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Task 1

  1. 1. Research of Existing Products Task 1 Katie Torpey
  2. 2. How to Guide This How to guide is a guide on how to make different food recipes. I assessed this product and found out how they present the information in specific ways. The main layout of this instruction guide is clear, and set out in a way which can be understood as different techniques have been used such as illustration and typography. The images on this recipe book are a mix of photographs and illustrations. The image of the final dish is a photograph which has been taken, which shows how the final product will look after it has been made. By including a good quality photograph of the product it could interest the audience to make it as it looks appetising. There is also illustrations of the process. The recipe page is split into 12 different sections, on each of these sections there are illustrations and a description showing and explaining how to undertake each step. By showing how to do the step in images, as well as text it makes the recipe much more easier to make and it communicates to the audience a way of doing it and what it should look like. Using this method will appeal for beginner learners as the simple instruction and illustrations are easy to understand. All the images and illustrations on this recipe include bright colours and illustrations which link into the theme. The theme of this recipe is red and orange. Most of the images featured include a red or orange colour and by using this technique it will make the how to guide seem much more interesting and fun to look at rather than being plain and boring. Another technique which this recipe book used was a combination of typography and photography together. For example the image on the left shows a mix of typography and a photograph together. This section of the page shows a tip of what pasta to use for the recipe. The typography is in italics which represents that it is different to the main body of text, using a different font represents that it is not an instruction. The image also shows what the text means by showing different types of pasta to use in the recipe for best results. The steps to this recipe are very simple and are split into 12 different sections. An example on the left includes a step of the process, this step is very small and it shows clarity and conciseness by using simple, straightforward, and understanding language. The sentences are very short and only essential text has been used to cut down the amount of text. As well as using clarity and conciseness the text also avoids ambiguity. The language and information used is straight to the point and there is no uncertainty about the information given as it is all accurate. As well as including an accurate process the ingredients for the recipe are very specific and accurate. Above the recipe it states that the portion serves 4 people if using the measurements and ingredients which are stated. Next to the ingredients also have the approximate measurements for each ingredients. It is important that the recipe has a clear communication to the audience by using accuracy and clarity throughout so that the recipe turns out successful and also so that the audience can understand how to create the recipe.
  3. 3. Instruction manual This is a instruction manual which is designed for people who have purchased this specific bicycle computer. On this instruction manual it states a explanation of the bike computer and a thank you for purchasing it, how to fix it and it also states what the functions are on it and how to adjust them. The instruction manual is split into 3 different sections each section has a title and it also includes images and step by step instructions. I think that the overall layout of this instruction manual is very easy to understand. I think it is based for a wide audience between 14-40 years old because the page doesn't’t look too complicated and it is very straight forward. The whole instruction manual is printed in black and white. The reason for this is because it is much clearer and straight forward rather than having lots of colour which could distract attention. I think that this instruction manual is set in a layout which is very suitable for the audience. The typography which is featured on this instruction is split into different sections. The main body is a list of instruction steps on how to successfully set up and attach the bike computer to the bike. The steps are only a few sentences long and are clearly split up into 5 different steps. This shows conciseness through the text as it split into 5 small steps. The typography also includes clarity as the sentences are very clear to understand I think that this instruction manual has been created to be clear to understand as it will be suitable for a wide range of people at different ages, as there isn't a specific type of audience who enjoy bike riding it is suitable for a young audience as well as a older one. Another aspect in which I noticed in this instruction manual is that it doesn’t include ambiguity as it is straight to the point and it is given in a instructed language of telling someone how to do something. I also think that the register of this product is very formal and the words used are kept to a minimum. The instructions given are straight forward guidelines of the product I think this is because they do not want people to get confused however they must present the product in a professional way with a language that is understood by the audience. The font style of this product is very bold and clear. The instruction manual presents a clear sans serif font which is not too fancy, too big or too small. This is because the information given is there to help the audience so a font which can be easily read by the audience is needed. I think that this instruction manual is very suitable for the audience because as well of having clear instructions there is also images that work with the instructions. The images include a parts list, a step by step illustration of what to do and also a picture of the computer bike. The instructions have a number on them and the picture also has a number which matches up to the instructions. I think that using this technique is very helpful as it is much more easy to follow. The images included on the design are basic however they clear to understand. By including images on this instruction manual the instructions will make much more sense as the images will be able to explain what to do on each step.
  4. 4. Information Leaflet This leaflet has a range of different features that make it appealing and interesting to its audience. I decided to analyse this homeless charity leaflet to see how they present their information through images, typography, layout and colours of the leaflet. One of the main factors of this leaflet are the colours which have been used on this design. When this leaflet is first seen one of the main aspects which can be seen is the green colour, which has been purposely been used a lot as it is a welcoming, calm and friendly colour instead of using a dark, depressing colour they have used green colour which presents a positive approach. As well as using a positive colour on the leaflet it has been set out in a clear layout where there is text as well as images. To the left is a section of information which is included on the leaflet. This section of information includes a sub title which is a summary of what the charity does. The smaller font of text includes a more detailed explanation including who the charity is aimed at, what they do, how they do it and where the charity is based. The font used for this section is large and also a smaller font. The subtitle is in bold which stands out and catches attention however the main body of text is a normal font and the size is around size 14. By having a a bold title and a bold subtitle this is a way of gaining attention from readers. SASH have communicated through the language of the text. There is accuracy and clarity across the leaflet as the language used is precise and clear such as the subtitle which states ‘we prevent vulnerable young people from being homeless’. Having this sentence in bold on the leaflet sums up the charity. On this side of the leaflet there is two images which include previous hosts and volunteers. On the images there are people smiling and representing positivity. By including positive images and people smiling on the leaflet this encourages readers that the charity is a successful and that everything works out however sometimes there could be issues for homeless teenagers staying with hosts. In this leaflet the charity presents the positive side of the charity. In some ways this leaflet can be seen as bias as it is only showing a positive side to the charity. If a negative side was presented then this would make less people interested in the charity so that is why it is a one sided view. On the left side there is also a example of referencing sources this source is a couple who have taken part in the night stop process they have stated how great the experience has been. By including a reference from a source this backs up the information given as it provides evidence that providing shelter for homeless people was a positive and good experience, this could persuade other people to join the charity.
  5. 5. Information Poster/Leaflet This is a article taken from a vegetarian information booklet. The booklet is aimed at people who are considering becoming a vegetarian. The article highlights many different subjects on why vegetarians are more healthy than non vegetarians which can be seen as biased. The overall layout of this article is clear and easy to understand. The article includes text information, facts and also a colourful image. The article is very bright and colourful which grabs attention. The font of the title is very large and the font is clear and stands out however it isn't bold it is just a larger size. The colour of the title is blue which is a very calming colour, another colour which appear on the article include green which is the colour which represents vegetarianism. I think that the style of the font is very suitable for the article and for the audience as the style is sans serif and is very clear to read. The small arrow at the bottom of the page is the same colour as the title which presents that the theme is carried throughout the leaflet. When reading the title it will interest readers to continue to read on as it is a rhetorical question which states ‘Are vegetarians healthy?’ Throughout the article the information given is enough information for people to decide the answer for that question. The information includes many examples of benefits of becoming a vegetarian and why it is better to swap meat for fresh vegetables and fruit. I think that the information on this article promotes healthy eating however it also promotes becoming a vegetarian and why it is the healthy option rather than eating meat. The text on the page is split into two sections the first section gives examples of dangerous life threatening body problems that are related to obesity this is a way of making people aware however it could scare people and on the second paragraph the information goes into more detail of the benefits of becoming a vegetarian and the risks that people take from eating meat. I think that this article is very biased as it is a way of persuading people to turn vegetarian. The register for this article is very formal as it is aimed at older teenagers/middle aged adults however in some ways it is informal as it uses words such as ‘veggie’ which is a shortened down word of vegetarian. It is suitable for the audience and the article avoids ambiguity as it uses phrases such as ‘statistics and studies show that..’. Which backs up information. I think that the typography also include clarity as it uses clear and easy to understand words. Although that the information given is presented as accurate there is no sources or proven evidence that it is 100% accurate, the information is aware of the people who eat meat however there is not evidencing of argument as they have only stated the benefits of being vegetarian rather than focusing on benefits of vegetarianism and non vegetarianism there for I have come to the conclusion that this article is biased. The information given does reference sources as it states that ‘studies indicate that switching to a vegetarian diet can bring blood pressure down’ however it doesn't’t go into much more detail. By referencing this it could persuade and people to turn vegetarian.
  6. 6. Newspaper Article This is a newspaper article from the newspaper ‘The Sun’. This article features a lot of aspects which are made to interest and catch the attention from the audience. The first thing which is noticed on the article is the large headline which is pasted at the top of the page. The headline reads ‘EX BATTERS ALICIA AS SHE DRIVES CAR’. The headline uses conciseness as it is straight to the point. This headline is a sentence to sum up and grab the attention of readers so that they want to carry on reading the story, the headline is one of the first things that the reader will notice so it is important that there are fewer words used as possible. The typography uses a large size, bold font in a black colour which stands out from the rest of the article. By having the typography in large capital letters this emphasises the title and makes the headline stand out more. Another feature on the article is the large image which is pasted in the middle of the page. This photo is of the model who has bruises on her face from her ex hitting her. By seeing this large image with the title this will interest the readers, by exaggerating the story and showing evidence this is also what the readers will be interested in. By using the words ‘Attack’ and ‘Batters’ will shock readers and intrigue them to read on. At the bottom of the page there is a text box with the full story in the title for this is ‘EXCLUSIVE’ another technique used to interest the audience. The title is in large capitals and a red colour this represents that it is something big and important. The register in which is used formal as it is suitable for the audience. The content of the information box includes how the former model Alicia Douvall got battered by her ex boyfriend and includes quotes from the model as she states what happened at the scene. This information box is accurate as the information given is directly from the model who got attacked. The article also includes sources to back up the information. The writer of this article has references sources because it will prove the facts and it is evidence that this event actually happened so that readers will believe and understand what happened. The information states why the attacked happened however it also includes bias as the story is only being told from the models point of view however there is no indication of offence towards the man who has been arrested. The article doesn't’t include ambiguity as the language used is presented as accurate and clear. As this is a newspaper article story which features a violent event which involves 2 people there is many legal constraints which could effect the newspaper. A legal constraint which could’ve effected this was libel however the newspaper avoided this legal issue by not specifically naming the man who attacked Alicia. Instead the newspaper referred to him as ‘the man’ and ‘ex-boyfriend’. Her ex boyfriend has only been arrested however he has not been charged because of this the newspaper is not allowed to accuse anyone specific as they haven't been charged with the attack. As the newspaper has not named any names, this means that they cannot be prosecuted for libel. As this article is written by a journalist they will have to follow a code of practice to make sure that the whole story is kept within the rules of journalists. A regulation from the editors code of practice is 1. Accuracy. This is a regulation put in place to make sure any information written is completely accurate and correct. From this article I can tell that this regulation has been obeyed from a number of aspects in the article for example the article doesn’t state any details of the man, this is because he might not be charged with the attacked, another aspect whichh proves that this article is accurate is because they have used sources to back up the story to this is evidence to show that the story actually as it has come from a source who was involved in the event. There is a image on the page of a ambulance and police car the newspaper has included this image as it is evidence that the event was very serious which could interest the readers.