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  • 1. StephWesterman Proposal Location: New Earswick/Acomb Date/Time: 30/01/2014 Equipment needed: DSLR Camera, Tripod, and Access to Photoshop. How will it be gained? To take my photographs I will need to rent out a DSLR camera, and to do this I will need to fill in an application form to authorize me taking the camera out of college. The tripod I already have so this won’t be a problem either, though I will need access to Photoshop so this is something I can do during college time. Proposal: What is my final idea? - découvrirl'amourFor my final idea I am going to take portrait pictures of people in my family against a blank background, once this is done I will them which has been their favourite pet, I will then go and take a photograph of it and manually cut the location image in to different shaped bits and parts of the portrait picture, I will then go on to tile it on to the face of the subject, this will create different layers for me and will hopefully make it look as if it has texture too it, though to make sure that there are still parts of the subjects face on the photograph I will mix up parts of the face and tile them on to it as well, once all of this is done, I will then change the contrast of the image & colours so that they look pale and vintage. Once all of this is done, I will then go around the body of the subject with a white chalk; this will be done a bit messily. The image on the right is the kind of thing that I will be going for but in colour, and I will put my own twist on it. Who is my target audience? The target audience for my kind of photographs are teenagers and young adults, 16-20, this is because they will understand the kind of photographs I am making because there are images quite similar as CD covers and such.