Ppedigree dog treats


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Ppedigree dog treats

  1. 1. PPEDIGREE DOG TREATS By Katie Newell
  2. 2.  The important reasons for doing research is it helps for an understanding of the target audience, what people like to see, things that will attracted them to the product. It is important for adverting so its not wasting time trying to get people to buy the product which aren’t. Also there is can be a lot of money that goes into the advertising part which could all go to waste because research on the product hasn’t been done well enough. PURPOSE OF RESEARCH AND WHY ITS IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISING
  3. 3.  Primary research is the collection of new information which does not already exist for a specific purpose. It is acquired through field research.  Primary research is important because it is what starts the process of finding about what people like out your product. PRIMARY RESEARCH
  4. 4.  I intend of using questionnaires, small focus groups and test marketing to find out peoples thoughts on my product and if it appeals to them or not and the reasons for that so I know what to change and what to keep the same.  Primary research is a good way to find out information because there are many ways to find it out. You can ask different age groups, which gives you a range of different answers to look with to make sure everyone likes the product. PRIMARY RESEARCH
  5. 5.  My research technique is qualitative because they are each giving me a pacific answer and a reason why they like it or don’t like it. QUALITATIVE
  6. 6.  I will present the outcomes of my research by having pros and cons of the product what attracts people and makes people turn away. AND EVALUATE THE VALUE OF THESE DIFFERENT KINDS OF RESEARCH BY IDENTIFYING THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF THE METHODOLOGY.
  7. 7.  Secondary research is the use of information that already exists and has been published for a different purpose. It is acquired through desk research.  Secondary research is useful to my project because it helps me get an insight on what people like and dislike about these kinds of products and what I can do to make mine better. SECONDARY RESEARCH
  8. 8.  I intend on using reviews from other products like mine, sales records from the past few months –EPOS, commercial marketmintel or keynote and trade journal- the grocer or marketing week. I am looking to find out what sells and what doesn’t sell for this product.  Secondary research is the right way to find this out because I can view different figures companies have made from this type of product and what people think they can do to improve it and what they like about it, then I can add that it mine it make mine just as good or even better. SECONDARY RESEARCH
  9. 9.  My secondary research techniques are quantitative because they are giving me numbers of how many products they have sold but it isn’t tell me how or why this is the number. QUANTITATIVE
  10. 10.  I will present the outcomes of my research by having pros and cons of the product what attracts people and makes people turn away. And I will show this in a bar chart which company has the highest number and use their techniques to help me.