Where, oh where did wearables go?


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Where have all the wearable devices gone? The Magic Kingdom, that's where. A look at the wonders Disney's MagicBand, a bright beacon for the future of wearable technology.

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Where, oh where did wearables go?

  1. where, oh where did wearables go?
  2. mine ended up in the junk drawer
  3. sitting alongside an old Tamagatchi
  4. surely a sign, these devices were doomed
  5. until I discovered a magical place where wearables are thriving
  6. where they have their own groupies
  7. they’re worn by parents and kids (heck, even the rodents got on board)
  8. the wearables went to the happiest place on earth
  9. and were gifted the name “MagicBand”
  10. say it with me, “MagicBand”
  11. the $$$$$$ just rolls off your tongue
  12. Disney cracked the winning wearables formula
  13. you can buy that set of Minnie ears (that will guarantee you at least 5 s on Instagram) with your MagicBand…
  14. unlock your hotel room (after a few too many Hakuna Matata cocktails)
  15. cut in front of the poor kids waiting in the ridiculously long Space Mountain line, guilt free
  16. be identifiable, in case of a magical emergency (sometimes Goofy bites)
  17. and accessorise to your inner 10 year old heart’s delight
  18. the MagicBand transforms your vacation experience into an effortless wave of the wrist
  19. it’s a band that does your bidding
  20. I tried this out with my old battery drained Jawbone UP
  21. and I ended up *accidentally* hitting my boyfriend in the face
  22. I think it’s time to put these babies on ebay
  23. and start saving for Florida, baby.
  24. MagicBand me.
  25. Wocka wocka wocka!