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  • 1. 3rd Person Singular
    By: Kathryn GAugler
  • 2. Objectives:
    • Identify 3rd person singular pronouns
    • 3. Correctly identify instances of 3rd person in context.
    • 4. Use 3rd person correctly in sentences.
    Extended Objective:
    Write paragraph in 3rd person to describe a family member or friend. Include a description of what they do, what they look like, their age, height and/or physical characteristics.
  • 5. Let’s Review:
    The first person is when the speaker is talking about ____________________.
    How are you?
    Hi. My name is Tim.
    The second person is when the speaker is talking to _______________________.
    someone else
  • 6. Good work!
  • 7. The 3rd person refers to:
    Someone or something being spoken about
    That person or thing is NOT involved in the conversation!
    3rd Person Singular
  • 8. he
    There are two pronouns to use in place of someone’s name in English.
    these only are used to refer to one person.
    3rd Person Pronouns
  • 9. Did you know….?
    Many books are written in the 3rd person.
    Think of your favorite book…
    Does it use words like he and she?
    If it does – that’s the 3rd person!
    Cool Fact
  • 10. He likes to read books about cowboys.
    She paints a picture in art class.
    3rd Person Examples
  • 11. The 3rd person also works for nouns that aren’t people.
    The pronoun for these words would be:
  • 12. Notice that we eliminate the definite/indefinite articles, possessive adjectives and demonstrative adjectives.
  • 18. Now it’s your turn!
  • 19. He
    My dad works very hard. __________ works with cars.
  • 20. I live in New York City. _________ is a very loud and busy place.
  • 21. She
    ________ wore a dress to the dance. Anna looked very pretty.
  • 22. Which one of these sentences is written in the 3rd person?
    You talk too fast. You should slow down when reading a big paragraph.
    My friend is Andrew. He is funny and nice. Sometimes he visits my house.
    I live with my mom and brother. I have two dogs and a cat.
  • 23. Great job! Keep practicing!
    Try writing a short paragraph about a friend or family member. Give it to your teacher when you are done.