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Vegetarian fact file
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Vegetarian fact file


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  • 1. Vegetarian Fact FileKatie Torpey and Steph Westerman
  • 2. What is a vegetarian?Vegetarians are people who do not consume food that requires animal murder or any slaughter ofany animal as they are against animal being killed. Vegetarians are people who cut meat out oftheir diet completely this includes bacon, pork, sausage, turkey, chicken and lamb. Vegetarians alsodo not have fish in their diet. True vegetarians are people who do not eat any meat at all howeverthere is a range of different types of vegetarians that people can be to require to their lifestyle.Foods they wouldn’t eat:• Red meat.• Poultry.• Seafood.This can be for religious, moral or health reasons.Although there is something similar to a vegetarian called a Vegan, this person wont eat anything that comes froman animal at all for example:• Milk.• Cheese.• Eggs.
  • 3. What are the different types of vegetarian? Pescetarian- These people are vegetarians however they include fish within their diet but still remain to not eat meat. This diet can be very popular for those people with health issues as fish provides protein. Semi-Vegetarian- These type of vegetarians do stick to eating vegetables, seeds and nuts however often they allow there self to eat meat sometimes but not as much as a non-vegetarian. This can be the first step into becoming a full vegetarian as they are cutting down meat from the diet time at a time. Lacto ovo Vegetarian- This type of vegetarian doesn’t include animal meat in the diet however allow themselves to eat dairy products which include milk, cheese, yoghurts and also eggs. This is because the animal is not being killed or slaughtered for food but instead products are being made from the animal naturally. Lacto Vegetarian- This is when a vegetarian doesn’t eat meat or eggs however still consumes dairy products including milk, cheese and yoghurt. Vegan- People who are vegans stick to a very strict and specific diet. They do not eat anything that has come from an animal this includes any meat, fish and also eggs. Quite a few vegans also do not have honey. They do not consume any dairy products and they also try to not come in contact with non food items that have come from animals such as wool, silk and leather. Raw vegan/raw food diet- this kind of diet will consist of non processed vegan foods that haven’t been cooked over 115oc, this is because they believe that they will get more nutrients out of the food if they cook it over this temperature, they also believe that it is harmful to the body to cook it above it. Macrobiotic- this kind of diet is used for healing qualities, the diet will consist of non processed vegan food, whole grains, fruit and vegetables, though this time it does allow the occasional consumption of fish. Sugar and oils are often avoided.
  • 4. Why are people vegetarians?There are plenty of reasons to why people become vegetarians some people may just have a big love for animals and they cantstand the fact of them being slaughtered. Some people think that it can improve someones life however for every individualperson there will be a specific reason to why they have come a vegetarian some of the reasons for becoming vegetarian caninclude.. Cultural reasons- Some people have been brought up in there culture to not eat meat, some people will carry this on in their life and live being a vegetarian and not eating meat. Health reasons- Some people may believe that they want to loose weight and becoming a vegetarian is one of the reasons how they can improve their lifestyle. Most people without meat in their diet can loose weight and also have a healthier diet. Religious reasons- The main religions that are part of vegetarianism is Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and also Sikhism. These religions are against animal slaughter. Environmental reasons- Some people have environmental issues and decide to go vegetarian some of these examples of environmental reasons include that it will reduce global warming and also avoid excessive CO2 production. Personal Reasons- Most vegetarians stop eating meat mainly for the reason that they cant stand the thought of animals being harmed and they find it very awful and offensive. Some people who become vegetarians have no interest or like in meat at all and they don’t like the taste, texture or flavours. Global food shortage: As mentioned earlier in the Environment paragraph, excessive amounts of water is used to raise the animals which could be used in another way, for example: ‘The Third World’, the grain that is grown on deforested fields could also be used in countries where people are less fortunate to have food. According to the vegan society more than one third of the grain that is grown is given to animals rather than people.
  • 5. What do vegetarians eat?Here is a few examples of foods which vegetarians are allowed to consume.. Sweet Savoury Fruits Bread Soft Mints Seeds & Nuts Biscuits Vegetables Ice Cream Sewed Chocolate Salads Cereal Bards Rice Dried Fruit Eggs Yoghurts Quorn
  • 6. What do vegetarians not eat?Here is a few examples of foods which vegetarians are not allowed to eat..
  • 7. What are demographics?Demographic means the statistics that have been given to a certaindestination and it’s consumption. It also focus’s on how certain things canhave a impact on it’s population and any changes that might happen becauseof it.Different types of demographics are:• Age.• Population.• Gender.• Race.• Birth’s.• Death’s.• Marriages.• Marketing.
  • 8. Companies who provide for VegetariansOn the market there is lots of food companies available specifically aimed atvegetarians these companies create food that doesn’t contain any meat the differentcompanies include..• Fantastic Foods- This is a company created to fulfil vegetarian needs, they have over 80 full, natural meals that are available to eat for vegetarians.• Celentano Food Products, Inc- This vegetarian company create a variety of meals which are all organic and an be eaten by vegetarians.• Barbaras Bakery- Company which provides for both vegetarian and vegan consumers, include products such as small snacks and whole grain cereals.• Amys Kitchen, Inc.- Business which makes vegetarian frozen products such as pies, pizzas, burgers as well as other snacks, with a wide range of variety• Allisons Gourmet- This brand makes snacks aimed at vegetarians and vegans which are completely organic. The snacks include mint chocolate chip and also fudge brownies.There are many other businesss and companies on the market which provide food for vegetarians they can besearched online or found on the marketplace.
  • 9. Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Vegetarian• Advantages- Healthier lifestyle, prevention of getting over weight (type 2 diabetes). Improved Digestion from plant and seed based foods which are high in fibre. Cheaper way of eating, can save a lot of money. Statistics show that vegetarians lower the shopping bill by a quarter just from not having meat in the basket. Hormone-free eating. Energy can be increased. High Blood Pressure can be decreased if being a vegetarian• Disadvantages People can stereotype and judge vegetarians. Vegetarian diets can be low in protein. Can lead to Anaemia if not the right nutrients are being consumed. Even though being a vegetarian can mean having a healthy lifestyle, this could mean that the lifestyle could become difficult for example eating out with friends, or grocery shopping could be tough. Not in taking a balanced diet which could cause health problems. Functioning of the body could suffer, some vegetables do not contain essential amino acids that are needed. Less creatine. This means that your bones won’t be as strong as they should be, meaning that they will break or bruise easier.