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Ideas for using iPad for Literacy and Language Arts instruction

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iPad for Literacy DevelopU Westside

  1. 1. Read, Write, and Swipe Language Arts & Literacy with iPad tinyurl.com/LAiPadNETA14
  2. 2. teach42morrow.com
  3. 3. Grammar of Transformation
  4. 4. ...FocusontheVerbs Cameras iPod devices iPads Servers Laptops Apps Software Create Challenge Flip Critique Collaborate Reflect Shift NottheNouns...
  5. 5. Idea Mapping Popplet iBrainstorm Adobe Ideas T-Charts Idea Sketch* Venn
  6. 6. Journaling Inkflow Kids Journal* Paper Penultimate Day One
  7. 7. Audio Record Recordium Croak.it* Audio Boo Songify Audio Notes
  8. 8. Presentation Keynote Prezi Explain Everything VideoScribe Haiku Deck* Tellagami Videolicious
  9. 9. Book Creation My Story Book Maker Book Writer Book Creator* Scribble Press Scribble My Story
  10. 10. ELA Faves Toontastic M-W Dictionary Subtext Grammar Pop HD Quizlet Storyboardthat.com
  11. 11. SAMR model http://www.hippasus.com/ rrpweblog/
  12. 12. S: Substitution
  13. 13. Digital Worksheets
  14. 14. Visual Vocabulary
  15. 15. Theme Study: Motivator Posters
  16. 16. Rhyme and Meter: “I Spy”
  17. 17. Characterization: Type Drawings
  18. 18. What’s your Six Word Story? 6
  19. 19. Good things happen when you move.Challenge provides the best vantage points.
  20. 20. A: Augmentation
  21. 21. Interactive Workbooks: iBooks Author
  22. 22. iTunes U courses
  23. 23. Course Manager
  24. 24. iTunes U app
  25. 25. M: Modification
  26. 26. http://english8atohs13-14.blogspot.com
  27. 27. http://www.youtube.com/user/ONeillPublicSchool
  28. 28. “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories
  29. 29. Quest to Defeat the Ender Dragon Part I By: Jared Hammerlun, Nathaniel Jennings Don’t forget to click on links along the way to make it a choose your own adventure story! Also Videos should also play as soon as you open the slide. Don’t forget to also read the text. Have fun! Begin
  30. 30. There once was a young lad named Steve. He had just spawned, and instantly realized his purpose in life. For the god of Notch himself told him he was created to defeat the one and only Ender Dragon. Collect Wood
  31. 31. Now Steve knew that wood is the essential building block in Minecraft. So he set out immediately to collect it. But now, Steve came upon an important choice. Does he quickly build a house to survive the night, or collect food first? Build HouseCollect Food
  32. 32. After collecting a hefty amount of wood, Steve set immediately building his humble home. In hardly no time at all he had it built. Little did he know though, it would be he undoing. Continue
  33. 33. Fortunately for Steve, food was abundant in his spawn region. He had no problem collecting enough to live through the night, and then some. This abundance of food though, tempted Steve to just continue on without building a house. Go Caving Build House
  34. 34. In Steve’s haste to survive the night. He starved himself to the point of death, before the night even came. A typical mistake made by lots of young players. Respawn
  35. 35. “Learning Letters” with Explain Everything
  36. 36. R: Redefinition
  37. 37. http://tinyurl.com/patriotismibook
  38. 38. http://ops2.esu8.org/staff/katiemorrow/2014_CBLVideos/ StudentSolutions
  39. 39. http://itunes.com/onebestthing
  40. 40. Grades PreK-2 Early Literacy with iPad: Personalizing Learning for the Primary Classroom by Jalayne Fritchley Build sight word development and early literacy skills by creating Multi-Touch books Just-Right Books at their Fingertips:Authoring for Primary Readers by Kristi Meeuwse Create leveled texts for the emerging reading levels of your students Student Authored Portfolios:Archiving Learning with iPad by Kathy Cassidy Primary students archive work with iPad apps and blogs to create digital portfolios Building Literacy through Authoring: Students as Book Publishers by Robyn Torry Elementary students develop literacy skills through authoring book with iBooks Author
  41. 41. Grades 3-5 Student-Authored Books on iTunes U: Sharing Learning Globally by Jenny Grabiec Students create books with Book Creator app and publish to iTunes U Creating a Spark with Authoring: Buliding Interactive Books for Students by Andrew Dickenson Sparking creativity with teacher-created iBooks Author activities APPlied Poetry: Creating and Publishing Multimedia Poetry by Karen Bosch Using iOS apps to create and publish multimedia poetry for elementary students Quality Writing Through Quality Talk:Verbalization to Improve Writing by Paul Hutton Developing writing vocabulary to improve student storytelling and language arts skills Literature Circles with iPad: Collaborative Reading Discussions by David Caleb Implement literature circles with iPad
  42. 42. Grades 6-9+ Student-Centered Literacy:Adolescent Reading Development with iPad by Kaj Kibak Building a student-centered learning environment with focus on literacy skills through iPad Portrait of a Reader: Growth Through Portfolio Development by Janel McCormick Digital portfolios for middle school literacy iPad Enhanced Reading Interventions: Developing Adolescent Readers by Jeanne Halderson Research-based reading instruction techniques with iPad for middle schoolers Photography Inspired Writing: Using iOS Photography to Inspire Struggling Writers by Jim Harmon Using photography on iOS devices to inspire reluctant writers Short Film Adaptations:The Writing Process through Film by Nelson Taylor Using the creative process in movie making to facilitate student writing
  43. 43. nal Tips for “Up-Leveling” Craft a collaborative community Add authentic audiences Leverage learning options Document, reflect, share! 1. 2. 3. 4.
  44. 44. Thank you!