Control the Cold


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FOB on how to stay healthy and how to get better.Published in The OutCrowd Magazine 2008.

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Control the Cold

  1. 1. Ga11ant's quick tips & tricks for staying healthy Wash hands frequently for 0 full 30 seconds (sing ‘Happy Birthday‘ in your head while you're of the sink). Don't rub your eyes or nose when sick: it's on entryway for bacteria. Use onfibcictericil cloths to wipe down your phone. doorknobs. computer, and other surfaces you touch mosfoften. Beware of what other people touch on campus and what kind of germs coin lurk there. Corry hand sanitizer in your tote bag. Change your sheets weekly. Don'fshciredrinks, Chc1pSfick. or other things that touch your mouth. « the out crowd » JANUARY 2008 8 Control the No one likes being sick. especially when they get their hacking cough from the kid with the runny nose who sits next to them in the computer lab. With that said, there's no need to stay cooped up in bed unless you're running a fever. But following these etiquette guidelines from Michelle Gallant, the wellness educator for SU Health Services, will help ensure you're not that annoying invalid every- one tries to avoid. When a cold feels like it’s creeping on, Gallant suggests taking immediate action. There are other ways to fight ofi an infection than just attacking germs. Embrace new and old remedies like Airborne, Echinacea (although it can worsen colds for people with seasonal allergies). vitamin C, drinking tons of non-cafieinated fluids, and getting as much sleep as possible. Most people know to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze. but Gallant suggests sneezing into an elbow or shoulder. not onto bare skin. "When you sneeze and cough into sleeves. germs die in the fabric, " she explains. This prevents germs from spreading onto hands and then onto communal surfaces like doorknobs, vending machines, and desks. Following cold etiquette is all about having common sense. just think about how much you hate being sick and that those around you feel the same. So the next time that kid at the other computer starts wiping up snot with his shirtsleeve, hand him a tissue and tell him to go makeahottoddy . .. .. . Make a Hot Toddy: I 02. bourbon, whiskey, or brandy I tablespoon honey I/4 lemon I cup boiling water I feo bog (herbol) Make 0 cup of I00. Let leo bog seep for five minutes. In 0 separate cup, pour in honey and lemon juice with your choice of spirits. Pour hot led into honey/ lemon/ alcohol mixture. Drink up.