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Mood board of ideas Mood board of ideas Presentation Transcript

  • Task 4 Mood Boards of Ideas Katie Torpey
  • Emotion
  • Emotion I have decided to research about emotion I think that this idea is interesting and fits in with the theme of discovery as it is all about different people discovering emotions and feelings about something. I will interpret the theme of discovering emotion within my photography by using different techniques such as double exposure and also Harris shutter. By using these different techniques I think that I could present how the person looks and then how they actually feel inside. By using the technique of double exposure this would allow me to combine two images to create an abstract image which discovers the emotion and feelings. I also have the idea of using an image of something which represents an emotion of someone. For example sunny weather could represent happiness or something scary could represent fear. By using this image on the background I could project to image and have my model stood in front of the image. I could then correct the image using Photoshop. By using Harris shutter I could capture what the person looks like through time. By capturing on different filters, the different stages of emotion could be seen. For example if they was happy I could use a yellow filter, I would then change the filter to be blue where the model would change expression. By using this technique I think that the Harris shutter will have an effective outcome of showing emotion. I could also use movement within emotion for example if someone was happy, they could be jumping up and down. By using Harris shutter I think that this could present my theme of discovering emotion and feelings. I have also decided to pick emotion as I think that there is many options and opportunities for me to use within this theme, instead of being stuck to one option I can explore different photography techniques.
  • Fashion
  • Fashion I think that fashion is also a good theme to explore. I have decided to choose to discover fashion as I think that I could discover how fashion has changed through time. As well as this I could explore how fashion differs through different people and that everyone has their own individual style. I think that I could use different techniques to show how fashion has developed and changed within people. The techniques which I would use for this would include double exposure and also multimedia photography. I would use the technique of double exposure as I think that I could photograph a model and then within the model I could include different materials and outfits of fashion. I could also combine two images. I would firstly use my model and I could then ask my model about their fashion style. By researching this I could then combine the image of my model with the image of their fashion style. Another idea which I have is to photograph my model and then photographing some different outfits and using Photoshop I could combine both of the images to show different fashion. I also think that multimedia would be an effective method to use. I could take images of my models however by then using different techniques such as illustration or digital graphic s I could create new features on the print. I would also like to experiment by using montages, inspiration from Hannah Hoch and David Hockney. Hannah Hoch presents fashion in her work through magazines and collages however David Hockney uses photography and the montages can be created in Photoshop. I think that it would be interesting to combine both processes to create montage of fashion photography. To create this I could photograph my model with different outfits on I could then upload images in Photoshop and then use file>automate>Photomerge and this would create an abstract collage effect.
  • Locations
  • Locations I have decided to link location within the discovery theme because I would like to focus on discovering new locations, landmarks and also landscapes I would also like to photograph subjects such as cities and people within locations. I think that I would be able to present this within my photography through different techniques. The techniques which I would use to create my desired effects would be multiple exposure, I think it would be really interesting to see how a location could be combined with another location using Photoshop. Examples of things I could photograph include buildings, fields, bricks and parks. I could then combine them with images of certain things such as trees, statues or other buildings. I have included some images on my mood board of examples of multiple exposures using locations. Another experiment which I would like to try out if I picked this theme would be another technique of double exposure. To achieve this I would take an image of a person and then take an image of a landscape or subject and combine them together I think that this method would present the discovery of peoples favourite locations to visit. If I wanted to achieve an interesting effect at night time I would photograph lights within a city such as York. I could then use the out of focus technique to create blurs front the lighting. As well as photographing different locations I would like to experiment with movement photography in different locations. I could visit a busy location such as a train station or shopping center I could then place my camera on a tripod. I would set a long shutter speed of about 4 seconds this would allow enough movement to create a ghostly effect within my image.
  • Animals
  • Animals I would like to use the theme of animals as I think that this would be an interesting theme to develop. I have decided to chose this theme as one of my options as I think that experimental photography would allow me to use different techniques for this theme. The techniques which I would like to explore within this theme include double exposure. I think that double exposure would allow me to create unique images which present the difference of animals and people. To create this effect I would take images of my models and also images of a range of different animals. I could then use Photoshop to combine an animal face with a normal human face by changing the opacity and using different effects. As I have included some example images of inspiration I would like to explore this idea of photographing different scenes and animals. Another technique which I think would be successful is fast shutter speed this would allow me to capture animals when they are running. To achieve this effect I would set the shutter speed to a high number such as 1/800 of a second. This would allow me to capture any action. I would also like to experiment with a slow shutter speed of 2 second as this would create an interesting effect of the animal moving. There is many different techniques I would like to use for this experiment another which I would also like to use is a Harris Shutter effect on my images of animals. As it would allow me to discover the different movements of animals through filters.
  • Nature
  • Nature Nature is another theme which I would like to explore through experimental photography. I decided to chose nature as another one of my options as I think that there is many different techniques and effects which can be used to show nature through photography. The subjects which I would like to photograph if I decided to explore nature photography would include trees, landscapes, flowers, plants, branches. The techniques which I would like to explore include Scanography. This is when still life objects are placed on a scanner. They are then scanned this results in very in depth, high quality digital images which can then be adjusted and corrected using Photoshop. I think that this experiment is a good idea to use as it allows me to explore different methods of creating photography. Another technique which I would like to use is double exposure. This would allow me to combine different subjects together such as different flowers or trees to create a detailed image. I also think that I could use the montage experiment when photographing nature as I could create a collage of different angles of my subject. I could also experiment and link nature in with my location idea and combine different images of nature of locations to use in a double exposure. An example of this could be combining an image of a field with an image of bright flowers as I think that these two images would work well together.