Genealogy 101


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Katie Derby's genealogy 101 presentation

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Genealogy 101

  1. 1. Katie Quick Derby
  2. 2.  Genealogy is the academic study of ancestry and family groups Family History is the biographical study of individuals belonging to a family group.
  3. 3.  Religion Heritage Medical Estate Biographical Historical Hobby Passion
  4. 4.  Many 101 methods out there Some focus on compiled sources first Some focus on Genealogy, some on Family History I focus on an “instant start” method that I call the Census Start.
  5. 5.  Can be done at home in your pajamas Does not require any information from other family member before you can get going Places you in primary sources from the beginning Forces you to navigate the world of online research Introduces you to many of the pitfalls of sources without as much of the danger of getting horribly off- track
  6. 6.  The name of an ancestor born prior to 1930 and enough information about them to distinguish them from others with the same name An internet connection A way of recording information: PAF, Other Software, Group/ Pedigree Charts
  7. 7.  Family Search: complete index, no images yet, free Heritage Quest: images with index, not complete, free through libraries Ancestry: complete index with images, free in Family History Centers, otherwise available through subscriptions
  8. 8.  Search in all three databases Alternate spellings Use more or less information in the search fields Search for a family member Search in the 1920 Census Go to a FHC for help
  9. 9.  Follow a person backwards in the census as far as you can go Begin to follow the other members of a family group Start with maternal lines, then go to paternal lines
  10. 10.  Write it down Attach downloaded images Record NIL searches with dates in a research log Forces yourself to cite your sources
  11. 11.  Homeownership: land  Veteran Status: Military records Records Estate: tax records  Job: Employment/Union Education status: school Records records  Marital Status: Immigration: Marriage/Divorce/Death Naturalization/Immigra- Records tion Records  Age: Birth/Christening Records
  12. 12.  Primary Secondary Compiled Mixed
  13. 13.  Birth Death Marriage
  14. 14.  Christening Baptism Burial
  15. 15.  Land Patents Bounty Lands Deed Books
  16. 16.  Wills Estate Inventories Guardianship Records
  17. 17.  Muster Rolls Draft Cards National Archives Revolutionary War records
  18. 18.  Family Bibles Compiled Trees Privately published books Certificates Newspaper Clippings Invitations Announcements Letters
  19. 19.  Funeral Home/Sexton Records Hospital Records Immigration Records Tax Records Court Records Society Publications/Periodicals
  20. 20.  Maps Gazeteer Dictionary Research Guides and Wikis Online Communities Family Search Ancestry
  21. 21.  Family Search: wiki, familytech Ancestry BYU Many blogs, magazines, books
  22. 22. Presentation available online at