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  1. 1. Proposal Subjects: During my project I will photograph different subjects which fit in with the theme of photography. This will include nature subjects such as plants, flowers, trees, the sky, grass. I will use all these subjects on my double exposure. Other subjects, which I want to take includes cars, buildings and subjects which fit in with my models feelings. For example what makes them happy or what makes them sad. Other subjects which I will need to take images of include my models these will be my family and friends. I will take headshots of my models, which I will then be able to combine to create my double exposure. Other subjects which I may take images of include landscapes, York City Centre, books and other objects which fit in with my models emotions. I would like to take many different images as this will allow me to develop and improve, it will also allow me to see what works well and what doesn’t. Locations: I will take my images at home as I have access to a DSLR camera. I will also be visiting different places to take my images such as my local park, my local village and also York City Centre in my own time, as this will allow me to gather a range of images from different locations. I also may take my images in the studio at York College. I have decided to take some images within a studio as I think that my images will be much clearer and better quality as the lighting will be better. I will also like to experiment taking images around college. Techniques: I will be using the technique of multiple exposures for my images. This will allow me to capture a range of different photographs and then combine them using Photoshop or another editing software. I will use the technique of combining one image into another images outline and I will also use the technique of overlaying one image to another and by reducing the opacity of the image so they are both clear. I will develop and use different methods of creating my double exposure images. The methods which I will experiment to create double exposure will be using Photoshop, using my camera as there is an option for double exposure. I will also use an iPhone app called instablend. Using these different techniques will allow me to develop my images and see which method works better. Reasoning: I have decided to undertake the technique of multiple exposures as I think that it will allow me to experiment with different subjects and models. I have also decided to pick multiple exposures because I think that this type of photography is very interesting and the images are very creative to make. I think that using multiple exposures also allows me to create my own style of photographs by combining different images together I will be able to experiment different editing techniques.