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Mc brides powerpoint-term 1-2012



My family history. McBrides.

My family history. McBrides.



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Mc brides powerpoint-term 1-2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. McBrides FAMILY HISTORY.
  • 2. Where does the name McBride come from? As a Scottish name, McBride is derived from the Gaelic “ Mac Gille Brighde,” which means “son of the servant of St.Brigit.” This is a scottish Gaelic word for church “ cill Brighde,” became a place name (Kilbride, in Lanarkshire) and some bearers of McBride may have originally taken their surnames from this.
  • 3. First Settlers Some of the first settlers of this family name/or some variants were: Owen Kilbride who settled in Texas with his wife and two children in 1852; Andrew Kilbride and his three children arrived in Boston in 1849; Alexander, Andrew, Archibald , Bernard, Charles , Daniel, David, Edward, Hugh, James, John, Mary, Micheal, Neil, Patrick, Thomas, William McBride, all arrived in Philadelphia between 1840- 1860.
  • 4. Does McBride come from various different contexts? McBride has many different spelling variations such as; MacBride, McBride, Macbryde, Macbraid, MacBride an, McKillbride, McGillbride, Macilvride, Mackelbre ed, McBryde, Bridson, Brydson, Kilbride, Gilbride, M acBridan, Macllvride, MacBraid and numerous more.
  • 5. Where does the name McBride originate from? First found in Arran, an Island in North Ayrshire, in the fifth of Clyde, where the name has long existed, although the name’s earliest roots are from the county of Donegal in Ireland! According to legend, both the Scottish and the Irish branches are descended from the son of the servant of (St.) Brigit, which is the virgin Abbess of Kildare, whom of which died in 525 A.D.
  • 6. McBrides coat of arms. As we all know, many families have their own coat of arms. Along with reason behind what it stands for, and who created it. With the McBride coat of arms, from various research attempts, i havent been able to find descriptive information on what the McBride coat of arms, is all about. If there is one thing to say describing it, on behalf of all coat of arms, they are created for a reason, symbolise something, some known, some un- known.
  • 7. Census Records This picture shows, where various McBrides live in England and Whales. While observing the key, you can see what parts of Whales and England they live in, and how many live in these areas.
  • 8. Census Records Here as is the same with Whales and England, show’s where McBrides live in The United States Of America. Although, these McBrides may not be family in the Mcbrides inner circle, they do all trace back to Donegal, Ireland. Therefore, it is interesting to see where different McBrides immigrated.
  • 9. Family TreeThe McBrides family tree is huge, back in the earlyyears, families were known to have many children.Here is a family tree i created, providing my mainfamily members.
  • 10. Some noteworthy people of the name: McBride• Kevin Martin McBride (b. 1973), Irish Olympic boxer• William John "Willie" McBride (b. 1940), Irish rugby player• Daniel Richard "Danny" Mcbride (b. 1976), American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer• Patricia McBride (b. 1942), American ballet dancer• Robert McBride (b. 1911), American musician and composer• Kenneth Faye "Ken" McBride (b. 1935), former American Major League Baseball pitcher• Martina McBride (b. 1966), American country music singer• George Wycliffe McBride (1854-1911), United States Senator from Oregon• Jon Andrew McBride (b. 1943), former NASA astronaut with over 8 days in space• Thomas Raymond McBride (1914-2001), American former Major League Baseball outfielder
  • 11. Some famous McBrides
  • 12. That was McBrides history