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Facebook Places
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Facebook Places


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A brief introduction to Facebook's newest initiative: Places.

A brief introduction to Facebook's newest initiative: Places.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Places.
    EMAC 4325 | Katie Haag September 2010
  • 2. 01 | Overview
    Functions. Social Implications
  • 3. Share Where You Are.
    Connect With Friends Nearby.
    • Check in and your update will appear on the Place page, your friends' News Feed and your Wall.
    • 4. Tag the friends you're with so they can be part of your update.
    • 5. Appear in "Here Now" to friends and others nearby who are also checked in.
    • 6. Browse status updates of friends checked in nearby.
    • 7. After checking in, tap "Here Now" to see who else is checked in where you are.
  • 02 | The Difference
    Data. Privacy Preferences
  • 8. The Network.
    Facebook’s confidence lies in the size of their network.
    What’s the catch?
    Only 1/3 Facebook users access the site from a mobile device.
    • 1/3 = 166 million
    Gowalla and Foursquare have 100% of their users within the mobile sphere.
    • 100% = 3 million
    Check-in applications rely on mobile adaptability.
  • 9. Privacy.
    [The intersection of human nature and technology.]
    Social Security.
    Facebook Places opts users in by default.
    That means:
    Friends can tag friends any time, any place (regardless if they are actually there) - and this shows publicly in users’ network and profile feeds.
    So, what happens to the “White Lie?”
    Facebook users must make a choice:
    Join in and risk privacy?
    Or “opt out” and feel “left out?”
  • 10. 03 | Shiny Objects
    Who’s on board?
  • 11. TopGuest
    Aggregates check-ins from partner venues into loyalty points programs.
    Turns Facebook Places into animated popularity contest, where points are earned through fist-bumping, winking and high-fiving.
  • 12. Currently available for iPhone.
    Option to post back to Facebook your intended excursion in the future.
    Displays Facebook friends currently checked in.
    Crowd demographics revealed (whether or not your friends are there.)
  • 13. Reviews can be filtered by all Yelp users/Friends only.
    Yelp feed offers user reviews/tips based on past experiences.
    Event tracking mechanism displays upcoming social gatherings. Demographics revealed for event, based on projected check-ins.
  • 14. 04 | Foursquare and Gowalla
    Mainstream. Incentives
  • 15. The Future of “GeoSocial.”
    With Facebook Places reaching such a large network, users are now understanding the concept of “checking-in.”
    Four days after the announcement of Facebook Places, Foursquare users soared from 2.6 million to 3 million, marking their biggest growth spurt ever.
    Facebook and “The Ribbon Factor”
    Without incentives (or badges) will Facebook Places survive?