The story of the bird's nest.

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  • 1. on top of my head lives a bird’s nest
  • 2. it wasn’t always there
  • 3. when i was little, my mother loved my hair
  • 4. she loved it because it was long and curly while hers was short and straight
  • 5. she would brush it and brush it and brush it some more
  • 6. until it was nice and poofy
  • 7. and thefinishing touch was always a big bow that sat right on top pot no thgir tas taht wob giba syawla sawhcuot gnihsinfi eht dna
  • 8. but unlike my mother, Ialways hated my curly hair
  • 9. i hated it so much,i would pull it back in ponytails so tight my head would hurt
  • 10. strangely enough my ponytails hurt my mother a lot more than me
  • 11. “katie, wear your hair down” she would plead
  • 12. and as i grew up,she wasn’t the only one
  • 13. when you neverwear your hairdownpeople start tonotice
  • 14. it becomes an insatiable curiosity
  • 15. “do you ever wear your hair down?” they ask and ask and ask
  • 16. no. you answertime and time again
  • 17. but you can only say ‘no’ so many times before you cave
  • 18. and unleash your frizz on the world
  • 19. when you do it’s hard to deny you absolutelyand completely love the feeling
  • 20. of your hair blowing in the windcurls bouncing on your shoulders
  • 21. and just as you are vowing to never return to the confines of your hairband
  • 22. you look in the mirror
  • 23. and swiftly sweep up the disaster
  • 24. into a compact little bird’s nest on top of your head.
  • 25. sorry mom.