Flat plans


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Flat plans

  1. 1. Flat Plans Stephanie Westerman
  2. 2. Broadsheet Flat Plans
  3. 3. Advertisement Headline Image Caption Copy This flat plan would be made of three columns and seven/four rows, I used this kind of layout because it’s simple and organised. This layout will make people look at the image first because of how big it will be, I thought that I would do this one as it is so that it brings the audiences attention more, because if the first thing that they see is a lot of text then it might put them off the article. I placed the advertisement at the top of the page because I thought that it would be better there as it’s out of the way rather than mixed up with the subject. I also thought that I would do the copy so that it’s in columns rather than just a big paragraph because I felt that this would help make the article look neater and more organised.
  4. 4. Masthead Dateline Image Copy Pull quote Copy This kind of layout is quite traditional but at the same time it’s steering away from the traditional, in normal article’s, the image would normally be somewhere on the right with the copy wrapping around it, whereas this one is on the left with the copy going around it. Like the Daily Mail magazine. I thought of doing this design like this so that the text to image ratio is quite high compared to the first style of layout. Though this may put some audiences off Because of how much text there will be.
  5. 5. Masthead Headline Image Copy Pull Quote This is my third layout, this is a traditional style of layout, the mastline is at the top of the page like the magazine on the right and the headline is also in the same place underneath, the image has also been put on the right with the text wrapping around it with a pull quote underneath. I like this kind of layout better out of the pervious two because everything is nice and simple and it’s also traditional, though traditional and simple doesn’t always mean it will be the best.
  6. 6. Image Caption Pull quotesCopy Advertisement This layout is very contemporary as it’s pushing away all the traditional sides of the layout, the image is taking up most of the space in this layout to again grab the audiences attention, with a little caption underneath and not much copy, this will show the audience that the subject is quick and gets to the point, the advertisement on this layout out is large compared to the others as well with it taking up half a page. This kind of layout isn’t something that you would see often, so this is why I decided to do this kind of style, the only thing that I aren’t too confident with is if I where to do this layout with my final piece it may not look as if there’s much there.
  7. 7. Text Styles
  8. 8. imagery
  9. 9. Layout Development
  10. 10. Evaluation
  11. 11. This is my first rough version of my layout done on in Design, which has been created based on the layout that has been put on the 4th slide, though it is slightly different because there is parts added on that weren’t in the flat plan before, for example, there is now a masthead, head line and subheading, rather than just a masthead and headline, this is because I used a daily mail logo and I used the article name and a little line of text underneath, I think that this helps contribute to making it look more professional like the image of the daily mail news paper. The difference between mine and the daily mail’s image is that theirs has more colour in it, and mine is all black and white apart from one thing. The image on mine has also been put in a different place to theirs, when looking at them both together I think that theirs looks better with the image where it is because it’s got more too it and it also enables more information to be added, whereas mine just looks as if it’s an article about one thing and nothing like a front page. They have also put who the interviewer is as well on each subject or who wrote the subject as well which is something that I have failed to do, though there is advertisements, which the daily mail have as well. When trying to do a pull quote this didn’t work very well because the text around it was really close to the quote and sometimes overlapped so this didn’t work out very well for me no matter what I tried, this is something that may not appear in my final piece.
  12. 12. I thought that this font was the best to use because it’s different but still simple and easy to read, I did this so that the magazine fitted in with the subject of article and also so that it’s different for people to look at, to me this looks as if it would be a girls font because of all the flicks that it has and also because of how curved the writing is, normally in articles the font will be quite square to fit the masculine side better. My kind of writing also looks a lot more dense as well and as if there’s a lot more too it, where as the text for Daily mail doesn’t, so my version may favour people that like to read a lot, putting off people that don’t with the amount of text. My version: Daily Mail: Daily Mail: My version: My version of the masthead is controversial because it’s going against the kind of house style that all of the other newspapers use. I think that this has worked well because it’s gaining the audiences attention because it’s different to all the others so it will stand out more, though on the other hand the Daily Mail’s font is a lot more bolder, so if it where just the two together the Daily Mails would stand out, but if I where mine against a load of other newspapers it would stand out in this way because of it being simple, thin and different.
  13. 13. Tabloid Mock Layout
  14. 14. Masthead Advertisement Image Turn to page Headline Copy
  15. 15. Masthead Advertisement Headline Image Copy Turn to page Copy Image Copy Image
  16. 16. Masthead Copy Image Headline and copy Headline and copy Image Image Copy Headline Turn to page
  17. 17. Masthead Image Copy Headline Image Advertisement Copy Turn to page