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Published in Business , Technology
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  • 2. WHO IS IRN-BRU’S TARGET AUDIENCE? MALE, 16-28 YEAR OLDS. This is because of their witty banter and male jokes.
  • 3. This advertisement is really simple and gets boring to look at after a while, though the brightness of some parts of it helps to make it stand out. This advertisement is made up of three things, the logo/product, text and images. The image that they have used in this advertisement takes up half of the page on the advert and then there is a block of colour with text and logo/product over the top. The colour scheme that they have used on this advertisement stands out on one half of the article and doesn’t on the other. The right hand side has the colour orange as the background and this fits in with the IRN-BRU colour theme, as the product is made up of the main colours, orange and blue. The colour orange is normally associated with energy, enthusiasm, determination and success, which is how you will feel once you have the product, this is because of all the caffeine in it which will make the consumer determined, enthusiastic and full of energy once they have consumed it, which will then lead to some sort of success, to the human eye orange is a very bright and bold colour, so this will also catch peoples attention as our eyes are automatically drawn to bright things. The image in this is made of a dark contrast, this shows that the poster is vintage, the image is also of a low quality which will also give the audience the idea that the advertisement is from the 90’s. The text in this is also very gripping from the way that it says ‘And the wolf said, whoever drinks daddy’s IRN-BRU gets their arms ripped off’, insinuating that there will be trouble if someone steals the drink, though some members of the audience may think that this is too violent and complain about this. The text in this advert also looks like this has been hand written, which gives texture to the advertisement rather than everything looking really compressed and flat. The overall look of this advert is boring to look at after a while because there isn’t much too it but at the same time the bright colours will also catch the audiences attention, so this is making it good in the same sense, but overall this is an old advertisement so it’s for the era that it was made in. 1990’s
  • 4. This is an advertisement that has been put on a motorbike, I like this way of advertisement because it’s different to just standard posters and flyers, its more modern. This bike advertisement is made up of three things, stickers and text. There is a clear running theme on this advertisement as you can see as they have still kept the IRN-BRU colours on the bike, orange, blue and silver. This shows professionalism. The colours that they have used stand out so this makes people notice them purely because of the bright colours, the colour orange again fits in because it’s one of the main colour that IRN-BRU use for their product. The colour blue is quite an unusual colour to use for this advertisement because its normally associated with relaxation and confidence, though you would feel more confident after consuming this drink you defiantly wouldn’t feel relaxed, so this is why I thought that it was a bit strange to use this colour for their product, though at the same time I can see why they have used this colour, because blue is normally associated with males, some advertisements say that you shouldn’t use the colour blue when advertising food because it will dull the mood down, but by using the colour orange as well it balanced it out. The way that the stickers have been made also look really shiny, so this is a nice effect because normally advertisements are made of flat colours and the motorbikes have a sheen to them, this also helps to make it stand out more. The text that they have used on this motorbike is really masculine and you can tell this from the way that the font has no flicks on it, it’s a masculine font that has squared off end’s to the lettering and I think that this fits in with the masculinity of the bike really well, with them using the colour white this also helps to break up all the colours so that their isn’t too much going on, though the other stickers do distract your attention a bit. The overall look of this bike is brilliant, this is because they have put a modern twist on advertising and because there is also texture on the advertisement rather than a load of flat colours and text so that it makes it more interesting for the audience to look at. With them putting the advertisement on the bike as well it also fits in with the target genre, males. 2012.
  • 5. This advertisement is the same as the first one but with a couple of changes, the brightness to the right side of it helps to make it stand out. This advertisement is made up of three things, the logo/product, text and images. The image that they have used in this advertisement takes up half of the page on the advert and then there is a block of colour with text and logo/product over the top. The contrast of the photograph to the left is really dark, and again of a low quality, this is showing that this advertisement is old, the quality of the text is also really bad, so this also shows that this is an old advertisement. The colour that they have used is again orange, this is keeping a running theme throughout the advertisements, orange stimulates mental activity, so this is representing the energy drink and what it does to you, they could have also used the colour orange to fit in with the stereotype of the Scottish background, people being ginger, so this could be some sort of hidden witty joke. The text that has been used in this advertisement is again looking as if it’s handwritten, so this makes it sort of look like a woman's kind of font because of the way that it has been written, but at the same time it looks like mans kind of font because the text doesn’t have any flicks and its quite masculine. This advertisement has wit but it may be a bit too rude for some people, so this may cause the advertisement not to be aired, but to my knowledge it still was. They have also used the product as the logo as well to free space, but there is already a lot of negative space on the advertisement. There is also the slogan of the product underneath this which is a creative idea but you cant really tell what it says very well. From looking at the advertisement its showing that this drink is for men, this is because of the woman with her glove on about to check a male for the drink, so this again is targeting a male genre, they have also used a nurse to show this. The overall look of this advertisement is boring but at the same time it’s good for the time that it was made In, I think that if they but this still gets the audiences attention fine. were to re-create it today it would be a lot better, I think that they could have got rid of some of the negative space and added some more
  • 6. This advertisement is made up of two things, text and an image, with the image taking up the whole of the page and then the text over the top of the image. The image that has been used in this advertisement is of a high resolution, so this makes the image high quality, you can also tell thing this image has been taken in a studio from the way that the lighting is in the background, the way that the photographer has positioned the lights so that there is a beam of light going around the product then darker towards the end of the page has worked well as it keeps the audiences eye just on the subject of the advertisement, the energy drink. They have also used symmetry in this image, if you where to fold the page in half there would be exactly the same on both sides. Again through time they have still stuck with the same colour schemes, red and orange, and they have also added silver this time for the minor silver parts of the product. From them using silver, it helps to break up the blue and the orange to make it look more professional and subtle. The brightness of the orange and the darkness of the blue balances each other out because of the way that one is really bright and the other is really dark, this shows that they have thought the process and the look of the advertisement through by not having a block of dark colour or visa versa. The font that they have used on the balloons for this advertisement fits in with the balloons in the background because they have used a bubble writing style of font, so this ties them in together. They are also hitting two things with one, advertising normal IRN-BRU and IRN-BRU diet, so this is putting two things out to the public with one method of advertising and communication. This advertisement is also different to the other two from the 90’s, there isn’t and funny parts to the advert everything is serious so this is a bit weird to see after seeing the other ones, but this is showing that they are taking a more professional route to advertising. The overall look of this poster is good because it spotlight peoples attention to the subject and subject only and it’s gets a quick but simple message across to people, they are also advertising two things with one poster so this will gain a bigger audience by doing so. 2013.
  • 8. This is an advertisement for Monster Energy, this advertisement is made up of digital graphics and text. This advertisement is targeted at boys, you can tell this from the colours that have been used on the advertisements, black and green, these are stereotyped as male colours, the colour green fits in to the male gender to me as well because of the fact that teenage boys tend to play on Xbox’s a lot, and the green that is used it a similar kind of green to the colour that they use for their software, so this made me think of that. The colour green is normally seen as a healing colour, this is fitting in with the product as the product is healing you from having no energy and does so my giving you a sugar boost, it also symbolises endurance, which is something you will get after indulging in this drink. Black is seen as a smart and powerful colour from its solidness, which is how men will like to feel, powerful, although it’s normally a negative colour, it isn’t for this advert, it enables readability to the audience so that they an clearly see the text. The way that there is a green glow around the product as well is a good idea because it fits in with the colour of the claw marks on the product and it also pushes the product to the foreground rather than blending in with the background because they are the same colour. The text the designer has used is also masculine, this is another reason for me thinking that this drink is targeted to males, it’s a strong and bold text and there isn’t any flicks to it, it’s also in a street kind of font as if it’s been spray painted on, if this where for a girl I’m sure that the font would be more girly with more flicks. Text saying ‘Unleash the beast!’ will also make the audience think that they will get a massive rush of energy once they have had it, so this will make people that are perhaps really drowsy and tired want to buy it more over other energy drinks. The background on this advertisement is also like a wall, so it makes me think of a skate park which is even more suited to boy. teenage The overall look of this poster is really interesting to look at because it’s simple but there is still lots to look at, everything about it looks exciting because of the glow behind the product, the style of font that they have used and because of what the text says, ‘Unleash the beast!’, it sounds really interesting and I’d buy it after looking at the poster. 2012.
  • 9. This advertisements for teenage boys, this is clearly shown by the hulk standing in the photograph, though you would think its more young adults because it’s quite graphical even though there's nothing violent in the image. This advert is quite a dark advert because of the colour green and black, thinking about it the colours of the hulk and the background fit in with the Monster theme, which is a really good idea because the Hulk is thought of as a Monster by people in movies when they see him, so the drink is tying the two together. The colour green that they have used for this one is quite a dark green, this is represented with greed, if people think of it this way, it will make people think that people get greedy when they have Monster and don’t offer it to anyone else. If younger people see this it will also make them want to buy it because the Hulk is holding a can on Monster and young boys tend to want to be like him because he tends to be a idol to them, so this is a good marketing idea because it targets young people and teenagers. The monster logo has also been engraved on the Hulks chest, this is also promoting the product, but because young people and teenagers are easily influenced, if he is their idol, they might go and get the Monster logo tattooed on to them which is something that they might regret later on in life, this could be something for people to complain about, but surely people would have the sense not to go and get something tattooed on them that a cartoon has. The skin of the monster also has some texture too it from the way that he is sweating and because the creator has put skin prints on him, there is also texture on the denim from the trousers. The overall look of this poster is really good because whilst looking at existing energy drink advertisements I haven’t seen an advertisement with the product actually branded on their target audiences Idol, so I think that this is a really good marketing technique because it will get peoples attention and make their audience want to buy it even more. I also like how simple it is but yet you can still get to know what the product is without any need for text.
  • 10. This is a effective way of advertising as not many people will put advertisements on vehicle's and I think that people could begin to use this more and more. This advertisement is for Red Bull and they have used the colours of the can/logo on the car, which I think makes the car look really funky and different. The colours that they have used is red, blue, dark blue, silver and yellow, the colour red represents danger and power, which is something an F1 car has, it is also something that the energy drink has as once people drink it, they will get power to carry on through the day or night, its also representing danger for the sport as well because the sport is dangerous. It is an intense colour that will bring out peoples blood pressure. The blue will also make people feel relaxed at the same time, so by looking at these together it will balance the two out so that they are even. I think that they have also used silver and yellow to add a bit of colour to the car. The font that they have used on the bike showing the name of product is the same kind of font that is on the product it’s self, so this is keeping a running theme going.