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  • Decided I was meant to work with kids and I could be a positive role model to kids of all ages.
  • Came from a large 6A high school in OKC and I enjoy being in a smaller, more close knit school district.Students are respectful. Heard “yes ma’am” for the first time in awhile!Parental support is great! Get to know families. I know brothers and sisters from NeSmith, McClendon, CMS, and CHS. Everyone is relatedPeople are willing to help and lend a hand anytime.
  • Assistant Principal Internship at CMSSent us to AP conference in AustinPE conferences in San MarcosCoaching clinics in Dallas/Ft. Worth and AustinDr. McClendon has mentored me and allowed me to have opportunities to excel and grow professionally.
  • Challenges as a CISD teacher/coach:Being in a small district is a gift and a curse. You know everything that is going on which is good and bad.Middle of nowhere… no civilization out here… hahaPersonally: getting to have a relationship with the high school kids is tough since I only coach over there.The ROADS to school are rough.Athletics have struggled since I have been here.
  • A day in the life

    1. 1.  NAME OF ACTIVITY: Balls Galore GRADE LEVEL: Any EQUIPMENT: As many tennis balls as possible (at least 60 per player) HIGHLIGHTS: Isometric exercise, cooperation, strategy and teamwork.
    2. 2.  INSTRUCTIONS: This game can be done in pairs or small groups. Personally, I use groups of 2 or 3 players. The object of the game is for 1 player in the group to hold as many tennis balls off the ground as possible. Each team will have the ball holder, and the other player(s) will be the stuffers (those who help place the balls onto the holder. Players will only need to adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Players may not use their clothes or pockets to hold the tennis balls. 2. Players must walk and may only grab one ball at a time to bring back. 3. The tennis balls can not be touching any other player or object. 4. The tennis balls need to be held for 10 seconds to qualify as a hold.After each attempt, allow the players to switch roles so that all players have at least1 attempt at a new world record. HELPFUL HINTS: Personally, I like to give each student more than one attempt so that they may discuss and reconsider strategy. Also, at the end of the period, I time the students on how fast they can get all the tennis balls back into the container.
    3. 3. A day in the life of a Community I.S.D. teacher and coachBy: Katie Fariss
    4. 4.  From Andrews, TX Graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology Obtaining Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Lamar University Teaching/Coaching Experience: 4 years  Taught Algebra 1 and coached in Oklahoma City for 2 years.
    5. 5.  At Community:  Elementary PE Teacher  Varsity volleyball coach  JV basketball coach  Varsity tennis coach  Assistant Principal Intern at CMS 2nd year at Community I.S.D
    6. 6.  Close-knit school district Respectful, well-behaved children Great parental support Teachers have a passion for what they do Work with children of all ages  Work at NeSmith, McClendon, CMS, CHS Community stakeholders are willing to lend a hand
    7. 7.  Elementary PE teacher and high school coach Assistant Principal Internship at CMS Sent to conferences to develop professionally Wonderful mentors School district is open to new ideas
    8. 8.  Being in a small district is a gift and a curse.  News travels fast, both good and bad. Athletics have struggled since I have been here. Morale seems low among students Time management becomes difficult at times
    9. 9.  Middle of nowhere…Literally! The ROADS on the drive to school are rough.
    10. 10.  I need 1 volunteer to be the teacher. You are the students.  Rules: Put yourself in a Kindergartener’s shoes!
    11. 11.  Typical Day: 7:00-7:45am: Morning Duty 7:55-11:15am: Kindergarten and 1st grade PE 12:35-2:15pm: 2nd Grade PE 2:15-2:35pm: Travel time to High School 2:55-6:00pm: High School Athletics/practice
    12. 12. High energy andenthusiasm
    13. 13.  Never a dull moment! Respectful and well-behaved (most of the time  ) Excited to learn about everything Their creativity and vivid imaginations They love you no matter what!
    14. 14.  9th- 12th grade Volleyball, basketball, tennis Build relationships with high school girls Get to relate to and mentor these girls
    15. 15.  Work alongside Mr. Rainey at CMS Able to see the students grow and mature Middle school kids are at such an impressionable age Many experiences through this internship  Teacher evaluations  Student discipline  Analyzing test data  Assisting students
    16. 16.  Working at Community I.S.D. truly is an incredible experience! We must continue to do everything we can to help the students succeed!!! GO BRAVES!!!