do a signing in a record shop because of the type of music that they are focused on. Unless that it was a special occasion such as an anniversary I don’t think that doing a signing in a record shop would gain much interest from the audience. Would they play on TV chat shows? I think that the band bloody river would play on TV chat shows depending who the audience of the chat show was. For example if the audience for the chat show was a wide range of people I think that the band would play on here as it would gain interest and may grab attention of potential fans. I think that for other TV chat shows such as celebrity gossip and pop music I don’t think that they would play on these shows as the audience would not be interested and the band would not gain anything from this. Would they go on a huge arena tour? I think that the band would go on a big arena tour playing their old songs as well as their new songs. By carrying out a tour it will gain interest from the old audience as well as the new fans which will allow them to share there interest in the band. The type of music which is played will be suitable for an arena tour and I think that the fans all over the world will be interested in getting tickets for the tour. What other events and happenings could you create to raise the public profile of the band? I think that a suitable event for Bloody River to play would be a festival. The type of music is suitable and the target audience for the band would also be interested in going to a festival to see them play. I think that this event would be a great opportunity to bring new fans together and enjoy the music of bloody river.
  • 11. Internal motivation What is the motivation behind this project? The motivation behind this project is that I think it is a perfect time for the band to make a comeback, although the band haven't split up they haven't made much progress and they haven't released any songs for a few years as the band have been getting along with different things during this time. As the band have been writing music to release in the future I think that it is a right time to create a new album to allow the old fans to listen to. As well as creating a new fan base with younger fans. By targeting this audience it brings more motivation as the band is hoping to gain more interest from a range of different people which will increase sales. By gaining attention from different people this will allow people to be more familiar with the band. I also think that the motivation behind this project is that there is potential to do a tour. If enough sales are made then the band will be taking part in a world wide tour to see the fans. Why is it an important project for you? This project is important as I think that it will create a craze of the band Bloody River which could result in a positive outcome. By creating an interest from the old fans and a new audience I think that this will increase sales and lead to a world tour. By creating a new album it is a chance for the band to target new fans which will hopefully lead to an interest from a wide range of people. By having a wider range of people who are interested this will create interest from the media and which will lead to events being held. This will mean that more work is available and may lead onto greater things for the Marketing & PR company. Why is it an important project for the band? This is an important project for the band as they are making a comeback so it is important that the music that they write is going to be enjoyed by old fans as well as new fans. It is also important that this project has a positive outcome so that the band become more successful and go on to new things such as doing a world tour. 11 This project is important as they want to raise as much awareness as possible to the new fans.
  • 12. Motivation of media Why would the media be interested in this project? I think that the media would be interested in this project because I think that’s what the public are going to be talking about as the band is hoping to start a craze and interest a wide audience I think the media would be interested in this as the album is going to be very popular with the audience. Another reason why I think that the media would be interested in this is because the band have already released an album however they are doing a comeback with hope to do a tour in the next year this will create an interest from the media as they will be interested in finding out exclusive information about the upcoming tour. I also think the media would be interested in finding out what the outcome of the come back is. As the main aim of the project is to target a newer younger audience this could have a positive outcome and it could also be quite risky. Which parts of the media or media products (be specific) would be interested in the project? I think that the parts of the media what would be interested in this project would be music magazines such as Kerrang and NME. This is because they will be interested in having an exclusive interview with the band which would gain interest from the audience of the magazine. Another media type which would be interested would be TV shows such as Kerrang music, Scuzz and MTV. This is an opportunity to interview the band on TV and also allow the band to perform a song, or play one of their music videos. By doing this the audience of the music channels could become fans of the band and it would also bring an increase to the number of viewers of the programme. I think that a radio station may also be interested in this project as they may be interested in the opportunity to interview the band. Radio stations such as Kerrang radio and radio rock would be examples of the radio stations who would be interested in broadcasting an interview 12 with the band about their new comeback.