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  • Lo4 pro forma

    1. 1. Marketing and PR Presentation
    2. 2. Objectives What are the objectives for this project? The objectives for this project is to be able to launch the appearance of a new band, it is to raise audience awareness. It will also raise good publicity, to control a damaging story or to gain credit. Who do you want to target? For my launch I will be targeting people ages 17-25, this is because this specific age group have more time to listen to music and also because they are more interested in it as well. How many records do you want to sell? 5,698 a year. This is because it’s an easy and reasonable amount to reach and there will still be quite a high amount of sales. What would make this a successful exercise? Promoting the album on television and also in shop windows, this will make people think the album is a top seller due to it being at the front of the store, also getting songs plaid on the radio to raise awareness 2
    3. 3. Band Profile Name: Tout Age: 6 Previous releases: To his imagination Genre: Hip-hop Style: House Contemporaries: UKF, R3hab, Nervo, Sydney Samsom, Martin Garrix, Knife Party, PROMISE LAND, Nikki Romero, Avicii 3
    4. 4. Think SMART Specific: Is there a clear aim? The aim for the new album is to raise public awareness in order to then raise sales of the album. It’s also to gain good publicity which will help gain a bigger audience. Measureable: How will you measure the effect? Hire a distribution company to keep track of how many have been sold. If sales have been made on iTunes there will also be a tally of how many have been purchased. Achievable: Is it something that you can do? Yes, this is what artists will do. Realistic: Is this something that would actually happen? Yes. Time-related: Are there timescales for your project? Yes, 2 days. 4
    5. 5. Audience Who is the audience for this band? The audience for this album is both males and females. This will allow a bigger audience for the album. What age are they? 17-25 What do they look like? Fashionable/Grunge. Why do they like this band? Because it’s up beat, bass music. It’s something that can also easily persuade you to be in a ‘feel-good’ mood. Who else do they like? Garage bass. 5
    6. 6. Media What media will you use and why? Be specific about the platforms you will use. What magazines might they get in to? Kerrang, The Feed, Attack. What TV channels would they be on? MTV Music (19), Starz TV, KissFM (105). Which radio stations would play their music? Capital FM, Radio 1, BBC iPlayer, almost every channel that plays the top 40/100 UK hits. Who would they give interviews to? Any Music Station, Radio Channel, Interviewer. Which forms of social media would you use? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog’s, and YouTube, as my target age audience use all of these things. How would you use social media? I could use social media to get in contact with my audience and get good publicity, it will also help to raise album awareness. 6
    7. 7. Merchandise What merchandise would you use to promote this band? Typical merch that bands/singers/DJ’s sell are normally things like tshirts, hoodies, wrist bands, posters, bags, Etc. So I will probably go for things like these as they are also the most popular, they will also be cheap and easy to make as well, if people wear them when they are going out places this will also promote the band, via showing what audience likes them, and displaying the T-shirt to the public. Posters are also a good idea because they are also quick sellers and friends/family will be able to see them. 7
    8. 8. Manage the message What is the message you want to communicate about this band? The message I wish to communicate about this band is that the bass and beat are still what music is about, not the singing, hence there being not many words in the music. It’s to create a gap in the market and create something new with music. What is the main selling point of the band and the album? The main selling point of the band and the album, is to sell a big bundle of the album a week to give good sales. It will also give good publicity. It’s also to challenge the music of today so that it’s different to the typical music. This could be that it’s new, exciting music, challenging established genre rules. It could be a return to form from an older, more established artist. You could choose to use quotes from critics. You could foreground good feedback in your adverts or your social media. The music that will be featured on the album is different to normal styles of music where it’s all about singing, this kind of music is about the beat and the bass. ‘This music challenges today’s modern music’ ‘It put’s a spin on all the music available now’ 8
    9. 9. Hyperbole Every marketing and PR campaign uses hyperbole. Its role is to make things seem better than they really are by using exaggeration and emotive words or imagery. What are the words you will use? What words will help you sell and will appeal to your audience? I will use persuasive words when promoting my album to make people feel as if they have to have it, for example, I could say things like ‘Best selling album’, ‘Number one House music CD’ and such, this will make people want to buy the album just so that they can listen too it. I could also use provocative language to get a reaction from the audience, eg. ‘If you don’t have it, you’re missing out!’ this will make people want to buy it also because they will feel everyone else has it. It needs to say what the group will be doing and when as well, to od this a brief could be made to help give a starting point and reach other objectives along the way, then you can eventually figure out what will be being done at the end. 9
    10. 10. Events What events would you put on as part of the promotion of this band and album? Any band/singer will always do CD signing at some point in their life's, so this is what I could do for my album to promote it. A press conference can also be held so that it’s brought to the media’s attention. Would they play small secret gigs? My group wouldn’t perform small secret gigs because of the type of music it is, if it was heavy metal, then yes they would, but with the kind of album that would be better for a big audience as the kind of music on the album is normally plaid at big places. Would they appear for a signing in a flagship record store? Yes, this would gain good publicity and help to promote the album. Would they play on TV chat shows? I think that it would be a good idea for the songs to be played on TV chat shows, it will draw more sales as well with it being on television because there will be a large audience. Would they go on a huge arena tour? Yes, this is because of the kind of music featured on the album. What other events and happenings could you create to raise the public profile of the band? There could be TV appearances on chat shows, CD signings, 10
    11. 11. Internal motivation What is the motivation behind this project? The motivation behind this project is to make sure that the media are interested in what I’m doing. To do this is could give an exclusive interview that no other company will be in reach off, this will make the company more likely to publish it if they are the only company in contact with the interview. What is it an important project for you? An important project for me is to be able to make the audience aware of what’s happening with the album, when it’s happening and where the album can be bought. Why is it an important project for the band? Making sure that the audience know who, where and when the album is happening is really important for the band because there needs to be audience awareness for the album be able to sell. 11
    12. 12. Motivation of media Why would the media be interested in this project? I think that the media would be interested in this project because it’s challenging something that’s been around and stayed the same for a long time, so I think they will find it interesting because it’s a new gap in the market. I think that it will be really helpful for them as well to be able to have media coverage because they will be able to attend Signing’s, they will also be able to attend press confrenses Which parts of the media or media products (be specific) would be interested in the project? I think that the media interested in this project would be, Heat magazine, as they are always wanting the latest gossip, also Kerrang and other music magazine’s, this is because it fits in with their genre which is music, by having the event of a new album coming out this will help to promote the album because it will be being seen by a fair few people that read the magazine. 12
    13. 13. SMART Specific: Is there a clear aim Measureable: How will you measure the effect? Achievable: Is it something that you can do? Realistic: Is this something that would actually happen? Time-related: Are there timescales for your project? 13
    14. 14. 14