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Lifesavers Ad Campaign

  1. 1. Executive Summary:Life Savers are refreshing and tasteful mints that are packaged in a way that allows you to enjoythe mint yourself and share the bliss with others! Life Savers are packed together in a large bagthat enables a generous distribution. We want to emphasize the positive benefits that Life Savershave to offer in order to increase sales and create more brand awareness. While working closelywith our client, we have devised numerous advertising tactics in order to reach our goal. We planto produce print and Internet ads, TV commercials, and billboards in order to reach our targetaudience effectively. Our brand activation ideas will work hand in hand with our advertising inorder to reach the primary goal as well. In order to reposition Life Savers it is extremely vital toexpress to our target audience that Life Savers is not only a revitalizing treat, but a mint that youcan share with those you care about.Overview:Mints are usually associated with making your breath clean and fresh. However, for this campaign,we wanted to focus on another benefit that Life Savers has. Our main goal is to position Life Saversas a mint that is worth sharing or in other words “Made to share”. According to our research, ourtarget market consists of women ages 18-49. Our research participants expressed that they werelikely to share their mints. By repositioning Life Savers as a mint that is worth sharing we hopeto create more brand awareness and allow people to spread the word about Life Savers. We planto implement different advertising strategies in order to accomplish our communication goal andalso increase sales by 3%. With a $10 million dollar budget, I.O.N. Advertising is ready for thiscampaign to flourish and be successful. 1
  2. 2. I.O.N. Advertising, short for In Other News Advertising, is an advertising agency that was established in 2011. With a total offive dedicated employees, I.O.N. Advertising has efficiently and effectively worked to achieve success for each of their clients. I.O.N.Advertising stops at nothing. I.O.N. Advertising will never succumb to any hardships. The team works together to create a communica-tion and sales goal for their client. Once the goal is established I.O.N is able to research the client’s target market. When the targetmarket is determined, I.O.N. Advertising sinks their claws into creative concepts and generates various ideas that will work hand inhand with their initial goal. I.O.N. comes full circle and will not stop until the client is completely content and happy. 2
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  4. 4. Competitive ForcesThe mint market has been and continues to be a fairly consistent and favorable market. Life Saver’s main competitors are Altoids,TicTacs, Mentos, Icebreakers, and Certs.Economic ForcesIn these tough economic times, shoppers want the best and most for their money. Life Savers mints are offered in bulk and personalsize packaging, allowing consumers to have diversity in their options. The bulk bag is a more economic option that offers individuallywrapped mints. The Life Savers “roll” provides a quick mint for individuals and tends to be a more impulsive purchase.Sociocultural ForcesIn our current society, people are heavily concerned with cleanliness and sanitary conditions. Hand sanitizer is now offered in mostpublic places and it is not unusual for someone to have a portable hand sanitizer in their bag. Life Savers is one of the only brandsthat offers individually wrapped mints guaranteeing cleanliness. Since the mints are guaranteed to be clean, consumers will be morelikely to share them. 6
  5. 5. Marketing ObjectiveOur main marketing objective is to increase sales by 3% by the end of this campaign.Advertising ObjectiveThe primary communication goal is to create a 65% awareness of Life Savers mints for women ages 18-49. Due to the fact that the com-prehension has dropped 60% it is imperative to stay on track with our goal.Time FrameOur plan will be to implement this campaign over the course of a year. The campaign will commence January of 2013. 7
  6. 6. I.O.N. advertising was given a budget of $10,000,000 to create an effective campaign for LifeSaver mints. Our final budget that we calculated was $9,384,107 which is $615,893 under ourgiven budget. We have divided our budget among four different media with the results of: Media Cost Budget Summary: Television $3,180,000 Magazines $2,798,933 Internet $450,000 Billboards $1,975,174 Production $980,000 Total Campaign Cost: $9,384,107 8
  7. 7. • Find out what consumers think about Life Savers and mints in general through quantitative methods• Determine Life Savers competitors and compare their advertising strategies• Find out history of Life Savers marketing• Utilize MRI for insight into the Life Savers mint’s target market and their media channel preferences 9
  8. 8. Primary Research Through an online survey, I.O.N advertising gathered the perceptions of both male and females. Our survey yielded 138responses. Of these respondents, 82.6% were female, 94.9% were between the ages of 18-24, and 61.5% were employed. Thesurvey asked what emotional and functional benefits mints provide. Our survey found that consumers buy mints because they enjoythe taste and the product makes their mouth feel clean. Contrary to our initial belief, consumers do not buy mints because theyprovide a feeling of attractiveness or heightened esteem. The majority of respondents said that they did not care whether their mints were individually wrapped or not. However,92.5% of our sample said that cleanliness was important or strongly important to them. 81.1% of respondents said that they sharetheir mints and when asked if they accept mints from other people, 84.9% also agreed or strongly agreed. These findings providean opportunity since respondents regularly share mints but also want to be clean. Since Life Savers mints are individually wrapped,they are more sanitary and therefore easier to share with others. By highlighting that Life Savers are easier to share, the brandcould have a unique advantage over the competition. We also asked respondents which three brands came to mind when they think of mints.The question was open response,ensuring a smaller bias. Out of 131 respondents, 66 named Life Savers as one of the three most recognizable mint brands. Altoidsreceived 75 responses, identifying them as a more recognizable brand. 10
  9. 9. Secondary Research I.O.N advertising researched competitors websites and marketingstrategies. We found that Life Savers website was lacking in interactivity andoriginality. The website offers information on flavors and nutritional facts, but failsto offer anything else. In comparison, Altoids’ website offers product information,an interactive summary of its history, and ten different games. Using the information provided by MRI+, we were able to determine thetarget market and their media preferences. The database informed us that thetarget market for Life Savers mints are women 18-49. This demographic regularlyconsumes media concerning daytime dramas. This media includes daytimetelevision soap operas on channels like Soapnet and magazines such as SoapOpera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly. 11
  10. 10. Functional BenefitsLifesavers are a strong, sweet mint that freshens the mouth without a harsh aftertaste. The product line has a plethora of flavorsincluding traditional mints, fruit-mints, and sugarfree mints allowing users to chooseEmotional BenefitsMany respondents claimed that they enjoyed mints because the product provides a sense of rejuvenation. Also, majority of sur-vey participants expressed that they would be likely to share their mints. Since Life Savers come in a large bag they can be easilyshared and distributed to others. Satisfaction is an emotional benefit for sharing mints. Customers will also be viewed as verygenerous and therefore it will be very rewarding.Self-expressive BenefitsSince the majority of respondents expressed that cleanliness is important to them, using the individually wrapped Life Savermints will place consumers in the desired reference group of being clean individuals. This is so through using the mint for freshbreath and the fact that the mint stays clean in its’ individual package. Also, consumers will be placed in a group of those whoare giving. The individual package makes the mints ideal for sanitary sharing. 12
  11. 11. The survey showed that 80-85% of our our respondents either share their mints or are willing to accept mintsfrom others. In contrast, 92.5% said that cleanliness is important or extremely important to them. With these twostatistics in mind, we plan to highlight Life Savers individually-wrapped mints and large bag size in order to promotesharing form the consumer. We will not be highlighting sexuality in our campaign because contrary to our initial belief, respondents didnot use mints for a boost in self esteem or attractiveness. Instead we will be proposing that Life Savers are a mintthat is easy to share and easy to accept from others, which will promote use for the product. Our campaign will focuson how Life Savers are a mint that you can share more easily than other mints. With this information in mind, we have created the slogan “made to share”. This phrase clearly and simplycaptures the essence of our message to our market. We will integrate our message across different mediums in-cluding print, television, and Internet. 14
  12. 12. THE BIG IDEAThere are some things that you share, and some you don’t. Life Savers are made to share. MINTS Made To Share
  13. 13. Creative StrategyWith our target market being so broad—women between ages 18 and 49—we needed a campaign that could appeal to this entiregroup. For our campaign we will humorously contrast things that you do and do not share. All ads give an absurd example of some-thing that people do not share and contrasting, our message will offer . Following this will be the our message: “Life Savers: Made toshare”. The bottom of all our ad will integrate the Internet with the call-to-action: “Learn how to share at”.Art DirectionThe print ads will contain situations of people trying to share things that they should not. The background will be the Life Savers’Peel Bag design that uses different shades of one color and lines with a central vanishing point. In each example, the subject will bea silhouette centered and the text will be above and below them. Our examples include a couple on a date, a woman taking a bath,and a couple having an intimate moment while another person tries to pull them away.CopyWritingThe headline for our print ads will name the examples of things you wouldn’t share. This will be on the top of the print ad. Our ex-amples include, “You wouldn’t share: (example)” in the power left. The example will be of something that you do not normally share.Under the example will be the tag line “Life Savers: Made to Share”. 16
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  18. 18. To test our advertisements and figure out ways to improve our ideas, we ran our concepts by various females in our target market.They all agreed that Life Saver mints are perfect for sharing with their individual packaging and were really drawn to this idea. Initially,we were trying to incorporate both cleanliness and sharing into our tag line and creative concepts. The women felt that it was much moreimportant to focus simply on the sharing aspect and making a connection. From this we developed our more simple tag line - “Made toShare” and based our ads around various things women would not want to share, to compare to our product. 21
  19. 19. Media Objectives Media Strategies• Reach the Target Audience Effective Reach: 65%Our target audience is women ages 18-49. In order to reach our target audience we Effective Frequency: 3plan to advertise by using television, print advertisements in magazines, the Internet, Continuity: We are planning a continuousand billboards. campaign because we feel there is no set time of the year that Life Savers mints should be more advertised more. We feel our campaign• Geographic Scope of the Placement will be most effective if it has a steady place inFor our campaign, we have decided to go with a combination of national and regional the media over a year.advertising. Our commercials, print advertisements, Internet advertisements will allbe placed nationally. Our billboards will be placed regionally in metropolitan areas. Length/Size of AdvertisementsThis is to attract women going to work or driving their kids around. These areas include Television: 30 second commercials- New York City, Seattle, Washington D.C., Tucson, Atlanta, Madison and Denver. Print: 1-8.5 x 11 page spreads• Message WeightSince we are only focusing on national placement of our advertisements, we want Internet: Roughly 280 x 336 pixels (verticaleach different media - television, print, Internet, and billboards- to receive equal and large rectangular skin)message weight. We want each different form of media to be heavily weighted Billboard: 14 feet x 48 feetbecause we find each one to be very important to achieving our goal. 22
  20. 20. Television American Idol on FOX Weds-Thurs With American Idol starting in January, just like our campaign,General Hospital on ABC 3pm Mon-Fri this is a good place to start off our commercials. Running throughGeneral Hospital also places in the top three Daytime programs May, and as the most watched TV series in the Nielson ratings, thisfor women. As a classic soap opera airing five days a week, this prime time show has a huge following of younger, but especiallygives our commercials a great deal of exposure, especially to the older women.older portion of our target market. Millionaire Matchmaker on BRAVO 9 pm TuesdaysThe View on ABC 11 am Mon-Fri For a Fall prime time spot, Millionaire Matchmaker gets about 1.4The View is Daytime’s number one program in women ages 18- million viewers per episode, majority who are women.34. This is ideal for our target market and a great daytime timeslot for our commercials.Sex and The City on Style 3-5pm SunOur research from MRI showed that the women in our targetwatch Style Network heavily. This popular syndicated show forwomen continues to bring in high numbers. 23
  21. 21. MagazinesAll of our print advertisements will be a one page spread.Soap Opera Digest - 417,429 circulationThis magazine appeals to middle aged woman who want to tracktheir favorite and latest soap opera celebrities and stories.Cosmopolitan - 3,032,211 circulationBeing a women’s magazine since the 1960s, Cosmopolitan continuesto attract young and hip women looking to spice up life.People Magazine - 3,556,753 circulationThis weekly magazine based around current celebrity news has ahuge appeal to a broad range of women. Woman’s World - 1,308,599 circulationParenting Early Years Magazine - 2,227,351 circulation A weekly supermarket magazine that features famous womanParenting Magazine attracts new parents and parents to be through and addresses popular female issues, and is read by middleits family oriented material. aged woman. 24
  22. 22. MINTS Media SchedulingBillboards InternetLife Savers has chose to put billboards in the following For our Internet campaign, Life Savers had decided to advertisecities for three months each: (chosen based on solely on Pandora. Our choice was a “skin” advertisement, whichgeographic location) is when the whole background of the website is taken over by a brand with their campaign. The skin will follow the same conceptNew York City - 8,008,278 as the print ads. We have placed our skin to come up whenever a Atlanta - 420,003Seattle - 563,374 user begins to listen to a country music station. Country music has Madison - 233,209Washington D.C. - 601,723 a huge following of women in our target market. Denver - 600,158Tucson - 546,569 25
  23. 23. MINTS Media Scheduling23 $3,180,000 $2,798,000 $1,975,174 26
  24. 24. Billboards Television City # of Months Total Cost Program # of times Cost for each Total Cost1 New York, NY 3 $1,441,490 1 General Hospital 24 $30,000 $720,0002 Seattle, WA 3 $101,407 2 The View 24 $30,000 $720,0003 Washington D.C. 3 $108,310 3 Sex and The City 18 $30,000 $540,0004 Tuscon, AZ 3 $98,362 4 American Idol 20 $30,000 $600,0005 Atlanta, GA 3 $75,600 5 Millionaire Matchmaker 20 $30,000 $600,0006 Madison, WI 3 $41,997 Total for Television: $3,180,0007 Denver, CO 3 $108,028 Total for Billboards $1,975,174 Magazines Internet Title # of pages Cost per page Total Cost Website Reach Frequency Impressions Total Cost1 Soap Opera Digest 2 $13,709 $27,418 1 Pandora 3,000,000 3 9,000,000 $450,0002 Cosmopolitan 4 $244,100 $976,400 Total for Internet $450,0003 People Magazine 4 $288,500 $1,154,0004 Parenting: Early Years 3 $131,740 $395,2205 Womans World 3 $81,965 $245,895 Total for Magazines $2,798,933 27
  25. 25. Website“Learn how to share” Educational SegmentSince all of our advertisements direct consumers to our website with the promise“Learn how to share at”, the main page of our website will includean educational segment on sharing. The section will feature many “inspirational life-savers”, or philanthropists, of the past century. These are people who have selflesslycontributed a great deal of resources, ideas, and effort to benefit others. Viewerswill be able to scroll through brief biographies of well-known philanthropists likeMother Teresa, Clara Barton and Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as lesser-knownphilanthropists like Harry Moseley and Zach Bonner. This educational campaign willshow visitors that anyone can share and how average people can make a profounddifference.Objective: This section of the site will aim to motivate consumers to share by educatingthem on past inspirational philanthropists. The how to share campaign also forwardsour overall objectives because it reinforces our brand as “the mint that you share”.Strategy: We will promote “learn how to share” with a call-to-action on all of our advertisements across every medium. We will alsopromote this brand activation through the social media. On Facebook and Twitter we will post and tweet small, interesting facts aboutthese philanthropists and provide a link to the website if our followers want to learn more. 28
  26. 26. Website“How Do You Share?” ContestION Advertising proposes the “How do you share?” online video contest, forconsumers to compete for the next Lifesaver’s television commercial. To promoteour new “Made to Share” concept, contestants will need to make a video thatshows a unique way or circumstance to share Life Savers mints. The sweepstakeswill be open on our website for entries during the months of March and April.Through this time contestants will upload, view, and rate videos through aYoutube account embedded in our website. The winning video will be chosen onMay 1st based on the number of positive views and the ad would begin running inSeptember. Through our voting system, contestants will need to share their videoand promote awareness of Lifesaver mints to their friends.Objectives: To promote sharing and teaching others interesting ways to share.Strategy: All of our advertisements direct consumers to our website with a call to action, but to further to build awareness of “how do youshare?” video contest, we will again utilize social media. Through twitter and Facebook we will tweet and post interesting ways to sharefollowed by the call-to-action “Show us how you share at 29
  27. 27. P.O.P Promotion“Share A Saver”The “Share a Saver” promotion involves giving away one Life Savers to each customer for free at checkout counters where Life Savers aresold. We plan to partner with CVS locations across the Northeast since our target demographic is heavily located in that area. CVS is agood selection because their new campaign Beauty 360 aims to attract more women by creating a better customer experience. Individuallywrapped Lifesavers will be placed in an open container at the checkout counter. There will be a message behind the container that says,“Please take a free Life Saver. We love to share a saver with you.” The promotion will take place during July and will be featured in 500 storesacross the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.Objective: The aim of this is to reinforce the sharing concept and generate customer interest through free samples.Strategy: We will promote “Share a saver” with the containers and message at checkout. We imagine that this alone will create enoughbuzz among employees and consumers to sufficiently promote the campaign. 30
  28. 28. Our two objectives were to increase awareness by 65% and increase sales by 3%. Since our advertising remains relatively consistentthroughout the year, brand activations will be the primary variable in our change in sales and awareness 31
  29. 29. Creative Brief – Life Savers Historical Background: In 1912, Life Savers founder Clarence Crane put a hole in the middle of his mints for differentiation and named them “Life Savers” for their resemblance to mini life preservers. Six years later, the Wint-O-Green flavor mint was introduced, followed by the 5-flavor roll pack. In 2000, Life Savers were purchased by Kraft Foods and stayed with them for four years until Wrigley took over the brand. Life Savers continue to make various products, along with the traditional mint flavors and 5-flavor roll. Goals: Our main goal for this campaign is to increase sales by 3% as well as increase awareness by 65% for women ages 18-49. Target Market: The target market for Life Saver Mints is very broad. For this campaign we will focus our advertising on women ages 18-49. Life Saver’s secondary target includes men ages 18- 49. Advertising Problem: Currently, Life Savers Mints are solely recognized as the mint that is wrapped individually. We plan to highlight their large packaging in order to sell the product. By32 integrating their generous portion size along with the friendly concept of sharing this campaign can be successful. Advertising Objectives: Our main objective for this campaign is to position Life Savers as a mint that is made to share. In order to reposition this brand we must convey that Life Savers are distributed in large bags and they deserve to be shared. Target Customer: Our target customer is for women ages 18-34. We will be breaking up our target market into two separate groups. One part of the advertising plan will be directed at women ages 18-34. This set of women includes the college student as well as the young bachelorette. Our second group includes women ages 35-49. This particular set of women includes married women or just women with children. Underlying emotion need: Women are likely to purchase things that make them feel clean and will keep others satisfied. Women ages 18-24 will purchase something that they can share with their friends or co-workers. Women ages 35-49 purchase things that they will be able to share with their family. Purchasing a bag of Life Savers will fulfill this emotional need to share and keep the people around them content. Competition Altoids, Tic Tacs, Mentos, Ice Breakers, and Breath Savers