Managing the Modern Classroom


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Michelle Bourgeois, Sherri Clemens, and Katie Morrow lead a panel discussion at ISTE 2010 on what it takes to "manage the modern classroom."

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Managing the Modern Classroom

  1. 1. That was then.... Managing a 21st Century Classroom Michelle Bourgeois Sherri Clemens Katie Morrow  Distinguished Educators
  2. 2. Michelle Bourgeois Instructional Technology Coordinator St. Vrain Valley School District Flickr CC jakedobkin
  3. 3. KATIE MORROW O’Neill Public Schools Technology Integration Specialist
  4. 4. Sherri Clemens Technology Instructor K-6 Douglas County School District
  5. 5. What Bugs You?
  6. 6. What Bugs You? Cheating Keeping on Task Socializing Ethics Etiquette
  7. 7. What Bugs You? • Distractions and issues are the same, but tools have changed. • Effective teaching and good class management are more important than ever. • Ask yourself, “What did I do to solve the issue before technology?”
  8. 8. Tips and Strategies from the Classics
  9. 9. 1953 Socializing
  10. 10. CC Flickr chromewavesdotorg CC Flickr juiceboxgasoline • Craft learning experiences that utilize socialization Socializing • Give students opportunities to discuss learning • Practice MWA
  11. 11. 1952 Keeping on Task
  12. 12. CC Flickr juiceboxgasoline CC Flickr margolove Keeping • Stop for regular progress checkups Students on • Mini-conferences with the teacher Task • Give time limits
  13. 13. 1952 Cheating
  14. 14. CC Flickr tidalotter CC Flickr hello_dany • Promote collaboration Cheating • Use other methods of assessment • Reinforce academic consequences
  15. 15. 1951 Ethics and Etiquette
  16. 16. CC Flickr tidalotter CC Flickr popilop Ethics and • Don’t assume they know • Be a role model Etiquette • Monitor and take action when needed
  17. 17. REMEMBER! The tools may have changed, but the problems are the same. Technology has the power to engage your students in a way other tools cannot...use it to your advantage! Engage...empower...excite!
  18. 18. What Bugs You?
  19. 19. All photos from Flickr CC pool Videos from the Internet Archive
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