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  1. 1. TASK 12 Evaluation
  2. 2. Is your advertising campaign fit for purpose and why? I think that my advertising campaign that I have created is fit for purpose this is because I have used the right techniques to create a selection of products which will have a positive effect on my target audience. The purpose of my advertisement campaign is to create a range of different products which will raise awareness of homelessness and to raise awareness of the charity SASH. My purpose is to raise awareness for youths between ages 16-24 about homelessness. My second purpose is to encourage volunteers to join the charity. I think that my products fit the purpose of trying to raise knowledge of the charity as I have used different techniques to achieve this. I have firstly decided to use products which will be seen a lot by my audience the products that I decided to create was a poster, billboard, leaflet and a bookmark. I decided to create these products as I think they will be viewed by my target audience. The layout of my products are all very similar and I have kept a consistent layout throughout all of the designs this is so that it is clear what charity the products are advertising for. I also think that my advertising campaign is fit for purpose as I have included appropriate information and copy on the designs which includes information and facts about the charity which will provide information to the audience. Another purpose of my products is to create a positive attitude towards homelessness. I wanted to try to move away from the stereotype of homelessness being a negative thing. To achieve this I have used different methods. I have used warm colours including red, yellow and orange. All these colours are very positive and bright. I have decided to use this colour theme throughout my products as I think that it represents happiness. When my audience are looking at my products they will receive a positive impression. All the colours that I have used all work together. I believe that using these bright colours instead of using dark colours will grab the attention of my audience. I also think that my products include relevant images which fit the purpose. I have decided to use images of groups of people. I have decided to do this is because the slogan of the SASH charity is ‘preventing homelessness together’ I decided that I would like to represent this by using an image which shows people working together and shows happiness. To the right there is 2 images 1 first poster is a current homeless poster and the second one is the poster which I design. The posters have some similarities and show some differences. The similarities is that it is a similar colour scheme. Both of the posters use red however mine also includes the colours yellow and orange another similarity is the image used. Both of the designs include images which represent ‘support’ and people working together. The differences between the posters is the amount of copy. On my design I have included text which explains the charity where as on the other poster there is very little text. I could maybe improve my design by decreasing the amount of text on the poster because I think it looks to over crowded and could be confused for the audience to read.
  3. 3. Does it communicate your message clearly and why? I think that my designs communicate my message clearly. I have tried show that there is help available for homeless people and I have also tried to communicate to people that homelessness isn't always negative. I have communicated this message through my products by using techniques such as including factual copy about homelessness to give people a wider understanding of what homelessness is and what the effects of homelessness is. For example on my billboard I have presented these facts very clearly in a bold font and large size. By have these facts my audience will realise the issues and problems caused by homelessness and maybe realise that they should help. Another technique which I have used to communicate my message across is the images. Instead of using negative images of depressing subjects I have decided to use images which show happiness and positivity. On all of my products I have used at least one image of a group of people smiling. I would like to communicate to the audience that homelessness doesn’t always mean that you will be alone by showing groups of people it will give my audience an impression of support. I think that all my products communicate my message clearly however my leaflet presents the most information and I think it communicates and explains to the audience what homelessness is. To the right is 2 bookmarks. The first one is a book mark which has been created by SASH and the second is a bookmark which I have created. Both of the bookmarks communicate the message across to the audience however there is a lot of differences between the two products. The first bookmark doesn’t include any images only text and the only colours which have been used are green and white whereas on my bookmark I have used colours that are red, yellow and orange these are a lot brighter and and positive. Another difference is the shape of the bookmark. On the first bookmark it is just a simple rectangle however on my design I have decided to add die-cut at the top of my bookmark. I think that this will look more interesting and intriguing I also think it will grab the audiences attention. I have decided to use die-cut as straight away it is shown clearly to the audience what the bookmark is about. The similarities on my the bookmarks is the logo. I have created a brand new logo however it is similar to the original by adding a similar shapes and changing the colour. Although I think that my bookmark gets the message across I think I could improve it by spacing out the text more. Also by making the text a bigger size so that it can be easily read. I also think that I could include a slogan on the bookmark under the die cut at the top as this will then communicate the message across clearly.
  4. 4. Is it appropriate for your target audience and why? I think that my advertising campaign is appropriate for my target audience. The target audience for my products is young people aged between 16-24. I have chosen this target audience because that is who the SASH charity provides for. The SASH charity is only available for people aged 16-24 so I thought that I will make my designs suitable for this audience. As well as having a young target audience I wanted to stretch my target audience and to focus on volunteers for the SASH charity. By designing my products and aiming them for volunteers it will allow me to create products which are aimed at the people who are interested in helping a charity. I have used specific techniques which are suitable for my target audience for example, as I wanted to advertise to young people aged 16-24 I have chosen a suitable font. The font which I have used is Lazy Sunday which is shown on the right hand side. I have only used this font throughout all my products however there is two variations. I have used Lazy Sunday shadow for the title and subheadings on my designs. I have then used Lazy Sunday regular for the main copy on my products. I think this font is relevant towards my audience as the font looks fun and aimed at my audience. I also think that this font is suitable for the older age of my target audience because the font stands out and grabs attention to the products. I also think that my products are suitable for my target audience because I have used appropriate colours. The colours which I have used are red, yellow and orange. All which represent happiness. The colours which I have used are warm and will bring the audience to notice the products. I have decided to use these colours on the slogan as they stand out and work very well together. I also think that my products are suitable for my target audience because of the pictures used. The pictures which I have chosen are very happy and friendly images. The charity slogan is ‘Preventing homelessness together’ and that is what the images are showing. The images will give the audience the impression that the charity work together. I think that when the young homeless people see the products they will feel more welcomed to the charity. I also think that if volunteers see the products they will have the same impression and they will feel more welcomed to join the charity. I have decided to present homelessness in a positive way by having a consistent theme which is suitable for my target audience. I think that my products are suitable for both of my target audience however I think I could’ve improved this by including more things that will be appropriate for the volunteer. For example I think that the font, colours and images used are more aimed at the youth audience. If was going to improve on my products I would include more features which would be suitable for the volunteers to encourage them to become a member of SASH. I could do this by including images of previous hosts and homeless youths and also include a story from a hosts point of view and sharing the positive experience.
  5. 5. Compare and contrast your original intentions with the outcomes you arrived at. MyPlan of my Billboard Development of Billboard My Finished Billboard Product Above shows one of my original plans, the development of the product and also the finished product. I have decided to compare these products as they both include some similarities however there is also some differences. On my plan it shows the simple layout of where the text and images will go. I have stuck to the basic layout however I have also moved and developed my layout. Instead of having the name of the charity and then what the charity stands for I have decided to have SAFE AND SOUND HOMES as the title and having the first letters of each word in a bigger font so that it spells out ‘SASH’. I have decided to change this because I felt it looked much more aesthetically pleasing and much more eye catching. A similarity which I kept was the colours which I used. I decided to keep the colours which was in my design and still have yellow, orange and red as the main colour scheme. In the middle of the billboard I have decided to move away from the idea of information on SASH and I have included some facts about homelessness. At the bottom of my billboard poster I have decided to add an image of a group of people. Instead of using the image of the 3 people I have decided to develop this idea as I think that it gives a better impression and it shows that people should work together. I firstly started out as having small images of houses on the bottom of the billboard poster I then decided to include an image and add a logo. My first logo design I just decided to have a basic shape of a house. However I then developed into making it look more suitable for my designs so I added 2 extra houses and decided to have them the colours of the colour scheme. I think that I could improve my final product in different ways for example I think that I could use a red instead of having black text. Although that it stands out, I think that using dark colours brings a negative effect on the product which is not what I am trying to communicate to the audience. I also think that I could improve my billboard by including more information on SASH. I have included some information however the font is quite small and cant be seen that well so if I included more information on SASH the audience may have more of an understanding.
  6. 6. How effective are the techniques you have used and why? I have used many different techniques during this product one of the techniques which I have used includes the consistent colour scheme throughout my work. I have decided move away from SASHS's original colour scheme and reinvent a new colour scheme. I decided to use the colours yellow and orange because these colours are warm colours they represent happiness which is what I wanted to show through my products I have also decided to use the colour red because I think that red contrasts with yellow and orange well. I also think that it is a good colour to use as it will allow my products to stand out and be clear. I have kept my colour scheme consistent throughout the whole of my products as this is clear to the audience that all my products are a set and also straight away they will be able to identify the charity. I think that this technique of using a consistent colour scheme is very effective. I also think hat the colours that I have chosen are very effective as they are bright, colourful and eye catching. Another technique which I have use is creating the logo for the charity. I have decided to create a brand new logo for the charity because I wanted to have all the design consistent. By developing the logo for the charity I decided to use houses as this represents homelessness. Below are the products which I made. I have put the logo on all my products in a place where it is clearly seen. I think using this technique of creating a new logo is very effective as the logo is quite a simple design however it is memorable I think when my audience look at the logo they will know straight away what the charity represents. Another effective technique I have used is the fonts and the font sizes. I have used a consistent font throughout my products. I think that this is effective as it shows professionalism I also think that my products look more clear and friendly. I think that I could improve on a technique which wasn’t quite as effective I think that I could’ve used the same image throughout my products. As it is clear on the products below that the images are different on each product. I think it would make my products look more consistent and effective if I used the same image on each design.
  7. 7. Is the content effective and why? I think that some of my content which I have included on my products is effective however I think that I could’ve improved on some of my content. The content which I think has been effective is the facts and the figures on my billboard design. I have included relevant facts about homelessness and young people becoming homeless. I think that this content is effective because it stands out. It will make people think about homelessness. I also think it is effective because it will persuade people to help the charity. I think also think that when my audience see the poster they will be encouraged to look into the charity. Another aspect to my content which I think is effective is the information on the leaflet. On the leaflet I have provided useful information which my audience will be able to follow. I have also included a ’my story’ section where I have included a story from a young girls point of view when she used to be homeless. Adding to this I have included an image of a young girl smiling. This is effective has it gives a positive impression towards my audience. I think that when the audience read the story and they see the image of he girl smiling they will be encouraged to help SASH. I also think when the audience see that homelessness can have a positive outcome, people who are homeless or scared of becoming homeless will know where to go. I think that I could improve on a few things to make the content more effective this includes improving on the amount of information about SASH. For example on each of my products I have included a small explanation about SASH and what the charity does very briefly however if I was to improve this I would explain how the charity works and explain more of how the charity helps people. I think this would be more effective and educate my audience more on the charity.
  8. 8. What impact do you think your advertising campaign will have on the public and why? I think that my advertising campaign will have different impacts on the public. I think that my campaign will have a positive effect on homeless people and I think that homeless people will be more encouraged to join the homeless charity or another homeless charity. This is because I have used a positive theme across my products. When homeless people see my designs they will get a positive feeling. As I have used friendly language and also welcoming colours I think that this will persuade the homeless people to visit the charity if they need help. As I researched my target audience and I found out that not many people had heard of the SASH charity I think that my products will fulfil the need of encouraging my audience this will have a positive impact on the public as it will become more and more well known. Allowing the charity to help more homeless people. I also think that my products will have a positive impact because I have included contact details for the charity this will allow anyone who is in need of help to call or visit sash. To improve this I think I could make the details larger in a bigger font I think that this would look better and be much more visually clearer for the audience. Although that I think that my advertising campaign will have a positive impact I think I could improve by adding more information on how to become a host. I think that my products focus young homeless people however I think I could develop my products by adding more information on how people could become a host. By doing this it will encourage more volunteers to join SASH and become a host. I also think that the when the public see my campaign I think that it will change their attitudes to what they are feeling about homelessness as most people have the impression that homelessness is a negative thing and most people look down on it. However by seeing my products I think it will encourage people to donate money to the charity or any other homeless charity.
  9. 9. What are the technical and aesthetic qualities of your work? There are many different technical and aesthetic qualities to my work some of the technical qualities include the technique of getting my message across. I have decided to remake the logo of the SASH charity this is one of the technical qualities as I have created a brand new logo to represent my design of SASH's products for this I have used the same colours as my colour scheme and I have also included the shape of a house. This represents that the charity supports homelessness and is clear to my audience what the charity is as it shows the message in a clear and simple way. I think that this technical quality Another technical quality of my work is the way in which I have shown my message. To show my aesthetical qualities of my products I am going to compare and contrast the different qualities in one of SASH’s current posters and my design poster. The first poster shows a poster created by sash and the second poster is one that I have designed. Both of the posters include similar and different aesthetic qualities. One of the similarities which in both of the posters is that they both have a similar logo. This is a aesthetic quality as the logos are both of houses. I think this quality presents to the audience straight away what the charity is about. Another similarity of both posters is that they both feature contact information. This is very useful for the audience as they will be able to get in contact with the charity. Some of the differences which appear on the posters is the different colour scheme. However although that they are different colours I think that both of the different colour schemes are very welcoming so this could also be a similarity. The layout is very different in both of the posters however both of the posters include an image/s in the middle of the posters. The copy is also very different as my poster includes more text about SASH where as SASH’s poster shows a small amount of information about becoming a host. I think that my poster is a lot more brighter and is happy to look at where as SASH’s is quite simple and basic. I think that I could improve my poster by including more information about becoming a volunteer as I think this will be more encouraging. I would also include rhetorical questions to my audience such as ‘could you help a homeless person?’ as this quality would be more personal towards the audience and it would also feel like they are more involved.