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Outline for company bar

Outline for company bar






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    Outline for company bar Outline for company bar Presentation Transcript

    • Company Bar
      UWSMB Spring 2011
      June 7, 2011
      Elisabeth Naughton, Katie Riese, Melenie Yap
    • Overview
      Neighborhood bar with strong community ties
      Alliances with local businesses and restaurants
      Targets 25-45 year-old residents of White Center and surrounding areas
      White Center residents are primary customers
      Secondary customers see it as a “destination”
      Community is proud and willing to support local businesses
    • Objective and Goal
      Goal: Increase customer traffic and sales at Company Bar.
      Objectives: Increase weekly revenue by $2,000 over the next 4-6 months.
    • Challenges and Opportunities
      Company Bar currently has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp
      • Facebook
      • Fans: 657
      • Little engagement with fans
      • Yelp
      • 25 reviews
      • 3 ½ stars
      • No engagement
      • Twitter
      • Tweets: 12
      • Followers: 57
      • Following: 59
      • Lists: 6
      • Klout: 5
      • Retweeted3 others
      • No @ replies (very low interaction)
    • Challenges and Opportunities
    • Challenges and Opportunities
    • Challenges and Opportunities
      Overall sentiment is positive
      Yelp has mixed reviews and is negative toward the service
      Greatest engagement occurs on Facebook
      Vocal reviews, both positive and negative on Yelp
      Some Facebook engagement, but very little interaction with users
      Little to no interaction on Twitter
      Posts are almost exclusively from patrons
      Experience at the restaurant is a popular topic
      Interaction is largely commenting
      Seeing a recent increase in likes
    • The Competition
      Big Al’s Brewing
      1,025 Facebook fans
      763 Twitter followers
      Foursquare special
      308 checkins
      37 Yelp reviews
      Locker Room Tavern
      No owned social media presence
      20 Foursquare checkins
      4 Yelp reviews
      Mac’s Triangle Pub
      337 Facebook fans
      Publicizes events, specials
      12 Yelp reviews
      140 Foursquare checkins
    • Social Media Strategy
      Use select social media channels to drive new and repeat customers.
      Position Company Bar as a destination within the Seattle bar scene.
      Use local influencers to serve as third party advocates and build buzz via Twitter and Facebook.
      Increase awareness.
      Associate Company Bar with other Awesomeness.
      Encourage and reward direct action taken by customers.
    • Social Channel Selection
      Where is Company’s existing and potential clientele talking online?
      What are they talking about?
      Begin the ‘active listening’ process: Seattlites, 21-45 are tweeting, checking-in, searching for visual information and the recommendations of friends and trusted ‘experts’.
    • Tools and Tactics
      Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare are four tools to use toward Company’s strategic goals
      Reach the target 25-45 year old, social-media savvy, local demographic
      Engage with audiences in pre-existing channels – they’re already there, so talk to them!
      Reach out to influencers with interest in the Seattle bar scene
    • Tools and Tactics
      Invest in Hootsuite, and employ Google Alerts, to easily track your online conversations & mentions.
      Hootsuite will allow you to post to Twitter, Facebook & Foursquare at the same time, as well as monitor searches, people and conversations in and around Seattle.
    • Twitter
      People are looking for you on Twitter!
      Make sure you update your description to include as many people as you can.
      • Mention the Greater Seattle Area
      • Your Address & Phone #
      • Link your Facebook account
      • #tag your entry with relevant terms
      Make yourself easy to find!
    • Twitter
      Actively seek out influential Twitter accounts in the greater Seattle area.
      Follow them, listen, and engage in the topics Company wants to talk about!
    • Twitter
      A starter list of accounts to follow:
    • Twitter
      Twitter best practices:
      Don’t be shy about conversing with and about your community. Take a few minutes each day to tweet and RT things of interest.
      Send a thank you via Twitter & FB to anyone who follows you, or writes about Company in the press. Use bit.ly to shorten links to articles.
      Use pictures! Take pictures of your meals & drinks, offers, etc. and remember to #tag (#brunch, #seattle, #coolcocktail #awesome, etc)
      Follow Friday (#FF) is a great way to mention engaged guests and local people/ events
    • Twitter
      Twitter best practices (cont.):
      Recommend local events, concerts, etc. that you think your guests will enjoy. Don’t always link that to drinking/dining with you. Mention stuff you genuinely like, and if relevant, mention a pre or post event stop at Company.
      Keep tweets short: Direct audience via bit.ly back to your Facebook for longer notes, menus, and photos.
      Reach out and offer to host a tweet up! Every few weeks, organize a #companybartweetup for an interested group of people. White Center Tweeters, Art Walk Organizers, Local Foodies, etc.
    • Twitter
      Using Twitter re: Company’s Goals and Objectives
      Awareness: Aim to add 10-20 quality followers a week.
      Revenue: Start to keep a tally of # tweets/posts a week and over time, look at % of sales weekly. Track Likes, Follows, ReTweets, @mentions per week and note any relationship – even flat – between them over time. Focus on building on any positive relationship you notice.
      Community: 400 – 500 followers is reasonable after 4-6 months. Be patient and consistent.
      Presence: Achieve a notable, searchable presence in the greater Seattle, White Center, and bar/restaurant communities.
      Impression / Association: Develop a shared visual impression of your food, clientele and interests by tweeting and retweeting others.
    • Facebook
      Align with key partners by “liking” them on Facebook and following them on Twitter (i.e. Seattle Weekly, The Stranger,etc.)
      Create photo albums of food/drink served there, interior/exterior of the bar, friends/patrons of bar. Consider
      Have a professional photographer take enticing photos of the finished bar.
      Engage with Facebook followers by administering contests, such as “Name that cocktail”, or encouraging patrons to post photos of their meals.
      Offer incentives to be retrieved at the bar.
    • Instagram
      Instagram is a new iPhone photo filtering app that is like a combination of Twitter/Facebook/Flickr/FourSquare– for you can geotag where you are
      Allows users to post photos of new dishes and specials
      Foodtography is a rising trend and is most relevant to Company
      Stream to Facebook and Twitter
    • Yelp
      Already an engaged audience that is not receiving acknowledgement from the restaurant
      Need to monitor and actively respond to reviews
      Actively monitor comments and reviews
      Post responses to both positive and negative reviews
      This is particularly important with negative reviews
      Opportunity to right a wrong and demonstrate level of customer service
      Demonstrate Company Bar’s service committment
    • Foursquare
      People who check
      into on Foursquare,
      can engage followers
      and they can leave tips
      for others visiting the bar.
      Publicize and encourage participation by posting Foursquare decals
      Offer specials that drive customers from local area
      Get a free appetizer on your first visit
      Offer special that encourages repeat visits
      Get a free dessert on your fifth visit
      Offer a secret menu item for loyal customers (Mayor)
      Get access to a special dessert when you check-in on Foursquare
    • Content Calendar
      Create a calendar to of what you will publish each day.
      Use tools like Hootsuite to schedule your posts weekly
      Include a specific call to action with each post
      This encourages engagement and give users an opportunity to contribute
      Offer a variety of engaging content that appeals to customers
      Content doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the restaurant
      It’s important to show the personality of the bar and it’s owners to easily relate and connect with customers.
    • Content Calendar
      Monday: Music Monday (music news/trivia, what is the bar currently playing?)
      Sample: Now playing: Fleetwood Mac. What’s at the top of your playlist?
      Tuesday: Trivia Tuesday (ask questions pertaining to your interests or the bar and offer a prize)
      Sample: The predominant flavor in gin comes from what berry? First to answer correctly wins a free appetizer!
      Wednesday: White Center Wednesday (spotlight community news)
      Sample: Don’t forget to check out the White Center Art Walk this week! Who’s attending?
      Thursday: Thirsty Thursday (drink specials)
      Friday: Follow Friday (recommend others to your followers who you like and want to be affiliated with)
      Our neighbors are awesome. Seriously. Check them out: (Links)
    • Thirsty Thursday
      Music Monday
      Follow Friday
      Trivia Tuesday
      White Center Wednesday
      Tweet Up
      4th of July
      White Center Art Walk
      Music Monday
      Trivia Tuesday
      Thirsty Thursday
      Follow Friday
      White Center Wednesday
      Follow Friday
      Music Monday
      Trivia Tuesday
      Thirsty Thursday
      White Center Wednesday
      Local musician performs
      Thirsty Thursday
      Follow Friday
      Brunch special
      Music Monday
      Trivia Tuesday
      White Center Wednesday
    • Measurement and Monitoring
      Track and measure revenue and number of customers
      KPI of overall goals and objective
      Monitor and measure quantifiable social media data using free tools
      Facebook Insights --
      Klout score – overall measure of engagement metrics
      Number of retweets, @ mentions and followers
      Monitor engagement via built-in analysis tools
      Facebook Insights, Hootsuite analytics
    • Measurement and Monitoring
      Relate social media metrics to revenue and customers
      Distinguish between impressions and engagements
      Impressions require consumers to have seen/read
      Post views
      Engagements require consumers to act on something they have seen/read
      Comments, follows, @ mentions, RTs, reviews, likes, link clicks
      Compare social media activity levels against revenue and number of customers over the next 4-6 months
      Evaluate the most and least effective tools
      How and where are customers engaging with Company Bar’s social media properties?
      Adjust social media plan based on successes and failures over 4-6 month period
    • Marketing Plan
      Publicize social media presence on collaterol, website
      Use QR codes to provide direct link to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare
      Reward customers for engaging online through Foursquare specials, Facebook and Twitter promotions
      Demonstrate a commitment to the online community by soliciting and incorporating ideas and feedback
      Read and respond to Yelp reviews
      Commit to community event once a month
      Partner with neighboring organizations to cross-promote social media Fridays
      Leverage partnerships for Follow Fridays, Facebook links, etc.
    • Organizational Support, Policy and Training
      Jesse is the personification of Company Bar
      As the face of the restaurant, he also needs to be the voice
      Mirror the tone of the customers engaging with the channels.
      If passing off to employees, need to implement clear social media policy and standards
      Establish explicit social media guidelines that lay out content calendar and engagement protocol