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The story of the hammer.
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The story of the hammer.


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business

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  • 1. if I had a hammer, it would look like this.
  • 2. But Who would trust me with a hammer?
  • 3. i’ve never reall used one y
  • 4. up to this point in my life i’ve managed quite well without a toolbox
  • 5. When you’re an un-handy woman,you too will find that thumb tacks And Adhesive hooks can work wonders.
  • 6. unfortunatel houses are not y built with sticky tack.
  • 7. when i volunteered for habitat for humanity, i did not take this into consideration.
  • 8. i showed up at the build site, bright eyed and bushy tailed. ready to build a house.
  • 9. i imagined it would be just like making and decorating gingerbread houses. I w hoping to be in charge of lining the roof with gumdrops. as
  • 10. one look at the height of the ladderclimb up to the roof, killed that dream. Fast.
  • 11. instead I volunteered for the ‘ground crew.’
  • 12. i quickl found out that the ground crew name is deceptive. y there reall is no standing on the ground. y
  • 13. the ladders stand on the ground.we stand on the tippy top steps.
  • 14. while we hammer.
  • 15. above our heads.(notice the rock hard muscles this requires)
  • 16. at first my hammering w comparable to chicken pecks. asPeck, Peck, Peck.
  • 17. after out-pecking the hungriest chicken you could find the nail still didn’t budge.
  • 18. i w then introduced to the hammer sWING. aspull her back.and let her rip.
  • 19. my hammering then took on a rhythm:swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.hit.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.hit.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.hit.
  • 20. slowl the nail inched it’s w y into the w y, a all.
  • 21. and what seemed like hours later, (after more than a few thumb casualties)i had nailed the entire insulation panel to the wall.
  • 22. i proudl ga a little fist pump in celebration y vea smile creeping onto my face.
  • 23. as the build leader w alked by and sa my w w all. she frowned and shook her head.
  • 24. not up and down with the thumbs up approv i w expecting al as
  • 25. side to side(with an audible ‘oy vey’)
  • 26. she quickl confirmed my growing fear as she marched over to the w y alland tore down my hours worth of work in a matter of minutes.
  • 27. she told me to start again from the beginning.
  • 28. so i did.peck. swing. peck. swing. peck. peck. peck.
  • 29. side note: (twenty-five years old and still can’t find the hammer in this highlights hidden pictures)
  • 30. i w the little chicken the could. asi nailed my second wall up like the best of ‘em.
  • 31. and I ha a callus to prove it. ve best trophy ever.