When Does Morning Sickness Start?


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When Does Morning Sickness Start? This is a question which pops up with regularity, i will give details about this. This presentation also includes morning sickness remedies that you can try. http://www.mymorningsicknesscures.info/

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When Does Morning Sickness Start?

  1. 1. When Does Morning Sickness Start? For More Information On How To Get Rid Of Morning Sickness Visit – Morning Sickness Cures
  2. 2. • Morning sickness refers to a condition during pregnancy and is marked by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. • The condition is experienced by more than seventy percent of pregnant women, apart from a few women, who have gone through hormone replacement therapy or used hormonal contraception
  3. 3. • The condition usually appears in the early morning hours and lowers, as the day progresses. • As it is, the nausea may be mild or may lead to actual vomiting. Such a condition is usually the very initial signs of pregnancy.
  4. 4. • Morning sickness generally begins during the sixth week of pregnancy. This period is generally marked by a boost in the circulation of estrogen in the body. • As it is, estrogen levels get hugely increased during pregnancy • During this period, women may also go through low blood sugar levels, as a result of the draining of energy from the mother through placenta, which may be another cause of morning sickness
  5. 5. • An enhancement in progesterone levels may lead to excessive secretion of stomach acids which is believed to be another major reason for morning sickness. • The condition might also be caused due to an increase in gastroesophageal reflux diseases. • Apart from these factors, pregnant women also experience an enhancement in sensitivity to odors. • This further stimulates the condition of nausea. Apart from that, there may also be an increase in chorionic gonadotropin, which may further lead to such a condition.
  6. 6. • Morning sickness may be caused due to several other factors. Whatever might be the reason, morning sickness can be an extremely difficult condition. • However, there are several ways by which you can lower the condition, if not eliminate it completely. • Vitamin B6 can be quite helpful in such a condition. Vitamin B6 along with Doxylamine can be quite excellent in treating this condition.
  7. 7. • Ginger can also be an excellent remedy. • Ginger can be taken in the form of capsules, as well as in the form of ginger tea. You may also do a bit of change in your diet. • Identify vegetables and foods, which are causing this condition, and avoid their intake. You should also avoid smells, which cause nausea.
  8. 8. • In any case, the condition generally disappears around the twelfth week of pregnancy. • For More Information On How To Get Rid Of Morning Sickness Visit – Morning Sickness Cures